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There’s Been A Murder at Netherfield Park!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Variation/Mystery

TIME FRAME: Begins while Jane and Elizabeth are staying at Netherfield

SYNOPSIS: What if someone was found murdered while Jane and Elizabeth were staying at Netherfield? What would happen if the magistrate could not discover who the murderer was before another murder took place in Meryton? What do Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy when there is danger and mayhem present in the community of Meryton?


  • A Puzzling Mystery: Well done, Jenetta James, for creating a mystery that I don’t think many will solve (I certainly didn’t!) The intrigue begins in the very first chapter and the series of events and discoveries continue to engage and mystify the reader. While some clues point us in certain directions, there is still so much that remains unknown throughout the tale. I thoroughly enjoyed all the intrigue and being stumped! Ms. James is quite adept at being mysterious and not giving much away!
  • Well Blended: While some may say that the romance was secondary to the mystery, I found this tale to be a very satisfyingly blend of both. After all, what is prompting Mr. Darcy’s aid in the investigation and determination to solve this mystery if not his love and concern for Elizabeth? I loved seeing this protective side of Mr. Darcy, his ardency and fervent devotion is undeniable in all his thoughts and actions. In addition, I loved observing Elizabeth’s change of heart take place, and seeing how and why she grew to admire Mr. Darcy. The moments of their “courtship” and when they come to an understanding were especially favorites of mine!
  • A Darcy POV: I loved that this story took place in first person point-of-view. It was wonderful to be in Mr. Darcy’s head, to see the events of the story from his perspective, and of course, spend all that extra time with him! We see much of Mr. Darcy’s high intelligence, silent observations, and purposeful actions which naturally lead him to be helpful in the investigation. But what I enjoyed observing most was all his reserved feelings – they were intense and palpable. His fear and anxiety, his restlessness and need for action, his crushing despair and burgeoning hope….all were expertly displayed and perceived.
  • Eloquent Prose: I have long admired Jenetta James’s writing style and beautiful way with words, but that admiration grew to new heights with Lover’s Knot. There was such a lovely focus on the details of each scene and action. Whether describing rooms, the scenery, sounds and smells, or Mr. Darcy’s internal sensations, Ms. James’s descriptive prose was deftly weaved into this tale and vividly enhanced the reader’s understanding and visualization of all that took place. Talk about feeling like you are transported into the story!
  • Characters to Admire: Aside from our admirable hero, there are many other characters to admire in this tale – Elizabeth, for her composure and courage in the face of such grizzly happenings, Mr. Bingley, for maturely stepping up to his responsibilities and role in Meryton, and Jane Bennet, for reasons I shall not disclose. (spoilers!) In addition, I greatly enjoyed Ms. James’s original characters Mrs. Protheroe, Mr. Darcy’s godmother, who is as kindhearted as she is perceptive, and Mr. Allwood, the magistrate, who is serious, a little gruff, and assiduously determined on finding the answers to these murders. Not only is he a character to admire, but also spectacularly well-drawn!


  • Conceivability: I found the mystery’s resolution plausible on paper and feel that Ms. James set it up all well within the plot events and characters of her story. Yet at the same time, part of me struggles marginally to buy into it. Even though there were some details and explanations at the end, I was left with some misgivings that prevented me from feeling fully satisfied and on board.


With Lover’s Knot, Jenetta James delivers an exceptionally riveting and enigmatic tale that cannot fail to intrigue and entertain readers; proving, once again, her indisputable talent and breadth of creativity as a writer! I am all anticipation to see what she writes next!

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  38 Responses to “Lover’s Knot – Jenetta James”


    Great review. I like a little mystery with my Pride And Prejudice. Mr. Darcy seems the mysterious type so I think it works. This sounds like one I will really enjoy.


    Wonderful review Meredith! I loved this story for the mystery and the writing. This was one I didn’t figure out! One little detail that I enjoyed was how each of the chapters were headed…as if you were in court!


    Great review Meredith! I agreed with you on the conclusion. I wished the story went into more details at the end.


    wonderful review



    Love this review Meredith. I totally agree with you. I really enjoyed this lovely book. Especially when Elizabeth got to appreciate Darcy’s good qualities.


    Great review and another book on my TBR pile! I am really in the mood for a mystery!


    I thought this one was fantastic, too.


    I haven’t read this variation yet, so thanks for bringing it back to my attention.


    Like the idea that the romance is secondary, much prefer a mystery to any romance in my reading


    I love her books! I will have to pick this one up, any time you get to get inside Mr.Darcy’s head is a good time. You may not have noticed this but some of us have a little crush on him. 🙂


      So true!! And um…yeah…I had an inkling! I especially like when authors are in Darcy’s head and it feels authentic. Jenetta’s choice for first person POV worked really well in this tale. I loved it!


    Wonderful review, Meredith! I will read ANYTHING Jenetta James writes. I found this one to be so captivating, I couldn’t put it down!


    Great review, Meredith! Sounds like an excellent read!


    Delightful review Meredith. This one is on my wish list. And a special hello to Mr. Bingley.


    I’ve been looking forward to your review, Meredith and it didn’t disappoint. This one is still on my wish list, which is agonizingly long, drat it. There’s so many good ones I’m waiting to get, and SO many I’m trying to read from the crazy old TBR!! And this one sounds great. I do so admire Ms. James’ writing.


    One of my favorite TV shows was Murder She Wrote and this books seems to be something I would enjoy reading. Thank you for the review.


    Wonderful story and wonderful review! Thanks for reminding me why I liked it so much, Meredith :))


    What a fantastic review. I agree—Jenetta James’ elegant prose, telling this story from Darcy’s POV was vivid and authentic. So many moments like when she is giving testimony—gah! All the emotions!


    Here is another story I also read and enjoyed. I do enjoy your honest remarks and your explanations for such, Meredith. You have a way of making it all clear when others like me cannot put into words exactly what we liked or not and/or why.


      Thank you so much for such a kind comment! Writing reviews definitely doesn’t come easy to me and often times I wish I could add 50 other comments and thoughts, but I don’t either because they are random or would make my review incredibly long!


    As always a great review, Meredith. Very much looking forward to reading this book soon.

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