Nov 262018

On the first day of Christmas Mr. Darcy gave to me… 🎄🎁 We can always wish, right? 

Want to see what is on our Jane Austen Wishlist this year? Are you like us and love having Jane Austen things all over your house and life?

Here is a list of our favorite Jane Austen inspired gifts for 2018!


~ For the Janeite who improves her mind with extensive reading… ~

1. The Jane Austen Collection: Slip-case Edition$39.99 (hardcover) from A colorful and charming boxset for readers who can never have too many copies of the same book!


2. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice: A Book-to-Table Classic by Martha Stewart – $16.51 from This special edition of P&P looks elegant in design and is filled with recipes!!

3. Praying Jane Austen by Rachel Dodge – $10.52 from We‘ve heard so many great things about this book!


4. Pride and Prejudice Bookmark – $5.95 from SweetSequels We love the original artwork of these book covers!


5. Pride and Prejudice Bookmark Pack – $7.50 from MagneticPast Bookmarks you can color yourself!! 



~ For the Janeite who likes to wear her heart…or her love of reading Jane Austen on her sleeve… ~

6. Jane Austen Bookstack Tee – $29.50 from SweetSequels We are in serious love with this design…plus we ❤️ book stacks!


7. Pride and Prejudice T-shirt – $28 from LiteraryBookGifts Love the color and the shirt looks super soft too!


8. Darcy and Lizzy Bennet Jane Austen Socks – $14.96 from The Jane Austen Centre They look so warm and cozy!




9. Jane Austen Leggings – $40 from Redbubble Don’t you love these fun prints?!? We do!



~ For the Janeite who writes uncommonly fast…~

10. Jane Austen Notes and Quotes – $9.88 from Some Jane Austen inspo where you write your own scribblings.


11. Personalized Jane Austen Notebook – $18.45 from Random Acts of Poetry A place to jot down all your effusions of fancy and universal truths!



~ For the Janeite who would rather have nothing but tea… ~

12. Jane Austen at Her Desk Mug – $16.95 form Zazzle Do your recognize the artist?! I’m so happy author Jane Odiwe is sharing her lovely artwork!


13. Jane Austen Floral Mugs – $11.89 each from MissBohemia We love the style and the fact that there is a mug for each book…must collect them all!


14. Obstinate Headstrong Girl Tumbler – $13.99 from IvoryPaige In case water is your beverage of choice!



~ For the Janeite who enjoys the comforts of home… ~

15. Jane Austen Christmas Gift Box Set – $59 from NorthangerSoapworks Check out these awesomely clever winter scents…We are dying to smell Donwell Orchard and A Comfortable Winter!


16. Jane Austen Everyday 2019 Calendar – $14.99 from Because we are thinking about and wanting to live in Jane Austen’s world every day…


16. Jane Austen Bedding Set: Bookcase Design – $122.95 from The Jane Austen Centre Isn’t it just gorgeous!?! We spot Mr. Darcy on a shelf!


17. Rational Creatures Soy Candle – $14.44 from Pen and Slate We are in love with this white tea and plumeria scent!! So light and fresh!


18. Watercolor House Print – $11.99 from ShopLucyInTheSky Such a cozy and charming looking home, isn’t it?



~ For the Janeite who must seek adventures abroad… ~

19. Jane Austen Zipper Pouch – $12.95 from Might not be big enough for a book, but we do travel with other belongings believe it or not!


20. Leather Jane Austen Travel Quote Luggage Tag – $27 from LovetheLeather One of our most favorite quotes!


21. Sense and Sensibility Tote Bag – $20 from Redbubble We can carry so many books with this tote!! 😉



~ For the Janeite who enjoys innocent diversions… ~

22. Jane Austen 1000 Piece Puzzle – $15.99 from Yay! Two things we love combined together!


23. Jane Austen Playing Cards –$15 from Art of Play  Adding this to our list again because last year it was only available for pre-order. It is the most elegant deck of cards ever!


***Since today is Cyber Monday many of these items are currently on SALE! Make sure you act fast as they may return to normal pricing soon.***


We hope this list was helpful!!!  

Let me know what items catch your fancy and I’ll be sure to look for more in my searches!

…Or maybe I’ll choose it as a prize in a future giveaway!!! 😀


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  44 Responses to “A Jane Austen Holiday Wishlist 2018!!!”


    There are some lovely gifts on the Jane Austen Gift Shop website. I am very lucky and have the pillowcase, the purse, the socks, mug and lots of others and have added extra items to my Christmas list!


    These are awesome suggestions… I need to show this to my specioal someone. Maybe that will the hint 😉


    While I have a JA mug already, #12 certainly is temping (and certainly handsome enough) especially given the artist and subject. I did have a disappointing experience with Zazzle last year. Hmmm.


      There can never be too many Jane Austen mugs in your cupboard, Kirk! I have at least half a dozen and Mr. Bingley has a matching half dozen of super hero mugs! 😉

      Sorry to hear you had a disappointing experience with Zazzle. When I’ve had to do a return it went very well.


    These are all excellent idea. I am particularly fond of book bags and totes and cups. Everything is wonderful. Thanks, Jen


    Lovely. Thanks for sharing.


    I want it all! I just ordered the puzzle for my MIL! Perfect gift for a snowbound senior/Janeite in Maine, I think!


    What fantastic items, I like the books with recipes and prayers. Have put both on my list 🙂


    I have been eyeing that cookbook. It is so gorgeous. I see several things to add to my list.


    What a wonderful collection of goodies, Meredith! I hope lots of them find their way into your Xmas stocking. Lots of hugs and have a wonderful December!


    fantastic list


    Fabulous wishlist! Decisions, decisions…I really like the daily calendar! I own the cards and they are lovely and elegant. I can almost smell that soy candle in white tea and plumeria! However, Jane Odiwe’s mug is calling to me…though I think I might go for one of her wonderful ornaments! Thank you for this! Happy shopping everyone!


      Glad you see so many items you are interested in!! I try and find ones that I think everyone will like…but I cannot help choosing ones I especially like myself! 😉 Hope you find something Jane Austen related in your stocking or under your tree!


    Another wonderful list! Thanks! And how lovely Jane Odiwe’s Zazzle shop is. The ornaments would make a fantastic Jane Austen Christmas tree! Happy Holidays!


      Thank you, Reina! I so appreciate you checking it out! Yes, I am so happy that Jane Odiwe’s art is on mugs and ornaments…I have a couple of her cards that I’m never using because I love the artwork so much!


    Wow! What fun!! I loved #11. There is something about a notebook, and pen. That seal looked pretty cool. I have a collection of nib-pens and bottles of ink. I know… weird! I can’t help it. I love writing with a quill [nib] and ink. I have several seals and sealing wax. Sigh… I’ve exposed my weakness now. You have a lot of cool stuff here Meredith. Excellent gift ideas for that special Janeite in your life or even yourself. Happy Cyber Monday my dear and I hope you and Mr. Bingley have a Blessed rest of the week. Hello Mr. Bingley. We don’t want you to feel neglected. We appreciate your support of our Meredith. Happy Thanksgiving.


      Ooh! So glad to hear that! I thought it was lovely! 🙂 That is so appropriate for you to be interested in nib-pens and and seals! I think they are lovely customs and make receiving a letter all the more special!

      Hope you enjoyed a lovely week! Thank you so much for remembering my sweet Mr. Bingley! He has had a busy week too! Yay for the weekend!


    A fantastic collection there Meredith. Some of these are also available at the Jane Austen Centre site for buyers from the UK and Ireland. It takes so long for things to come from America to here.


      Yep, the socks and bed set are linked to the JAC, but I’m guessing you can find the books there too. Just think if anything arrives after Christmas it makes for a nice after-Christmas present. 🙂 Those are always fun too!


    Wonderful,suggestions. I really like the leggings with the drawings. I agree with Trina that Jane Odiwe’s zazzle store is excellent.


    What a delightful collection! I have Praying with Jane and it’s a lovely little book. But I’m a little startled by the leggings—not sure I want Jane all up in my drawers! 😉


    Thank you for all the ideas! I have been searching for presents and hadn’t seem some of these. Love to treat myself to the soaps and puzzle. If I purchase more cups (my favorite) I shall have to have more cabinets to put them in! 🙂


    We love and want to have them all my sister and I , but most particularly the slip-case collection, the bookmarks, the socks and the mugs


    Excellent list! I would love that jigsaw puzzle!


    Fantastic list! I want that leather tag.


    What fun! Thanks for this list, Ms Blog Mistress. With the exception of the puzzle and the playing cards, which I already have, there isn’t a clinker out of this list. Even with my age I’m just kooky enough to wear the leggings (the toile pair) but alas, they don’t come in my size…think Mrs. Jennings in legging….ok, quit the unladylike snorting, people.

    I think I must have to pass on some other things, too. Like the boxed set of hardbound editions, drat, as tempting as those are (sniff) I just can’t add another set without major reorganizing of the current shelves devoted to my JA collection sharing space on the bookcase housing it. Oh, well. But the personalized notebook, and bookmarks and the mugs, and that book!

    I really think I must have that book created by Martha Stewart. I’ve browsed through it and the artwork makes my heart go pitty pat, or rather thump thump paTHUMP! I used to do some of that fine decorating work on cookies, can’t do it any loner because of my hands, but there are so many more techniques, materials, and tools available to people who do that nowadays it’s just yummy looking at it, but too pretty to actually eat. 😀 Such a cool list to nonchalantly slip (forward email) to the hubby for Christmas ideas. 😉


    I love the bedding set, and those gorgeous mugs! Fantastic list, Meredith 🙂

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