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Bowie, Baggage, and Bad Relationships

Rating:  5 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Author

Sometimes when you are a fan of a particular author’s writing and style, you will read anything they write – even if it is from a genre you don’t typically read. 😉

As the title suggests this is a modern-day love story and in the world we live in now that is not always pretty, easy, and most likely far from perfect. Alice and Will are complex, they carry scars, and are hesitant to put themselves out there – either because they’ve been hurt badly before or because they don’t believe love is real. But after a series of tense encounters and failed matchmaking attempts, Alice and Will tentatively try just being friends.

I loved seeing the evolution of Alice’s and Will’s relationship with each other – it was riveting! I loved both the steps forward and the stumbles back, relationships and growth can be like that. Not everything moves in an upwards and straight line. I adored both Alice and Will as characters and I loved my time spent with them. Alice is feisty, quick-witted, unapologetic, and as Will says repeatedly “kind of amazing.” And while Will may have the perfect life of a successful career, sublimely attractive looks, and wealth, when you peal back those onion layers you discover so much more that lies underneath that seemingly perfect (and gorgeous) facade. I loved how the point-of-view of this story is divided and shows chapters from both characters’ perspective to give readers a fuller understanding of what these two felt and thought. That was brilliantly done, and if anything I wouldn’t have minded a little more from Will’s perspective.

While it may not be labeled as JAFF or Austenesque, I was happily surprised to find some nods and recognizable Pride and Prejudice inspired characters or scenes in this New Adult contemporary romance. Jane Austen is everywhere… 😉 It was fun to encounter a character and realize “hey, she reminds me of Caroline Bingley a bit!”

Note: due to several uses of strong language and a few brief intimate scenes, I’d recommend this book for Mature Audiences.

Modern Love by Beau North is a genuine and relevant love story sensitively and authentically drawn. A compelling and absorbing read that illustrates some unvarnished truths about family relationships, living with addiction, and the challenges of opening yourself to love. I highly recommend!

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  26 Responses to “Modern Love – Beau North”


    What a lovely review Meredith. I do love Beau’s writing and I have this on my list but As you know I usually stick to Darcy and Elizabeth books.
    However after reading this review I will seriously consider moving it up my list. Thank you.


      Thank you, Glynis! I so appreciate you checking out my review! If you like stories that have characters that resemble Darcy and Elizabeth is some ways than you will enjoy this one. Will does have some reserved and wealthy vibe as Mr. Darcy, and Alice’s confidence and wit definitely remind of Elizabeth.


    I read and enjoyed this book also . Thanks for sharing your review with us.


    Yep! This one grabbed my emotions and had a nice realistic vibe. Great review, Meredith!


    I love all of Beau North’s books and this one in particular was so wonderful! And so beautifully written! Thank you for the great review,


    Thanks for this review. I will have to check it out.


    “Sometimes when you are a fan of a particular author’s writing and style, you will read anything they write – even if it is from a genre you don’t typically read.“ AGREE! Spot on review for this award winning book! It could be a movie.


      Thank you for checking out and sharing my review, Christina! I completely agree with you about this book being a movie! That would be amazing!! Like Syrie James and other authors who write in different genres, I will always read what Beau North writes!


    wonderful review!


    Beautiful and compelling review Meredith! I think I have this one on my Kindle…I’m going to have to start digging for it! I will have to make this one a priority for my October reading!!!


    Sounds like an interesting story Meredith. Thank you for a lovely, insightful review. You really demonstrate what the book is like without giving too much away. And congrats to Beau on her nrn release.


    Ah, my good friend…a richly deserved review. Great work!


    Excellent review Meredith. Yeah… I’ve recently commented on the fact I was off modern for a while. Dang! Girl! You’ve made me want to read this. On the wish-list it goes. Wow! [Special hello to Mr. Bingley… for keeping you safe]


      Oh good! I am glad my review made you want to read this – sorry to hear you are feeling off moderns at the moment! This one is unique and very original, I hope you like it!

      Aww! Thank you, m’dear!


    It sounds great. And Meredith, honey, if you give it 5 out of 5? Then I’m in.


    Sounds like a promissing story, I’ve loved her previous books!

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