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Happy Friday, friends! I am so excited to be kicking-off my weekend with a lovely visit from Victoria Kincaid! As you may already know, Victoria recently released a Pride and Prejudice variation titled When Jane Got Angry, which spotlights Jane Bennet and Mr. Bingley.  (Yay! You know I don’t mind seeing some Mr. Bingley!) In this premise Jane Bennet takes matters into her own hands while in London and seeks out Mr. Bingley. Attagirl, Jane! Today Victoria shares a little bit about her ideas for Mr. Bingley in this tale and an enticing excerpt from his point-of-view! We hope you enjoy!

Hi Meredith! Thank you so much for having me back as a guest! When I first started writing,
When Jane Got Angry, I was thinking about it as a book about…well, Jane Bennet getting angry. But I also wanted to write scenes from Bingley’s point of view. I realized that Bingley, of course, has his own reasons to be angry. And I knew that I needed to give him a chance to explore that anger so he could grow as a character in the same way that Jane does.

In some ways it was harder to have Bingley find his anger, in part because he bears some responsibility for his separation from Jane; he allowed himself to be persuaded to leave Hertfordshire while Jane suffers as a consequence of someone else’s decisions. But Bingley has also been deceived by his sisters and Darcy, so he experiences betrayal by the people closest to him. In P&P we are led to believe that Darcy confesses his deception and Bingley readily forgives him.

But, I wondered, what would happen if Bingley discovered the subterfuge on his own? How would he feel? Would he work his way up to real anger? This does lead to an explosive scene between Bingley and Darcy later in the book. The scene below takes place right after Bingley discovers Jane is in London. He is having lunch with his sisters, and…Well, you can see for yourself what happens.

~ Excerpt ~

The butler directed Bingley to the dining room with a stern reminder that luncheon was already underway. I suppose I am a bit tardy.

“There you are, Charles,” Caroline said languidly when he pushed through the door. “I was willing to give odds that you would not arrive before the pudding course.”

Bingley grimaced. He was not so very late; surely the meal had just commenced. “My apologies,” he mumbled at his plate as he seated himself.

Caroline sniffed, and Louisa regarded him disdainfully. Mr. Hurst’s attention to his repast was such that Bingley’s arrival appeared to have utterly escaped him.

Bingley’s plate already held a large slice of ham, much to his dismay. Caroline knew he hated ham; this was her punishment for his tardiness. Sighing, he cut into it and took a large bite. If he chewed quickly, perhaps he would not taste it. Much.

The conversation revolved around the sisters’ recent shopping trip and the latest fashions in shoe decorations. It could not possibly have been duller. Reading a book of sermons would have been preferable.

During a lull in the conversation, Bingley seized the opportunity to introduce a new subject. “I saw Miss Jane Bennet this morning.”

Caroline’s spoon fell into her soup, splattering drops everywhere. Louisa shot her sister a sidelong glance.

“A-Are you sure it was Miss Bennet?” Caroline asked quickly, using a napkin to dab the soup stains on her bodice. “You have believed you have seen herbefore. I recall a time on Regent Street—”

For the love of—! “Yes, it was Miss Bennet. I spoke with her.”

Caroline straightened herself in her chair. “I am astonished to learn that Jane Bennet is in town and failed to call upon us.”

“Indeed,” Louisa nodded. “One would like to think we were good enough friends.”

“Well, Sister, consider: perhaps she has not been in London overly long,” Caroline said with a conciliatory air.

“Two months, she said,” Bingley volunteered. Perhaps I should not call at Gracechurch Street. Jane might harbor some resentment against my family after all. The ham tasted like ashes in his mouth.

Caroline’s eyebrows rose. “Two months? I would think that sufficient for at least one visit.” She fussily rearranged the ruffles on her sleeve. “It appears she has forgotten us amidst the distractions of London.”

“You did not even receive a letter from her?” Bingley asked.

Caroline rolled her eyes. “Do not be tedious. I would have informed you immediately if I had received a letter.” She cut into her own ham with relish.

Louisa sniffed. “Jane did not even reply to the last letter I sent her. It is as I suspected, Sister. That woman is only interested in our brother’s fortune. Her appearance of friendship was feigned.”

The ham turned sour in his stomach. Bingley had assumed his sisters and Jane had experienced some sort of misunderstanding—a letter gone astray perhaps. But his sisters’ report suggested Jane had lost interest in the acquaintance. Bingley would not have believed it of her, but what other explanation was possible?

Caroline wiped her lips delicately with her napkin. “This is most vexing! We hardly run in the same circles as those sorts of people. And London is such a large city. We are unlikely to encounter Jane except by special arrangement.”

“Indeed,” Louisa agreed tartly.

Bingley said nothing. He knew from past experience that disputing his sisters’
assumptions would lead to scenes of unpleasantness that would upset him far more than disturb them.

They understood such social niceties better than he did; in such circumstances he was accustomed to relying on their judgment. If they believed Jane was slighting them deliberately, how could Bingley say otherwise?

Perhaps a visit to Gracechurch Street was not a good idea. Bingley laid his fork next to his plate; abruptly he was no longer hungry.

No, Bingley!! Go to Gracechurch Street! Call on Jane! Don’t believe Caroline and her vindictive lies! 🙂

What a wonderful post, Victoria! Thank you so much for sharing and thank you for writing a story that features Jane and Bingley and adds some dimensions to their characters. I’ve not really thought about it before, but I can’t imagine how difficult for Mr. Bingley when he realizes everyone he is closest to is working against him…how lonely he must feel – who can he turn to? who can he trust?  I can’t wait to readWhen Jane Got Angry!


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Today, Victoria brings with her ONE copy (paperback or ebook – winner’s choice!) of her newly released novel, When Jane Got Angry for me to giveaway to ONE lucky winner! 

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  90 Responses to “Excerpt + Giveaway with Author Victoria Kincaid!!!”


    I think I will like seeing Jane as a more well rounded character….she always seems too nice! Thanks for your story…on my tbr pile!


    Oh boy! It’s gratifying not only to see Jane show that backbone that Lizzy has but that both Caroline and Louisa will gets theirs!

    Thank you for the post, Victoria and Meredith – – thoroughly enjoyed it — and for the giveaway.

    Happy Friday all!


    Can’t wait to read it!


    What a delicious excerpt!! I bet Jane did write a letter, that is so like her. Oh I wonder what happens next!!! Would love the chance to read this story 🙂


    Bingley really is spineless you would have thought that he would have understood his sisters’ characters by now and why does he meekly eat food he dislikes.


    Oh my! I can’t wait for Charles to discover that Jane DID call and he wasn’t told. He really must call in Gracechurch St. if this is his house he needs to insist dinner isn’t served until he asks for it and also that ham is a no no 🙂
    And when he discovers the truth he should evict them! (Do you think I’m a little vindictive?) of course he must realise that they were acting in their own interests while Darcy thought he was protecting Bingley 🙂


    Too bad Mr Bingley is unable to see his sisters manipulation. Hope he doesn’t decide to skip his visit and that he discovers the truth.


    Oh, what will happen when Bingley does learn the truth about his sisters’ and Darcy’s deception? I am so looking forward to reading Bingley’s angry comments to Darcy and even more to reading Jane being angry. It’s about time, Jane! Thank you for the giveaway.


    I really love the idea of Jane and Bingley
    finding out the truth about some people and finding their totally appropriate anger.
    This certainly will be on my TBR stack!


    I have always thought that Charles would not be quite so nice once he knew how his friends and family betrayed him. I am interested to see how he handles Darcy. Thank you for finally letting Jane get angry. It is about time.


    This I want to read. Dear passive Jane who never has a bad thought much less negative word to say about anyone! I am sure this story will be interesting. Charles…do go to Gracechurch Street – don’t take your sisters’ manipulations. I have enjoyed many of this author’s stories. This does sound like another one to enjoy.


    I’d like to enter the drawing! I’ve enjoyed Victoria’s other stories.


    Poor Bingley is so clueless, so easily led, and so gullible. I like the idea of him being angry when he discovers the duplicity of his sisters and Darcy, in separating him and Jane. He has a lot to work through, starting with telling his sisters to take a hike. Both he and Jane need to get angry and put some people in their place. I am interested in reading this.


    Ooooo, go get ’em Jane! And Bingley get your head out of your….pudding. Looking forward to this new story 🙂


    Chewing on ham and listening to his sisters lies…. I wonder why he did not get angry sooner. This book sounds promissing, love to read it myself.


    Victoria is one of my favorite JAFF authors! I enjoy just about everything she writes. And I can’t wait to read this one, where the heretofore quiet Jane and Mr Bingley have some choice words about his sisters’ malice towards Jane. They have had it coming for some long time! Thanks for the giveaway!


    Now I really want to read the part with the Bingley/Darcy fireworks 🙂 Go Bingley!
    Thanks for the giveaway!


    Oh dear! Surely Bingley knows his sisters better than to believe a word they say. And how could Jane not mention her visit(s) with his sisters?? Darcy would see through their duplicity in a flash.


    President Darcy was my first read from you. Are you planning on any more modern works from Jane Austen’s other books like Persuasion for example?


    Oh this sounds like a book I want to read! I´d love to see an different Jane ad how Bingley reacts to that! 🙂


    I definitely want to read this book!! I can’t wait for Bingley to get angry himself, especially at his lying, manipulative sisters!! How awful they are, telling untruth after untruth to him…right to his face!! Darcy may not have disclosed Jane’s presence in London to Bingley, but at least he did not lie to Bingley; he told what he thought was the truth in his observations of Jane’s apparent indifference.

    I have rarely wanted to slap Caroline Bingley as much as I wanted to after reading this scene! Such an utterly detestable woman!

    Thanks for the excerpt and giveaway, Victoria! I am a devoted fan of your novels, and I hope to win this one. Crossing my fingers and wishing HARD!!!

    Thanks for being a lovely hostess, as always, Meredith!!

    Susanne 🙂


    Oh my goodness, what will Bingley do?? I cannot wait to read this, it is quite intriguing. (And I suspect Jane will cure him of his lateness as well!)


    Victoria – thanks for the sneak peek. Bingley has never been my favorite character because he is so easily led. I look forward to seeing him taking control of his life and taking responsibility for his decisions. Then, maybe he will be worthy of Jane Bennet. Also look forward to Darcy’s set down. Could it possibly happen BEFORE he heads to Hunsford and alter that course? Always enjoy your writing. Thanks for sharing.


    Great to read!


    I love how it’s all there in the title.


    I love stories where Jane shows some backbone, and Bingley gets mad at Darcy for his part in the deception. I can’t wait to read it.


    OMG!! Caroline you wicked b-witch… what have you done? Charles, you spineless, gullible, weak-willed coward. You deserve whatever Caroline arranges for you.

    Thanks to our author Victoria Kincaid for the excerpt and the generous giveaway. Don’t include me as I already have the book. I just need to move it forward in my reading list. Say hello to your Mr. Bingley Meredith.


    Get off your derriere and call on Jane as soon as possible. She would hardly call out your sisters when she first sees you! Think man! Don’t be that slice of ham on your plate!

    Thank you for a chance at the giveaway!


    I knew right away when this came out recently that I’d want to read this one….like I don’t want to read all of yours?? I’m looking forward to reading about Jane and Bingley getting angry, hopefully not with each other. Too much. Not for very long??? What a frustrating but attention getting excerpt.

    Thanks Meredith.
    p.s. I made it into the blog via a different browser than Fox this time.


    Team Jane Bennet!!!!!! 🙂 I read the book and enjoyed it(so please don’t include me in the giveaway). Many things to love…but one thing in particular that all fans of P&P will enjoy!!! Good luck everyone. And thank you Victoria!


    Great except. I can’t wait to see more of Bingley’s side. Ugh, his sisters! It’ll be nice to see Bingley put them in their place.


    Oh, those two evil sisters! Grrrrr….
    Loved the excerpt! I enjoy stories that show more of Jane’s (and Bingley’s) personalities. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!


    Yes, Bingley go to Gracechurch Street, see Jane, AND give your sisters what for! But will he? I can’t wait to read this one! Thanks for the preview.


    Ooooooh. This sounds great! For a minute I thought Charles was about to catch his sisters in a lie. I can’t wait to read this new take on J and B.


    Really looking forward to this one! It’s about time the Superior Sisters get their comeuppance!


    Hi Victoria!
    How good you give Jane and Bingley the chance to have their say!.I’ll enjoy a lot witnessing how both face the obstacles 😉
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    P.S: Thanks Meredith for inviting Victoria once more to your blog!


      I’m so excited to see how many people are interested in Jane and Bingley! This is terrific!!! 🙂

      It is always a pleasure to host Victoria, Teresa! I love it when she visits!


    This book sounds wonderful! Can’t wait to read!


    Having spent part of my life as a “doormat” and then learning how to get (appropriately) angry through hundreds of hours spent with psychologists, I really appreciate the idea of this story.I can understand Bingley’s wish to avoid conflict and the upset that it causes him, but I know he will feel much better about his life once he wakes up. Can’t wait to see Bingley wake up and stand up for himself and for Jane. I’ve read and enjoyed several of your books and am saving my money for this one.


    The title just grabs you and says “read me!” And the excerpt was great. It would be very gratifying to see Bingley finally figure out what Caroline and Louisa have been up to and put them in their place. I would love to win this one!


    It’s easy to leave love for Victoria and her good stories. So, here are bunches and bunches.


    I love this excerpt


    I love this idea! I always found Jane and Bingley a little…frustrating. Only because they were so in love and a little forthright communication would have worked wonders! I’ll be adding this to my list!


    Love the premise for the story. The excerpt is outstanding.



    Bingley’s head may very well explode when he realizes how they were all acting against him!


    I like a Jane who has a backbone and stand up for the injustice and cruelty at the hands of Caroline and Louisa. I look forward to seeing what will happen when Bingley calls on Jane in the Gardiners’ home.

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