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What if Elizabeth Met Darcy While He Was Attending University?

Rating:  5 out of 5 stars

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TIME FRAME: Begins while Darcy is attending Cambridge in 1810

SYNOPSIS: While spending the school holiday in Meryton with his classmate’s (John Lucas) family, Fitzwilliam Darcy makes a terrible first impression on sixteen-year-old Elizabeth Bennet. First he has the audacity (ahem…accidental misfortune) of getting caught reading her diary, and then, per his usual, he delivers some ungenerous remarks about Elizabeth and her family that she happens to overhear. Elizabeth immediately sketches Mr. Darcy’s character and believes him devoid of all kindness and consideration. Yet, several months later Elizabeth finds herself in a predicament where she desperately needs his help, whether she wants to admit it or not… Can Elizabeth open her eyes to Mr. Darcy’s true character before it is too late? Can Darcy forgive Elizabeth after her terribly hurtful actions towards him?


  • Riveting and Inventive: It may seem like I’m repeating myself in my reviews of Brenda Webb’s novels, but the same praise always applies! Like all of her other stories, Proof of Love has an extremely original premise. I loved the unique twists of Elizabeth and Darcy meeting while they were younger, both being friends with John Lucas, and Mr. Darcy senior remarrying a much younger woman, who ends up being a horrid step-monster! Not only does Ms. Webb craft highly imaginative and engaging premises, but she executes them masterfully with her eventful multiple story-lines, numerous original characters, and detailed yet fast-paced prose. I especially enjoyed the unique challenges she gave Darcy and Elizabeth in this tale.
  • Imperfections: Ah. I love flawed characters, and I love it when authors give Elizabeth and Darcy flaws beyond pride and prejudice. In this story, Ms. Webb extenuates a flaw Mr. Darcy admits to having in Jane Austen’s novel – his implacable resentment. When Elizabeth loses his good opinion, Darcy erects an insurmountable wall around his heart and it makes him seem unfeeling, yet we know his actions are prompted more by his pain and need for self-preservation, not cruelty. In addition, with Elizabeth being a few years younger and less experienced in the world, her actions show a little bit of immaturity and impulsiveness. And while we normally don’t see Elizabeth act in this manner, it isn’t too hard to believe that a younger and less experienced Elizabeth would do so.
  • A Devious and Malicious Antagonist: It is refreshing to see some new villains once in awhile that have different motivations and cause different sorts of mayhem! I’ve loved each and every sinister antagonist Brenda Webb has created, including Lady Henrietta, who is George Darcy’s second wife. She truly has a vendetta against the Darcy family and yet her position as Georgiana’s step-mother makes it difficult for Mr. Darcy to cut ties with her, even after he discovers much of the treachery she has caused the Darcy family. Lady Henrietta has some truly malicious schemes in mind and was a wonderful villain I enjoyed despising!
  • Supporting Cast: In addition to beloved characters like Colonel Fitzwilliam, Mr. Bennet, and the Gardiners, it was lovely to see some original creations that enriched this tale – my favorites were Mr. Darcy’s sometimes impudent yet quick-witted, valet, Adams, Elizabeth’s loyal and dependable, lady’s maid, Florence, and the fatherly Reverend Mr. Green and his wise wife.


Not really anything!

WARNING: A few brief intimate scenes are intersperse throughout, so I’d recommend this story for Mature Audiences.


With deceit and danger lurking all around them, Darcy and Elizabeth face an abundance of challenges and learn some important lessons about trust and forgiveness in Brenda J. Webb’s imaginative and invigorating new release. Proof of Love is an epic romantic adventure that is perfect for readers who love dramatic premises, sinister antagonists, and angst-filled romances! I cannot wait to see what Ms. Webb writes next!

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Brenda J. Webb’s first release and one of my favorite all-time Austenesque variations, Fitzwilliam Darcy An Honorable Man is currently on sale for $4.99! (Normal price is $9.99) If you haven’t read it yet, definitely take this opportunity to check it out! (*not sure if this sale is international)

*Hurricane Florence Update: Mr. Bingley and I are safe in Winston-Salem, and keeping an eye on our family and friends in Wilmington. The eye of the storm is just passing through and we hope all goes well during the rest of the storm. Thank you for all the kind words and love!

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  36 Responses to “Proof of Love – Brenda J. Webb”


    What a wonderful boost to my muse to read this review, Meredith. I never know if I am hitting the mark with my stories and your ‘pat on the back’ makes me want to keep writing. I have been praying for all of you along the path of the storm that God will keep you safe. Hugs.


      Thank you, Brenda! Today is feeling pretty close to normal and it is amazing to see how our town is coming together to rebuild. <3

      Your writing is wonderful and I adored this story! I cannot believe all the great twists you dream up! Please do keep writing!


    Lovely review Meredith and so glad you and Mr. Bingley are safe. I wish your family well too. I am looking forward to reading this one by Brenda but I would like to read the one before first. I know it’s not related, but I have a thing about reading books in date order of publishing…weird I know!


      Thank you, Carole! We are happy that we made it through!

      🙂 I can understand wanting to do that. I do it when I can, but sometimes authors are hard to keep up with! #NotComplaining!!


    Congrats, Brenda, on your newest release! This sound like an enjoyable read.

    Wonderful review, as always, Meredith. Very happy to hear that you and Mr. Bingley are safe. Continued prayers to you and your family as the East Coast endures Florence. (An interesting coincidence that Elizabeth’s maid in Brenda’s story is called Florence.)


      Thank you, Lori! I am glad you enjoyed my review, it was a great book!

      Yes, it is funny about the Florence name. Thanks to this storm, I’m going to now have a negative association with anyone named Florence!


    Reading it now and loving it. A real page turner. Well done Brenda, a fabulous novel. And I agree with you Meredith, the villains are great – I love to hate them!


    Loved this story! I read this story as a WIP, once it was completed I purchased the book. Once again Brenda Webb gives us another great story. I would highly recommend.


    Congratulations Brenda on your latest release. I absolutely loved this variation and I can hardly wait until you put our your next book! Thanks for your review Meredith! I’m with you–five stars! Jen Red


    Congrats for the wonderful review, Brenda! What an exciting premise and what a great book! A winner, like everything you write.


    I’ve got an earlier book of hers that I need to read, but yay to know this one was fabulous for you. I totally agree with her creative twists on the original and her well-drawn villains. The original characters sound great.

    Thanks for the update. I was wondering about you.


      Thanks, my friend! I appreciate everybody thinking of us! 🙂

      I have one of Brenda’s earlier releases I still need to read too, but this newest release was so intriguing I didn’t want to wait!


    Thank you for all of you who have taken the time to comment. It means so much. Hugs to you all! 🙂


    First… I loved this story and wish Brenda all the blessings from the success of this launch. It is so exciting. Well done Brenda.

    Meredith, I am so glad you and Mr. Bingley evacuated. Thank you for letting us know that you are safe. Hello to Mr. Bingley… thanks for taking care of our girl. Blessings guys. Hope your house is fine.


      Yay! So glad to hear you loved this story, Jeanne! It is wonderful, isn’t it?

      Thanks for all your kind words! Mr. Bingley was so good at taking care of me! I am very lucky to have him! Our house is doing fine, we were very lucky!


    A wonderful variation, that I greatly enjoyed.Always enjoy Brenda’s stories. So happy to add this book to my collection.


    Loved this story as I have all of Brenda’s books. Great review, Meredith. I do hope you and your family continue to be safe in this hurricane.


    Loved all of Ms Webb’s books. This is the only one I haven’t read yet. Loved the cover of this book too. Thanks for the review.

    I do hope that you and your family remain safe and in good health during this storm.


      Yay! I’m such a fan of Brenda’s writing, glad to hear you love her books too!

      Thank you for your kind concern! We are doing well and busy getting life, our jobs, and our neighborhood back to normal!


    I think I’ll enjoy this reading!. Being Darcy and Lizzy younger than the original characters is such an interesting premise!.Thanks for your detailed review 😉
    And I’m happy you and Mr Bingley are safe and protected against the hurricane! .I heard the news in the radio and thought about both of you. Let’s keep our fingers crossed so that the hurricane doesn’t cause any serious damage in Wilmington and your family is protected.
    A big hug!


      I agree, Teresa! I really liked seeing the new and different dynamic between them.

      Thanks for checking out my review! 🙂 You are sweet to think of us! I think the damage could have been so much more worse, I think our town is lucky considering. Hugs to you!!!


    Thank you to all who have commented on my story since I was last here and to those who haven’t read it yet, I hope you will give it a try. 🙂 On a side note, I am thanking God the storm lost strength and praying for all those affected, including you, Mr. Bingley and your family in the path of Florence.


    Such a lovely review, Meredith! Glad to hear you & Mr B are in a safe locale ;).

    And Brenda, congrats again to you on a *fabulous* story!! I’m thrilled your writing is continuing to get the recognition it deserves! XO ♡


    Ack! It looks as though my earlier comment didn’t show up! But in short, HUGE congrats to you, Brenda, on a fantastic novel!! And thanks for sharing your wonderful review of it with us, Meredith! (Glad you and your hubby are in a safe place!)


    Sweet of you to comment again Marilyn Brant. A big smooch to you! So proud our dear couple, Meredith and Mr. Binglley have weathered the storm as well.


    I hope those who haven’t read ‘Fitzwilliam Darcy, And Honorable Man’ will take advantage of the sale and read it. There are quite a few scenes from that book that really haunt me. Loved it! I’m really glad you liked this one Meredith. I love Brenda’s books so, and am really looking forward to reading this one. Best of luck Brenda. And (she says selfishly,) keep up the great work!

    So glad you’re safe Meredith.


    You are so kind Michelle. Thank you so much for telling me that you liked FDAHM as that is the book I like most among those I have written. Your encouragement and that of readers like you are what keep me writing. Hugs.

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