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Hi readers, can you believe we are here already at the end of July? Did you have a good month? It is hard for me to answer that question myself, because it feels like the month went too fast! Did you get a lot of reading done? There are plenty of wonderful new releases that came out this month! Speaking of…

Here’s a list of Austenesque Novel Finds for July 2018 for your perusing pleasure!

*This is a list of books published, not my personal recommendations.


Austenesque Novel Finds – July 2018


A Marriage of Attachment: a sequel to A Contrary Wind by Lona Manning

A Proper Introduction to Dragons (Jane Austen’s Dragons) by Maria Grace

A Ride with Mr. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Anne-Marie Grace

All The Paths of Pemberley by Jenny Caplebck


An Ardent Affection: A Full Pride & Prejudice Intimate Variation by Grace Reeve

An Assembly in Bath (Three Sisters from Hertfordshire Book 2) by Meg Osborne

An Unexpected Turn Of Events (Longbourn Unexpected Book 3) by Elaine Owen

Banished to Pemberley: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Beth Norfolk


Becoming Mr. Bingley by Samantha Whitman

Being Mrs. Bennet by Alexa Adams

Darcy in Love and War: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Jane Grix

Darcy Saves Elizabeth: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Tiffany Ward


Dual Boxset: Pride & Prejudice Variations.: 1) Lizzy & Darcy’s Christmas Ball. 2) Mr Darcy’s Spring Ball by Sarah Darcy

Georgiana Darcy: A Sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice by Alice Isakova

Mary B: A Novel: An untold story of Pride and Prejudice by Katherine J. Chen

Mr Darcy’s Spring Ball.: (Pride & Prejudice Variation Book 2) by Sarah Darcy


Murder at Netherfield by Jann Rowland

November Twenty-Seventh: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Kate Speck

Pride and Prejudice and Poison: A Pride and Prejudice Novel Variation by Bella Breen

Returning to Mr. Darcy by Sheena Austin


The 26th of November: A Pride and Prejudice Comedy of Farcical Proportions by Elizabeth Adams

The Correction of Folly: What Might Have Been, Book One (Volume 1) by Christine Combe

The Darcy and Elizabeth Collection: Pride and Prejudice Variations by Gianna Thomas

The Dissonance of Desire: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Catherine Fredericks


The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Victoria Kincaid

Through Pemberley Woods: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Emily Russell

To Save Elizabeth: A Pride & Prejudice Novel Variation by Zoe Burton

What’s Past Is Prologue by Ann Galvia

Wild Goose Chase: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Sophie Lynbrook

And here are some shorter Austenesque inspired works for your perusing pleasure!

A Complicated Arrangement: A Pride and Prejudice Sensual Intimate Trilogy by Perdita Lyons

A Persuasive Conversation: A Pride and Prejudice Short Story (Pride and Prejudice Interludes Book 2) by Aubrey Anderson

A Question of Duty: A Pride and Prejudice Sensual Intimate Novella (A Complicated Arrangement Book 3) by Perdita Lyons

A Stay at Pemberley: a Pride and Prejudice Variation by Caroline Bryant

An Ardent Affection: Part 4 of a Pride and Prejudice Intimate Variation by Grace Reeve

But He Turned Out Very Wild: A Short Pride And Prejudice Variation by Alyx Silver

Elizabeth’s Answer: A Pride and Prejudice Sensual Intimate (Marrying Miss Bennet Book 4) by Jane Hunter

Marrying Miss Bennet: Books 1-4: A Collection of Pride and Prejudice Sensual Intimates by Jane Hunter

Pledged: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (Loving Elizabeth Book 1) by Rose Fairbanks

The Darcy Ring: A Pride and Prejudice Sequel (Charlotte Collins Mysteries Book 2) by Mark Brownlow

Yearning For You: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Lory Lilian


Authors don’t take the summer off, do they? There are 40 new Austenesque releases for the month of July!

There are so many to choose from!  Which ones do you want to read?

I have one book in my TBR pile: A Marriage of Attachment: a sequel to A Contrary Wind! And I have so many books I am eager to read, such as A Proper Introduction to Dragons (Jane Austen’s Dragons)Becoming Mr. Bingley, Being Mrs. BennetThe 26th of November: A Pride and Prejudice Comedy of Farcical ProportionsThe Correction of Folly: What Might Have Been, Book One (Volume 1)The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Variation, and What’s Past Is PrologueAnd I know there are many others I will add to that list too!

If you have any recommendations, please do share them!  


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  26 Responses to “Austenesque Novel Finds – July 2018”


    Thanks for listing “The Darcy Ring”, Meredith! Amazed at how fast you find everything! Am reading “A Marriage of Attachment” at the moment…


      My pleasure! I always check Amazon the day I post just in case and yours was one of the ones that I just discovered yesterday morning! 🙂

      Happy reading!


    I have only read three of these and when I clicked on another 3 or 4 there are no reviews as of yet. I just bought the Zoe Burton one to read and have read Through Pemberley Woods, The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy (plan to reread soon) and What’s Past is Prologue. Thank you again for your hard work putting together these lists.


      Hopefully there will be some more reviews soon. I know several of the books on this list came out just a few days ago so maybe they are still too new for reviews. 😉

      Great choices! Happy reading!


    Hi Meredith, you know, for some reason I have actually been looking forward to your end of month list this time. No feelings of ‘oh my gosh, no!, where did the month go, I’m not ready for this.’

    So many releases from authors I already know. My list of ‘DEFINITELY WANT’ nearly matches your own, at least ten titles from the new releases. And another handful plus of ‘hmmmm that sounds interesting.’ That’s quite a few compared to previous months. On the other hand I’m still wanting at least half a dozen of the ones released in the last 2 or 3 months, so in that respect it get pretty daunting….wish list-wise. Sigh…. It’s kind of a nice daunting though. It makes me feel I’ll never run out of books to read.

    If your month went too quickly that means you were busy and I hope that ‘busy-ness’ was mostly fun, summer lovin’ experiences to give you great memories to look back on.

    P.S. So glad you picked ‘Black Sheep.’ I’ll so happily reread it right before your review. 😀


      Oh yay! I’m glad you are looking forward to the list and not dreading it! 😉

      I agree! Definitely a lot of wonderful choices for this month in particular! I’m so thankful to authors for keeping as busy as they are! Yes, it is great, we won’t run out of books to read at all!

      It was a busy month! I hope you had an enjoyable month and that all is well with you!

      I’m excited about Black Sheep! Should be fun! 😉


    I give up. I shall never be able to read all the books coming out now so I shall resign myself to reading those that catch my attention with their blurbs or recommendations from reviews and friends. Alas, JAFF has gotten too large to me to read everything. A shame really. 🙂


      It’s great to have so many books to choose from! 😉 I’m thankful for recommendations as sometimes I don’t know if I would have found the book or author on my own. 🙂


    I’m so behind in reading, I can’t even think of the next…



    Oh my!!! I’ve only read 26th November and Yearning for You so far but I have a number of others on my wishlist. I will check out the rest.
    My list is getting longer and longer and I’m still trying to work through the TBR books on my kindle. I keep getting distracted by new books and books which beg to be ‘re read.
    I too am eased you picked Black Sheep and look forward to your thoughts. Happy reading Meredith. 🙂


      Oooh! Great choices! 🙂 Isn’t it wonderful to have so many to look forward to? I wish I had more time to do as you do and reread my favorite books more!

      Yes, I’m looking forward to starting Black Sheep soon! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! Happy reading to you, my friend!


    I just read “Unwilling” and liked it very much. Though it is quite the departure from the original with all the Bennets except Elizabeth dead and Uncle Gardiner a bad man, it is written well enough that I persevered and finished it. I gave it 4 stars, I believe! And of course it had a HEA ending! I recommend this book for all to read! As far as my TBR list, there’s no way I can keep up on my pittance of retirement income, so I won’t even bother to write this month’s choices down!


    I have read A Marriage of Attachment by Lona Manning and Mary B by Katherine J. Chen and enjoyed both. As a historical murder fan I am interested in Murder at Netherfield by Jann Rowland.
    Having made a big effort to read all my unread JAFF books I am at the stage where I can buy and straight away read the book. Plus investigate all the unpublished works


      That’s great to hear, Vesper! I think I saw some not-so-favorable reviews for Mary B so I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it! 🙂 Ooh yes, that sounds like quite a fun prospect! I love murder mysteries too!

      Congrats on reaching your reading goals!! That must feel so amazing!!!


    For once, I can say I’ve read more than one (or my more usual none) from your list. Admittedly, it’s only because I was involved at the beta stage, so I read two of them before July came around, but they’re all pretty good reads, I think. They are: A Marriage of Attachment, The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy and A Proper Introduction to Dragons. I think Maria Grace’s is my favourite of the three because……well, dragons!


    I would like to read the dragon prequel of Maria Grace ( I didn’t know there was a fourth book!) and “The Darcy ring” by Mark Brownlow (I’m curious about Charlotte ‘s skills in order to resolve mysteries! )


      Me too! I haven’t read any of the dragon books yet, so maybe that is a good place to start! I think Charlotte would make a good sleuth, don’t you? After all she detected Darcy’s feelings before Elizabeth did!


    Thank you for posting these books. It makes it easier for me. i am way behind reading the books but I have them saved on my wishlist. Someday I will be able to. This saves me time – I go almost everyday sometimes 3x a day to search Amazon and ibooks for newly published P & P books… and even with that I still miss some. Thanks for having it posted here.Now if I can just read fast enough so I can catch up on the books being published


      So happy to do so, Chris! And I’m so glad to hear the lists are helpful to you! I’m trying hard to not miss any, but sometimes Amazon doesn’t show a certain book every now and then under my searches. 🙂

      Yes, I wish I had the time to read more and catch up!!


    Thanks for making all these gorgeous lists, Meredith! What a treasure trove for the summer! i read and loved Elizabeth Adams’ ’26th of Nov’ and can’t wait to devour as many of the others as possible!

    Have lots of fun and a great summer! x


    Another great listing! So far I’ve only read two! Yikes! Am I behind.

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