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Hi dear friends! I’m so excited to share this special post about Brenda Webb’s long-anticipated new release, Proof Of Love!!!  I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Brenda Webb, her stories have such unique and turbulent premises! I love the tangles and turmoils she puts Darcy and Elizabeth through and how she portrays their deep love for each other! Today, Brenda is sharing the full cover of her new release, Proof Of Love and an enticing excerpt in celebration of this book’s release today!!

~ From the Author ~

Good morning, Meredith, and thank you for hosting me upon the release of my latest novel, Proof Of Love – A Pemberley Tale. My purpose in writing this story was to present a much younger Darcy and Elizabeth than I had written in the past and, hopefully, to show them mature as the story progresses. Today I would not only like to share the cover with your audience, but the blurb and an excerpt as well.

~ Book Description ~

During his second year at Cambridge, a young Fitzwilliam Darcy accompanies a classmate to Lucas Lodge in Meryton for the holidays. Whilst there, he encounters a girl of sixteen who instantly captures his attention and soon after, his heart. Yet, because Elizabeth Bennet could never meet his relations’ expectations and he cannot abide her distasteful family, he returns to the university vowing to forget her.

Two years later, they are thrown into each other’s company and forced to spend several days together unchaperoned. Once they are discovered, Darcy suppresses his reservations about marriage to Elizabeth and does his duty in order to save her from ruin.

Will a young, headstrong and prejudiced Elizabeth realize how mistaken she has been about her husband’s character? Likewise, will a prideful, intractable but highly principled Fitzwilliam Darcy acknowledge his faults before their marriage is destroyed?

And without further ado….here is the big reveal!!!

*Swoon*, I love the almost-kiss moment on this cover! I’m literally melting every time I look at it.

I love the idea of Lizzy and Darcy meeting each other when they are younger.

Green is my favorite color and I am looooovving all the shades of green in this beautiful cover!

I cannot wait to see how and why Darcy and Lizzy are forced to spend several days together unchaperoned! 

What do you think, friends?

~ Excerpt from Chapter 1 ~

Though frost was still on the grass, the sun was beginning to rise when Fitzwilliam Darcy reached the pinnacle of Oakham Mount astride one of the Lucas’ stallions. His friend had assured him he would find the path up the mountain if he kept south, and that was the route he had taken. Thankful the snow that threatened yesterday had held off, William took in a breath of brisk air as he admired the azure sky and watched the earth come alive in the valley below. Suddenly unbidden, a feeling of despair washed over him.

He had hoped Lucas Lodge would prove a haven where he would be free of the machinations of women. Despite John Lucas’ assurances to the contrary, his sister, who was two and twenty, had acted like a besotted schoolgirl the moment he alighted from their hired coach. Following him as the housekeeper led the way upstairs to his bedroom, Charlotte Lucas peppered him with questions until John stepped in, admonishing her to let him rest from the journey. However, the instant he came downstairs for the evening meal, he was again bombarded by a steady stream of questions not only from her, but from her mother as well.

Discovering that asking personal questions was a family trait, William answered as civilly as possible whilst attempting to preserve some degree of privacy. It had come as a great relief, however, when John began to relate his experiences at Cambridge during the last term, leaving William to eat in relative peace. Immediately after dinner, he pleaded fatigue and retired.


That morning, John had rapped on his door at daylight, suggesting William follow him to the stables straightaway if he wished to ride without being disturbed by his sister. Once there, a horse was saddled, and he was pointed in the direction of the highest peak in Meryton. Having now reached the spot his friend guaranteed was the most peaceful in all of Hertfordshire, William desired nothing more than to re-read his last letter from Georgiana in peaceful seclusion. After tying the stallion to a tree, he opened the missive.

Dearest Brother,

It saddens me to know we will not be spending Christmas together this year. Even if Lady Henrietta is not your favourite person, she cares for you. Of that I am certain, and I am equally certain that her feelings will be hurt if you do not come home for the first holiday that she and father will celebrate as a married couple.

Please consider visiting Pemberley before you return to Cambridge. That is all I ask.

Your loving sister,


Sighing, William placed the letter back into his pocket. Though he hated to disappoint Georgiana, he simply could not spend Christmas with his father’s new wife. Not only was the new Mrs. Darcy young enough to be his sister, it was obvious she had married George Darcy merely for his money. Curiously, when William said as much to him in private, his father had found it amusing. His exact words came back to taunt William.

Of course, she did, Fitzwilliam. What woman would not want to be mistress of Pemberley?” His father’s eyes had twinkled in triumph. “You do not have to like Henrietta, but I expect you to show her the respect she is due as my wife.”

Consequently, he had not shared Lady Henrietta’s less than motherly comments upon their first private meeting. It would serve no purpose other than to broaden the gap between him and his father; therefore, William had kept that conversation to himself and stayed away from home as much as possible.

With these thoughts running through his mind, he walked over to the trunk of the largest tree on the mountain, removed his great coat and placed it across the frost-covered bark. Sitting down, he leaned back against the tree and closed his eyes, letting what sunlight filtered through the bare branches warm him. Suddenly something behind him moved. Standing abruptly, William noted a mound of rocks stacked to one side of the trunk had shifted, some falling to the ground. Further study revealed a split in the tree that had been hidden by the rocks—a split in which something was wedged. William tugged at the object until it loosened, slipped from his grasp and tumbled to the ground. Picking up a burlap-wrapped package, he unwound it to discover a small journal. Curiosity overrode prudence, and opening it, he began to read.

The Meryton Assembly, June 15, 1810

Mr. Bingley is what a young man ought to be—sensible, good-humoured, lively. I never saw such happy manners! So much ease, with such perfect good breeding. He is also handsome, which a young man ought likewise to be.

Jane was flattered when he asked her to dance a second time. She did not expect such a compliment, though I did. What could be more natural than asking her again? After all, he could not help seeing that she was five times prettier than every other woman in the room. No thanks to his gallantry for that. Well, he certainly is very agreeable, and I give her leave to like him, for Jane has liked many a stupider person.

Suddenly, a voice pierced the silence. “What right have you to read my diary?”

Startled, William whirled around. A petite, raven-haired beauty with hands on her hips glared at him. Her long dark hair was being whipped in every direction by the wind, and her eyes, dark as coals, were ablaze with fiery indignation. Lucas’ words came to mind.

Behind that petite girl with such fine eyes is a lively, intelligent woman. A man would never get bored with Lizzy as his wife.

Elizabeth had been stunned when the man turned to face her. This stranger was not only taller than any man of her acquaintance, but so handsome that she was suddenly at a loss for words. Hair as black as night, eyes the colour of the morning sky, a patrician nose and perfectly formed lips held her mesmerised until his horse broke the spell by pawing the ground and snorting impatiently.

Chiding herself for being so easily overcome, Elizabeth struggled to keep her hand from trembling as she held it out. “I shall take that.”

Handing her the journal, the stranger stuttered, “I . . . I did not mean to—”

Did not mean to what, sir?” she demanded. “Read my private thoughts?”

A wave of righteous anger seemed to wash over him. “If you truly wished to keep your thoughts confidential, why did you store your journal where it could so easily be found?”

Easily found? I have kept it here for years without it being discovered.”

William took a deep breath and let it go slowly. “It was not my intent to discover your diary.”

Then what was your intent in reading it?”

All colour drained from his face. “I . . . I have no excuse. I apologise, Miss . . .?”

Bennet . . . Elizabeth Bennet. And you are?”

Fitzwilliam Darcy,” William answered, dipping his head in a slight bow.

John Lucas’ friend from Cambridge?”


I wonder what he will think when I tell him I caught you prying.”

William winced, and the hurt in his eyes instantly convicted Elizabeth of being too harsh, yet conflicted as to why she should care, she continued. “Oakham Mount is too steep and rocky to be useful for riding; it is scarcely useful for walking. Hardly anyone bothers to come here; that is why I claimed this place for my sanctuary years ago. How did you manage to find it on horseback?”

William untied the horse. “I was simply following a path, and it led me here. I am sorry to have invaded your refuge.” Mounting effortlessly, he donned his hat and addressed Elizabeth. “It will never happen again. Good day, Miss Bennet.”

As Elizabeth watched him ride back down the mountain, one thought came to mind. Let us hope your word is more reliable than your manners, Mr. Darcy.

I love this first meeting between Darcy and Elizabeth! Can’t wait for more! Yay for this new release from Brenda Webb!!!



In conjunction with her lovely reveal and announcement post Brenda Webb is generously giving away some chances to win a copy of Proof Of Love – A Pemberley Tale! Her prizes include: 4 Kindle copies (open internationally) and 1 signed paperback copy (open to US and Canada residents)! Woot woot!



To enter this giveaway leave a comment, a question, or some love for Brenda!!

  • This giveaway is open worldwide (ebooks) and to US and Canada residents (paperback).  Thank you, Brenda!
  • This giveaway ends June 28th

Proof Of Love – A Pemberley Tale is currently available for purchase as a Kindle ebook, but soon will be available in paperback and other digital formats in a few weeks!

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  88 Responses to “Cover Reveal + Release Day Celebration of Proof Of Love!!!”


    Congrats Brenda on your new release!

    Like Meredith, I LOVE the cover. The near-kiss is perfect, as is Pemberley in the background. I am always up for a new P&P variation; the excerpt included sealed it for me. The first meeting as depicted here is perfection, it captures the personalities of Darcy and Elizabeth excellently.

    Thanks so much, ladies, for the giveaway opportunity!


    It’s sad that Darcy doean’t realise his family can be just as bad as the Bennets. Surely the three youngest would not be out and therefore Darcy would not have met them.


    Another book from Brenda Webb!! Yay! I love all her books and can’t wait to read this one! Congratulations on the release, Brenda, and thank you for the giveaway! Lovely cover!


    Love the cover! The excerpt sets the stage for another page-turner from Brenda Webb, loved her previous work!


    You have me already, Brenda! I love the excerpt, the first meeting, everything! Now I’m curious about Henrietta, but I can imagine! The cover is lovely. I’m with Meredith! The near kiss is swoon-worthy. Congratulations and best wishes on your new release. I can’t wait to read it. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.


    I’m so excited about Brenda’s new release. I already have the book so no need to enter me in the contest. This story is so exciting and one of the best FMS I’ve read in a long time. Congratulations to Brenda Webb on her new release and thanks for featuring her here, Meredith! Love it!


    Oh my!! What a beautiful cover! And what an enticing premise! Definitely a book to own.


    Enjoyed the excerpt and the cover is lovely.


    OMG! That cover is so beautiful I actually got tears. I have been following this story and will definitely reread it as I love Brenda’s books. I am one who loves a bit of angst in my stories and this one delivers. Thanks for the notification about its release. I’m off to Amazon.


    Wait…there’s a giveaway…I might just see if I get lucky. Thanks for the chance.


    what a beautiful cover and a beautiful story (as usual).


    Intriquing 1st chapter…George Darcy being caught at his age after his marriage to Lady Anne is quite an interesting twist to our beloved couple’s tale! I too have been following your story and highly recommend it. Beautiful cover.


    Congratulations, Brenda! This sounds lovely. 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win a copy.


    Congratulation on the new release, it’s such a great premise. And I love the cover, it’s one of the sweetest I’ve seen.
    Thanks for the post Meredith.


    Lady Henrietta as Darcy’s stepmother opens up a world of possibilities! I always look forward to your books, Brenda, and reread them often. Congratulations on this latest release!


    Congrats! This sounds wonderful! Can’t wait to read this book. Thanks for the chance to win a giveaway!


    Winning a Brenda Webb book would just make my day.


    Thank you Meredith for this post. I love this book! I read it as she posted and can’t wait to read it again. It’s another great Brenda Webb story!! Since I already have it, though, you don’t have to enter me into the drawing.


    Congratulations on your new book being released!!! Like Meredith, I love the turmoil and passion you unleash on ODC. The cover is exquisite and I can only imagine how weak in the knees we would all be if his eyes caused Elizabeth to stop speaking…swoon-worthy indeed! The excerpt is definitely very enticing and how sad Darcy must be regarding his father’s new wife…

    Thank you for offering the giveaway to Canada too!!!


    Looking forward to reading!


    The bookcover is beautiful. I love the idea of a younger version of the couple, figuring out adulthood together


    Congratulations on your new release, Brenda! Sounds like an exciting story, and what a lovely cover!


    Thank you so much for featuring my new book, Meredith. I am enjoying reading all the lovely comments and looking forward to see who wins a copy!


    Oh, i believe i have read an earlier version of this! Wonderful to get the published version soon!


    Beautiful cover! I’ve loved all of Brenda’s books and can’t wait to read this one!


    I am so happy that Brenda has a new book being published! I have loved all of her books and cannot wait to read this new one. I have always liked the story line when Elizabeth and Darcy are forced into a marriage. Elizabeth is already mad at Darcy from the first chapter. And a step-mother? This is so out of character for Mr. Darcy. Will she be a competitor with Caroline Bingley for capturing Darcy’s attentions? Meredith is correct – the cover is swoon worthy. Thank you for the giveaway.


    I love the cover! Brenda’s books are wonderful, and I’ve really enjoyed them!


    Congratulations on your new book!! I have enjoyed all of your other books, especially “Passages”. From the exiting excerpt, I can hardly wait to read this book. Thank you for a chance to win a copy.


    Oh, the book sounds wonderful! And I love the cover! I do love Lizzy and Darcy JAFF. I must have read dozens of that type of book in the last few years. I really want to read this one too! Because they are so different from current times, I am intrigued by and love to read about these “forced marriages” to avoid compromise of the lady, and I see where one is included in this storyline. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one of these books!


    Congratulations Brenda!
    Love the cover and the book is amazing. I have a soft spot for the stories where ODC meet when they are younger. Can’t wait to read it.


    I love the cover, the story is amazing!


    This is one of the best P&P variations I have read, and let me tell you I have read a lot!!!! I am seriously addicted to ODC and their trials on their way to their HEA!!!! Brenda has crafted a wonderful tale filled with treachery, miscommunication and enough angst to satisfy the angst lovers. I thoroughly enjoyed this and now that it is complete I will go back and start it from the beginning!!!


    super excited for this one! love a young Darcy and Elizabeth too! and green for the win! cheers all around


    Brenda, I have so enjoyed reading each update of this story. Now I can read it all at once.


    So looking forward to reading Brenda’s new book. I love all of her books. The cover is gorgeous!


    Very interesting, Brenda. Congratulations!


    Hello Meredith… what a delightful post. Thank you for hosting Brenda Webb. OMG! I have been following ‘Proof of Love’ on the website and it has been absolutely wonderful. I have so looked forward to the release that I completely forgot about what might be on the cover.

    This cover is simply perfect. The models needed to be young and these guys are perfect. They are so cute. And that Lizzy model, with her almost grin… says so much. Because of all they had been through, she is saying… “at last, I have him.” And the Darcy character is saying… “at last, I have her.” Oh what a delight. I can’t wait to have my own copy.

    Congratulations to Brenda Webb… oh, I know you are so excited to have this completed and ready to launch. I’d do my happy dance but I don’t want to scandalize Meredith and her Mister Bingley [hello Mr. Bingley]. Blessings on the launch and success of this work.


    What an interesting premise. I’m surprised at the second Mrs. Darcy and George Darcy’s cynical approach to his second marriage – ad whether Georgiana can be saved from the influence of the dishonesty of her stepmother…she is only about 10 years old, if Imanaged to keep the years straight. I look forward to reading this book!


    That is an adorable cover and I love that the story starts earlier. Looks good, Brenda!


    Brenda, what a terrific approach! Can’t wait to start reading – congratulations on what looks to become a widely-loved creation!


    I’ve read a few chapters — it’s definitely one I want to own!

    Great cover of a very young couple.


    Gorgeous cover, Brenda, and great excerpt! Loved the tension and chemistry between Lizzy and Darcy. So pleased for you on your new release! All the best with it, hope it does well (and that I win an ebook copy!).


    I have been swooning over this cover for ages while resisting reading the posts on D&L. I do so love compromise stories and am longing to know how it happened. This is a definite must read and I wonder if it will top Passages which is my favourite of Brenda’s books.
    Thank you so much for sharing.


    Just checking back in and reading all of your comments made me smile. Thank you to everyone who has been reading on the forum for saying you enjoyed it and for those who are looking forward to reading it. A year and a half and part of my heart are in this story and it means so much that you took the time to comment.. Now, to start on the sequel. 🙂


    Congratulations! Love the cover! Excited to read this one, I love when they meet when younger. ❤️


    That’s a particularly lovely cover, Brenda. The story sounds rather good, too. I don’t have time to follow WIPs online all that often, so this will be completely new to me. So, Darcy and Elizabeth are younger but it seems that Jane and Bingley have already met? And Darcy Senior has remarried. Now that’s a scenario I haven’t come across before, but I’m sure Brenda has worked her magic once again.

    (Just one little niggle to do with that excerpt – I hadn’t realised that Hertfordhire had mountains. According to my friend Google, the highest point in the county is only just over 800 feet and here in the UK, a mountain is usually reckoned to be over 1000 feet. Oakham Mount, no matter how steep and rocky it is, would only ever be called a hill).


    Wonderful excerpt! Thanks for sharing, Meredith, and congratulations on the new book, Brenda!


    Love the cover, like Meredith, green is my favorite color. Wonderful snippet has me wanting more…love a unique twist…like them meeting at a younger age and Mr. Darcy remarrying….Thanks for a chance to win…


    Loved the excerpt. So many deviations from the original. Congratulations on newest book release.


    I can’t wait to read this. I am sure it another excellent book from Brenda Webb!


    Fabulous cover and premise! Can’t wait to read it.


    Gosh what a gorgeous cover & I loved the excerpt! What would Darcy think when he would read my journal…. So looking forward to reading it. Please count me in, thank you.


    Can’t wait for yet another Brenda J Webb novel. My only sadness comes from not being in the running to receive the signed copy as I live in Australia.


    Gorgeous cover and excerpt, Brenda! CONGRATULATIONS on your new release! Woot! Woot!


    OMG!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover of this one. I cannot wait to read it!!!


    Thank you to all who have commented since my last note here. I appreciate all the kind words and support. I wish I could give copies of the book to all of you! Hugs.


    So excited to see a new release. Love the cover and am very intrigued. Congratulations, Brenda!


    Brenda this sounds like another fabulous story!! Pretty picture too & I’d love to read what happens next.


    I’ve already read PoL and just love it! I’ve been a fan of Brenda’s work for a long time — her stories are so exciting. And loving. Wishing you every success with this must-read new book.


    This book sounds amazing and I cannot wait to read it.


    Awww. You are all so kind and I am humbled at the praise from those who have read it already. I have to say that I really loved writing this Darcy and Lizzy. That’s why I am doing a sequel! Thank you for commenting. 🙂


    Gorgeous excerpt and cover!! Congrats on the new release, Brenda, this is such wonderful news!!


    Don’t you just love the “near kiss”!!! Congrats Wendy. So very generous of you to do a giveaway!


    This book looks amazing, Brenda–both the beautiful cover and the excerpt!! And I loooove your books!!

    I’m crossing my fingers in hope of winning a Kindle copy!!!! I love the premise of Darcy and Elizabeth meeting when they were younger.

    And Darcy Sr. remarrying??? Who would have thought???

    Thank you, Brenda and Meredith!!

    Susanne 🙂


    A new Brenda Webb book. Huge big sigh….. What a beautiful cover! From the font, to the color, and the models. And that ‘near kiss.’ <3 Gosh the story sounds so yummy. I'm so looking forward to reading this. Congrats on your new book Brenda, I predict it will be a smash. Thank you Meredith.


    Oh, wow! Swoon-worthy inside and out! Good luck on the release, Brenda. Thanks for hosting, Meredith!


    Sounds like a great story! I look forward to reading it


    Congratulations, Brenda! The cover is beautiful and enticing. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for the giveaway.


    Again, let me thank all of you who commented. You raised my spirits with your kind words. Thank you.


    What a lovely cover! Thanks for the goveaway 🙂


    A lovely and exceptional cover, Brenda. The models on the cover look familiar. Did you use stock images because I think I’ve seen them on other books but with a different pose.

    And I love reading the scenes at Oakham Mount and their first meeting. It leaves me with lots of questions. Why would Darcy’s father marry Lady Henrietta when she is about the same age as his son? In which year the story takes place? Does Bingley know Darcy?


    Can’t wait to read Brenda’s new book in its entirety. The cover is lovely. Darcy in green reminds me of CF’s apparel when he rushes to get cleaned up and find Elizabeth after they meet at Pemberley in P&P 1995. Congratulations, Brenda!


    Seems like you can never put down another story by Brenda. Such a superb writer with fascinating stories that include other characters. Your stories are unique and definitely of the regency period. I al aye look for reward to new releases.


    Love the cover and all your books. Your other characters are unique and delightful. Thanks for another book. Always a great read.


    Hello! I must say that I love the cover picture as well! Very tempting peak preview!


    Loved reading this on the forum. It was a weekly treat and something I looked forward too every week. Can’t wait for more from Brenda!


    Congratulations on your publication, Brenda. What an interesting plot!


    What an awful thing to be caught doing…. Darcy is in trouble…


    Thanks again to all of you who took the time to comment. You made my day! Hugs,

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