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A Time Travel Adventure to Regency England!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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Jane Austen fan and ardent reader Cassie Taylor has a run in with an average-looking stranger named Ted at the bookstore. When he very kindly invites her to get coffee she turns him down thinking he isn’t at all her type. Cassie immediately regrets her rejection of Ted because of what happens next: she witnesses him being hit by a car. If Cassie said yes, then Ted wouldn’t be in the hospital right now fighting for his life! Filled with regret and guilt, Cassie follows Ted to the hospital and poses as his girlfriend. It is there something truly strange and inexplicable happens…

While getting some fresh air outside on the hospital’s grounds Cassie comes to a gate and decides to walk through it. Once she does though she immediately finds herself transported to an English estate and dressed in Regency clothing. How did this happen? What does it mean? How can she get home?

Even though I’m typically not a huge fan of time-travel stories, I find myself perpetually drawn to time-travel stories that involve a Jane Austen addict traveling from our modern-day world to that of Jane Austen’s and her characters. I think it is something I would like to experience myself (not permanently mind you!), and I love to see how modern-day heroines cope with all the strictures and alterations of life in Jane Austen’s time. I appreciated how capably Cassie handled herself in this time period – she was quick to recall the rules of propriety she was familiar with and knew what kind of modern language and slang to avoid. In addition, I enjoyed how Ms. Jeremiah illustrated the favorable and not so favorable aspects of living in the Regency period. Some small details like the practice of being served wine in times of crisis instead of water never occurred to me before. (Wine is not exactly helpful when you are feeling overheated or dizzy!)

I enjoyed seeing Cassie’s interactions with the characters she meets at Westerleigh, an estate in Dorsetshire, and I especially enjoyed seeing her reaction to Edward Hamilton, or as Cassie knows him in the 21st century – Ted! Between all the new friends Cassie encounters at Westerleigh Hall and her reunion with Ted in this strange time warp there is much to keep Cassie occupied! Not only does Cassie want to find a way back to her own time period, but she wants to help her new friend, Isabella, with her romantic troubles.

While I definitely enjoyed the charming cast of characters and the various twists Ms. Jeremiah implemented in her storytelling, I found myself wishing for more development. In this book most characters seemed to fall in love quickly and with few interactions. I wish we witnessed more of how their feelings developed, especially between Ted and Cassie. He seemed to fall in love with her instantly even though she was a little rude at their first meeting and rejected him. In addition, some plot events seemed to occur quite suddenly, like a house ball planned in secret and a plan to elope. I don’t mind that these types of plot twists occurred, but their suddenness made them feel perhaps a little disjointed.

Perhaps there will be more connection and relationship development in the next book of this series, Love Divided. Even though I’m a little disappointed that this story didn’t have a complete resolution and ended with some unanswered questions, I’m eager to see what becomes of Cassie and Ted and to learn more about why and how they were transported to Jane Austen’s time. I greatly enjoyed all the subtle nods to Jane Austen that Ms. Jeremiah cleverly and skillfully intertwined into her tale, and I definitely look forward to seeing more Austen-inspired works from her in the future!

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  67 Responses to “Love Without Time – Elaine Jeremiah + Giveaway!!!”


    Thank you for posting a review for this intriguing book, Meredith! As well as for a chance to enter the giveaway a second time 🙂


    I absolutely love reading your reviews. You are honest and fair, and give both pros and cons. That is what is needed to convince a reader to pick up the book, or not have anything to do with it at all. This is one I’d like to read! Thanks for the second opportunity to win a copy!


    A wonderful review of a captivating novel which interests me greatly. Thanks for this lovely giveaway.


    I love time travel stories so I think I would enjoy this. Thanks for the review and giveaway.


    I do like to read travel in time stories. The cover is pretty as well.


    I think you hit on all the points and cast a fair review.



    Thank you for your review. I, too, would like to see how Cassie adapts to Regency England. Language and social strictures would be so difficult not to mention hygiene! I am glad that Ted is in the story and would like to read how the story ends when she reenters his hospital room. Thank you for the giveaway.


      Very true, Eva! I think I would hate how my skin and hair would feel after not being able to wash as often as I’m used to! Ted is lovely, I enjoyed his character! It will be interesting to learn why they were able to time travel together.


      Thank you both for your comments! Maybe you’ll find out more about Ted later on in the trilogy… 😀


    I agree with your review. I just started reading it last night and the whole idea of a ball without anyone being aware of the preparations seemed too unrealistic. The instant falling in love, however, seems quite true to the time period, although it makes me question if they really were in love.


    I LOVE time travel novels and especially ones set in the Regency period. They’re not really that easy to find though and one or two I have found didn’t quite live up to expectations. I like the sound of this one and would love a chance to read it.


      The Regency period would be the first time period I’d want to travel to! Mostly because I love it, but also any other time period and I’d make the most horrendous gaffs and anachronisms! Hope you get the chance to read this one soon!


      Thank you both for your comments! Hope you get to read my book soon Teresa! 😀


    I love a Modern to Regency time-slip story and seeing how someone from nowadays copes with the differences in everyday life. It’s something I wouldn’t be averse to myself, providing it wasn’t a one-way ticket as I’m far too attached to 21st century hygeine, medicine, plumbing and women’s rights!

    Thanks for your usual honest and enthusiastic review.


    I’ve always loved time travel stories, and this one sounds very interesting. I don’t know how I’d cope without my modern conveniences, but I’d like to visit another era for a short stay!


      I think I would be okay without some – I can survive without electricity, internet, and such. But I would not like the inferior treatment of women and servants and the mistaken beliefs about diet and medicine.


      Thank you Pam, I hope you get to read it sometime soon. I agree with you – a short stay in another era would be best! I agree with you, Meredith, on all those points – not least about medicine! It was a whole other world! Lots of fun to write about though.


    I’m keen on the idea of this book, and congratulate Elaine on its release. It’s too bad it’s not all tied up in the end, though. I tend to find that books that extend over subsequent books are too long and should have been trimmed. However, a new story arc would interest me, so I hope that’s the case with this series. Thanks, Meredith, for your honest review.


    Meredith, thank you for hosting this author and I certainly enjoyed your review. I can see how scenes feel rushed when characters fall in love too quickly. I look forward to reading this. I really like the cover. Congratulations to the author on the launch of this work. And… best of luck on the next book… Love Divided.

    [And a big hello to Mr. Bingley]


      Thank you, Jeanne! 🙂 I’m always one to prefer slower developed relationships. Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words!

      I’ll pass your message to Mr. Bingley who sadly left on a business trip a few hours ago. 🙁


      Thank you so much for your comment. Hope you get to read this soon. Glad you like the cover!


    I do enjoy time travel stories. Thank you for your great review. Most helpful.


    I like time-travel books but not as my main course. Question…Is this a stand alone book or will I need to read the next one for resolution to the story? I agree with others that I appreciate your honest reviews. Thanks for sharing.


      I don’t believe this is a stand alone story as there were many unanswered questions at the end and not a clear idea of what will happen with our heroine and hero in the future. I’m hoping that the next book will answer those questions. 🙂


      To answer your question, it’s the first in a trilogy. Thank you so much for your comment! 🙂


    I love reading Jane Austen novels, have been a member of the Jane Austen Society of North America and have recently begun reading continuation novel and have many to recommend. I am also open to like-minded suggestions of books.


    Sorry, I was so overwhelmed by this beautiful website, wrote a very quick comment without mentioning the book being reviewed. Anyone who has published work like mine, loves fantasy. I’m open to time travel! So I would to read the book immediately, and tell my friends about it.


    I love time travel, especially when it’s combined with Jane Austen and her work so this sounds like it would be right up my alley.

    Thanks for the great review, Meredith, and the giveaway opportunity, Elaine!


    Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog Meredith and for your review. I really appreciate it. 😀


    What a nice review, I really like the sound of this book! Wish I knew the location of that hospital gate. To have a little “vacation” myself in Austen’s time 😀


    So the story does not resolve in this book? I guess I will have to wait until the series is complete as I don’t like wait for the next book to find out what happens next. Great review btw, Meredith.


    I love time travel books, this one sounds great. Thanks for sharing your review, adding this to my TBR list now.


    I like books that has time travel stories especially when it’s favorite time periods.


    Just finished reading this book – I was surprised that it seemed to end abruptly. Is the sequel or part II coming out soon?


      Hi Erna! Thanks for your comment. Hope you enjoyed my book. I’m hard at work on book 2 which will be called ‘By Time Divided’. It will come out in the not-too-distant future. Thank you so much for your interest! 😀

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