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Hi dear friends! I’m so excited to take part in this special announcement today as it is about one of my favorite books by Karen Cox!!!  I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Karen Cox, but I especially adored her poignant and expressive love story, At the Edge of the Sea when I first read it 5 years ago!  Today, Karen has a very exciting announcement about this lovely work!!

From the Author

Thank you so much for letting me visit with you and your readers today! I’m really excited about the upcoming summer release of Son of a Preacher Man. It’s a special book for me, an original story inspired by Pride and Prejudice, that was originally published as At the Edge of the Sea in 2013. For its five-year birthday, I’ve re-edited it, given back its original title, Son of a Preacher Man, and with the help of Shari Ryan, of Madhat Covers, and Joshua Hollis, who created the image, I’ve given it a new cover too.

~ Book Description ~

“I forget that you’re a fella sometimes.”

“Gee, thanks.”

I never forgot that she was a girl. Not for one second…

1959. The long, hot Southern summer bakes the sleepy town of Orchard Hill. Billy Ray Davenport, an aspiring physician and only son of an indomitable traveling minister, is a young man with a plan that starts with working in a small-town doctor’s office before he begins medical school in the fall. Handsome, principled, and keenly observant, he arrives in town to lodge with the Millers, the local doctor’s family. He never bargained for Lizzie Quinlan—a complex, kindred spirit who is beautiful and compassionate, yet scorned by the townsfolk. Could a girl with a reputation be different than she seems? With her quirky wisdom and a spine of steel hidden beneath an effortless sensuality, Lizzie is about to change Billy Ray’s life—and his heart—forever.

A realistic look at first love, told by an idealistic young man, Son of a Preacher Man is a heartwarming coming of age tale set in a simpler time.

~ Expected release date July 1st! ~

And without further ado….here is the big reveal!!!

Ooohh!  I love the lightening storm and trees!

Definitely makes me think of summer! I love summer thunder storms!

I love the characters so much in this story and the way Karen Cox ties in the social elements and tone of this time period is just brilliant!

What do you think of this lovely cover?


~ Excerpt from Son of A Preacher Man ~

At the beginning of the story, Billy Ray and Lizzie are definitely at odds. After a day of helping out at the Quinlan farm, our hero agrees to take a walk to the lake so his friend Charlie can be with Jeannie, Lizzie’s sister. Billy Ray is embarrassed that he’s insulted Lizzie, but he’s still not too comfortable with the fact that she’s also tagging along:  

I stood and looked behind us at Jeannie and Charles. They were sitting on a boulder more than twenty yards away, heads together, shoulders touching.

Lizzie Quinlan followed my gaze. “No matter what you think about me or my family, my sister is a nice girl.” She stuck her chin out, her tone defensive.

“Charles seems to like her.”

“He does—and don’t you ruin it either by lying about her. She deserves to be happy.”

“I don’t lie.” I was starting to feel defensive myself. I had no opinion on the matter—no knowledge of whether Jeannie was a nice girl or not. I picked up a stone from the water’s edge and skipped it across the lake.

“I know what you think about us. I can see it in your disdainful, little scowl. Hear it in your haughty voice.”

She leaned back on her elbows, her feet splashing and churning the water under them. The sun lit her hair in a coppery halo around her head, making her look like a fiery, avenging angel. Her eyes blazed flames at me too, and I stood, mesmerized for a long minute, drinking her in.

In a flash, her expression changed. The fire in her eyes was gone. I was sorry to see it go because it drew me like a moth to a flame, but what replaced it was even more alluring—and disturbing. It was as if the clear, bright flame had been doused by water, turning it to a heavy, smoldering steam. I swallowed—hard. Never before had I understood what people meant by a “come hither smile,” but now I saw one right in front of me and knew it for what it was. Before I was even aware of what I was doing, my feet propelled me over, and I sat on the rock beside her.

She cast a quick look along the shore line and behind her to Jeannie and Charles’ now empty rock. They must have taken off into the thicket of woods. I wanted to throttle Charlie for leaving me in the clutches of Lizzie Quinlan—and clutched was definitely how I felt at the moment.

*sigh* I love Billy Ray and Lizzie so much!!  Can’t wait to reread their story!


What are your thoughts about Son of a Preacher Man, friends?

Have you read At the Edge of the Sea? Are you interested in reading Son of a Preacher Man?

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  41 Responses to “Announcement and Cover Reveal of Son of A Preacher Man!!!”


    What a fantastic cover. Look forward to this book. Congratulations Karen.


    Thanks for helping me with the announcement and cover reveal, Meredith! Although it’s an original story, readers of Pride and Prejudice will definitely see some parallels. And I love Billy Ray and Lizzie too 🙂


      Yes! I love stories like this one that have subtle nods and allusions to Pride and Prejudice rather than follow the same course Jane Austen’s novel does. It opens up some creative opportunity! Thank you for letting me take part in your big announcement, Karen! I am so excited for you!!


    Wow Karen, I had no idea you were working on this story and can hardly wait to read it. One of my favorites was 1932 and I can already tell I’m going to like this one just as well. Best Wishes with your new book! Jen Red


      I hope you enjoy it, Jen. I think it has a “1932” vibe to it – a little bit later time period, an original story rather than a re-telling, but some similar elements.


      Jen, I think this is my favorite of Karen’s books. Maybe. (Hahaha!) I love them all, of course, but this one is remarkable.


    I have read and loved all your books, Karen. Count me in. Even though I have read the first edition of this it was so long ago I am sure it will be a read as if it were new. This excerpt was titillating.


    I love the new cover! It is fresh and intriguing! I enjoyed this story the first time around. I can’t wait to revisit! Congratulations, Karen


    I learned to trust Karen as a writer and when she writes a story I read it! Loved the preview. 🙂


    I like the cover very much. It doesn’t show the young man’s eyes, which are, as we know, the windows to his soul, so we are kept guessing about him until we read the book. I am looking forward to reading the book!


    Another great excerpt, I’ve read three so far and am loving this more and more. Wonderful cover and as I haven’t read the original this will be definitely on my list of books I must buy. Thanks for sharing.


      Glynis, this is an incredible story. Like Karen said, it’s not a “Pride & Prejudice” retelling but has some recignizeable elements! I loved it! LOVE. Can’t wait to hear what you think.


    I loved SOAP-Man when I first read it over at AHA and I continue to be a big fan of this amazing period story. I’m pleased to see it reincarnated with a fantastic new cover. Congratulations, Karen! No one does American historical JAFF like you do.


    Well that excerpt really drew me in. I wanna read it now! Great cover too. Congrats on your new release Karen. Best of luck with it!


    Gorgeous cover, Karen. Shari has another winner on her hands here! I’m one who hasn’t read the original published story, so it’ll all be totally new to me. This excerpt is certainly tantalising and I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the tale.


    Ahhhh! I am so excited about this one! I LOVED this when it was originally posted and published, and I cannot wait to read the re-edited version. Congrats, Karen!


    It’s already on the reading list. Love the whimsy of the old cover, but the new one has real pop and pulls in my curiosity about the story, itself.


    Thanks Meredith for hosting this great cover reveal. To our author… that is one beautiful cover. Wow! I hope all goes well on this relaunch.

    Hello to Mr. Bingley.


      My pleasure, Jeanne! Thank you so much for visiting and sharing your thoughts!!!


      I am so glad you like his cover too! Karen says she hates the cover designing step but I think so far, they’ve all been winners! This story is a favorite of mine.


    A beautiful excerpt – thank you. It is hard to think of Darcy as Billy Ray but he and Lizzy are true to their character. I have read other Karen Cox’s books and have really loved them. I must confess that I have not read this one. Thank you for the giveaway.


    Really a wonderful excerpt–and the cover is amazing!! I never read the original, so I am certainly adding this new and revised edition to my “to read” list!!

    Thanks for sharing this excerpt, Karen, and thank you, Meredith, for your enthusiastic recommendation of both Karen and the original novel. 🙂

    Susanne 🙂


    love the snippet



    Yay for the re-release and new cover! It’s beautiful and eye catching1


    Indeed sounds like an interesting book.


    Wow son of preacher and in med school – sounds like a dream I need to find out more!

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