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Moon Wine and Magic

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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What if the guests at Rosings drank some potent wine that made them switch bodies?

What if Mr. Darcy woke up looking like Mr. Collins and found himself in bed with Mrs. Collins, who apparently is really Elizabeth Bennet? Does that mean Mr. Collins is in Mr. Darcy’s body? This is quite a mix-up indeed! And it can be all laid at the door of Colonel Fitzwilliam, who purchased some delicious wine from a Romani woman in Bromley that warned him it had special powers when drunk during a full moon. (To read this scene, click here as it is not in the book.)

While I’ve seen Mr. Collins and Mr. Darcy swap bodies before, I’ve never seen it happen to other characters as well! I love the reasoning behind each character’s body swap and thought Ms. Redlarczyk implemented some clever twists! In addition, it was so much fun to see how some characters had to go about the day acting like someone else! I think one of my favorite parts was seeing Mr. Darcy (in Mr. Collins’s body) prepare to attend Lady Catherine! He was quite adorable!

Instead of witnessing Mr. Darcy’s disastrous proposal and Elizabeth’s adamant rejection, it was a lovely treat to see these two thrown together unexpectedly and in a highly irregular circumstance. A lot is revealed and a some perceptions are quick to change as a result of these body swaps. And because it is a shorter work, their relationship develops with some swiftness. I enjoyed seeing how this unique predicament opened up some communication and clarification between Darcy and Elizabeth.

When I know an Austenesque work is a brief, light-hearted bit of fun (which I assumed given the title and the fact that this novelette is 48 pages), I like to save it for a time when I’m feeling a bit stressed and in need of some diverting entertainment to cheer me up. I’m so glad I had this book on hand as I was feeling some work stress and had a lot on my mind this week. It was just what I needed! If anything, I wish it was a little bit longer. It would have been interesting to see these characters continue on in each other’s bodies for a couple of days (probably a lot of lol moments!), and I wouldn’t have minded seeing the relationship development between Darcy and Elizabeth drawn out a little more.

A Very Merry Mix-up is delightfully amusing and farcical tale that is sure to pick up your spirits, make you smile, and provide you with a good laugh! A lovely debut release from Jennifer Redlarczyk! I cannot wait to see what she does next!

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  27 Responses to “A Very Merry Mix-up – Jennifer Redlarczyk”


    I would love to see this story in a longer version! I found it great fun to read. 🙂


    This sounds like a fun read, Meredith. Imagine if the body switch went on for days – – and Lizzy being attracted to Mr. Darcy but looking like Mr. Collins. Eeeeek!


      Hey Lori, thanks for you comments. If the switch lasted longer can you imagine how crazy and funny it would be with five different characters involved. Probably everyone would manage with the exception of Mr. Collins. Ha Ha! Jen


        Jennifer, I would imagine Mr. Collins to be the least popular character to switch with, outside of Mrs. Bennet, perhaps. We know Darcy would be able to adapt but Mr. Collins as Darcy? Yikes!


          Yes, Lori. Collins was a wreck which is why he needed to be sedated. Good thing the duration was short. Thanks for stopping by. Jen


      I know! Can you imagine!?!


    Hey Meredith! Thanks for reviewing and I’m happy you enjoyed my little crazy tale. AND one never knows about a longer version down the road, once Darcy’s Melody is published, that and my musical holiday Hallmark modern. Jen


      Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for writing and sharing your story with us! 🙂 I love what I’m hearing about your future projects!! So much to look forward to! All the best, my friend!


    Lovely review and one that I loved as well!


    Congrats on the new release, Jen! This sounds like great fun!


      Thanks Laura, I hope you get the chance to read my crazy little mix-up. It’s small fry when compared with your Darcy by any other name which I absolutely loved. Jen


      Seeing these characters mixed-up and thrown off kilter is always so much fun to explore!!! Plus, I’ve noticed many authors enjoy finding ways to torture Mr. Darcy!


    I totally agree Meredith. I really enjoyed this book and would have loved to read more. I like it when any misunderstanding between Darcy and Elizabeth is sorted out quickly and they acknowledge their feelings.


      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Glynis! I like the new route this story took and how the body swap took the place of the proposal and rejection scenes! A fun twist for sure!


    Thanks so much Glynis for stopping by. It seems I may have to write some outtakes at the very least. I appreciate your support. Jen


    sounds entertaining



    Sounds like an interesting twist to pride and prejudice


    Calvin, thanks so much for stopping by to read along with my fun time here on Meredith’s blog. The story is not long but it is definitely entertaining. Since publication, I’ve written yet another outtake which appears on the JAFF forum if you have time to stop by. They are all lighthearted scenes with our favorite cast members. Thanks again, Jen

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