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Hi friends!!  I’m so very excited to have the lovely Jenetta James visit my blog today to celebrate her new release, Lover’s Knot!  I absolutely adored The Elizabeth Papers which had a bit of an air of intrigue to it so I’m super excited to read her latest which introduces a mysterious death at Netherfield!!! I hope you enjoy this lovely Q&A Jenetta so kindly put together!

Firstly – thank you Meredith for having me to visit Austenesque Reviews for an interview. It is always an honour to feature on this splendid blog and I’m thrilled to be back here as part of the Lover’s Knot blog tour.

What is Lover’s Knot about?

Lover’s Knot is a murder mystery and variation story combined. It asks what would have happened to the love story in Pride & Prejudice if it was effectively interrupted by a murder at an important moment in the narrative. So, when Lizzy is staying at Netherfield to tend Jane, a crime is committed in the house and that changes everything. It sends our characters, and particularly Mr. Darcy on a new trajectory where love and truth are linked and to achieve personal happiness, he must put himself out for others and assume the role of sleuth. It is written in the first person present tense from the perspective of the man himself.

First person, present tense – what is that all about?

The whole story (apart from the postscript) is Mr Darcy in the present. The idea is that the reader lives the story through the lens of his experience and in the moment. I hoped to convey a sense of immediacy and closeness to him as a narrator. The idea with Lover’s Knot is that it is a mystery which Mr. Darcy has to work out – but it is also a journey on which he learns about himself, and of course his love for Elizabeth. So I hope that the way it is written helps to underline that. I’ll have to wait to see how successful readers believe it really is:-) Suddenly Mrs. Darcy is a first person story – but I have never written in the present tense before – and it was a bit of an experiment. Sustaining that was quite hard work and gave my poor editor lots to correct!

What inspired you to write a mystery?

I love mysteries, and read a lot of them. For the most part, they are set in completely different periods, mostly more modern. I have written a whole guest post (which was featured on My Jane Austen Book Club last week) on my Non JAFF detective fiction recommendations for JAFF readers, so I will not go on too much about it here. But suffice to say that I read and enjoyed mysteries long before I got into romance – so it is only natural that I should have a crack at writing one.

The world of Jane Austen is ripe for adding a bit of mystery. It is, after all, a world in which there are many secrets, where real characters and motives are frequently hidden behind the carapace of social convention. The Netherfield of Mr. Bingley is similarly a potential green house for unknown stories. Here we have a large house – with many servants, newly leased by a gentleman of whom little is known, accompanied by family and friends of whom little is known. It is the focus of a wider community in the country, but close to town. To this cocktail, is added the regiment stationed nearby. It is, in other words, (and as many have recognised before me) a mystery waiting to be told.

It has been nearly 2 years since you last published a novel. What took you so long?

I have taken an embarrassingly long time to write a novel which is about 200 pages long. The idea for Lover’s Knot came to me sometime in 2014 when I was writing Suddenly Mrs. Darcy. I made a quick note of the concept and of course the villain, and then put it away and forgot about it. It was only after my second story, The Elizabeth Papers had been published that I put my mind to thinking through the details. Of my three books, this is the one that has taken the longest to write, simply because lots of other things in life have intervened.

I have been simultaneously writing another – non JAFF – story. Now, I know that there are many authors out there who juggle several stories at a time. I take my hat off to them, but I found it really slowed me down. Throughout the writing and editing process, I have also worked full time in my “real life” job and I’ve had another baby too. So, the writing of Lover’s Knot has been like being on a London bus that keeps terminating at the next stop – and necessitating an unexpected wait. It is lovely to see it finally finished and out in the open.

[Meredith: Sorry I must interject – you are amazing, Jenetta!  No one would accuse you of ‘taking long’ to write this book. ;)]

No spoilers!… BUT, you have made a villain of one of the original characters in Pride & Prejudice. How do you feel about making big changes to canon characters?

It is the first time that I have (knowingly) taken a character created by Jane Austen and done something with them that she did not intend. In many ways, it is a completely different sort of variation to simply changing a plot point, and I have enjoyed experimenting with it. Instead of relying on simply changing the “what happened”, you also change or dramatically embroider what a character was like. It is easier to do with minor characters who have been to some extend “half drawn” in the original. Jane Austen gives the reader a quick outline of many minor characters but deliberately does not tell their whole story. That is where the possibility for invention creeps in and I must say I found it quite fun to write. I tried to write it in a way that was not inconsistent with what we as readers were told about the individual in Pride & Prejudice (i.e. they could both be true). The whole experience has opened my eyes to this sort of variation and I’d now like to read some of the “minor character” stories which I know others have published.

Sounds wonderful, Jenetta!  I can’t wait to discover which character’s path you altered and who was murdered at Netherfield!!! Mysteries are so fun and I’m so very glad you wrote one!  Congrats on another lovely release, and thank you so much for this kind visit to my blog!!


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Thank you to Claudine Pepe and Jenetta James for making this blog tour possible and for allowing me to paritcipate! To check out the rest of the tour, click the links below!

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  64 Responses to “Interview + Giveaway with Author Jenetta James!!!”


    Merci pour cet entretien qui m’a ^permis de découvrir un nouvel auteur et son livre me tente bien !!! Merci pour ce beau concours <3


      Merci Miette, j’espère qu’un jour tu pourras profiter du livre. Merci d’avoir lu cette interview!


    One of the things I like about historical mysteries is the lack of technology. Brain usage is all.


      Yes that is a fun feature – only being able to communicate by letter as fast as a man could ride a horse puts a different complexion on the logistics:-)


    Enjoyed the interview. I love murder mysteries and jaff so I am sure this is one I would love.


    Ooh! I didn’t realize you had changed one of the main characters into a villain, Jenetta! Fun! You’ve intrigued me! I’m looking forward to reading this one!

    And wow! I can’t believe you had time to write a book along with working and having a BABY! I’m impressed! Congratulations on both your baby and your book! 🙂 (You’re making me look bad! I can’t even seem to get a review written these days! Ha! 😉 )


    How I love a good mystery. To have it combined with Pride and Prejudice is a must read.
    Lovely interview. Congratulations on all the new and exciting moments in your life.


    This sounds so interesting I shall have to read it. 🙂


    Thanks for the interview, lovely ladies, it was so exciting to read the tantalising ‘behind the scenes’ details.

    Huge congrats on the new release, Jenetta, you’re such a star to write and release it with a little one on the way, that’s SO amazing!!

    I’m so excited about this book, I’ve been looking forward to it ever since you said you’ve started writing it. I loved all your books, your writing style is so wonderful, but something tells me ‘Lover’s Knot’ is going to be my favourite. All the best and please keep writing!!


      Joana, thank you for those lovely words – I’m quite blushing! I hope that you enjoy reading it one day and thank you for your endless encouragement:-)


    Fascinating interview! I think it is a remarkable twist in P&P and am Always impressed with how much research Jenetta puts into her stories. The details make it authentic without trying to be showy about it. Well done. Looking forward so next story!!


    I’m glad this book is finally here – I hope to soon read it, as I enjoyed Jenetta’s other books very much! Thank you!


    I read the blurb on Amazon plus what you have here and I’m ready to start reading. Thanks for featuring Jenetta, Meredith!


    I really really hope the villain of the piece is a character I didn’t much like anyway! I also hope that Darcy and Elizabeth don’t suffer too much .
    Another book to add to my list. I could do with an extra day every week to try and catch up.


      Love your extra day of the week idea, especially if it is a day only for reading! Who can we talk to about making this happen?


      Ha ha! That would be telling Glynis. I know what you mean about needing an extra day for reading:-) Thanks for following along and godlike in the giveaway:-)


    Fabulous interview. I am very interested to read this book as I have loved her other ones.


    intriguing book



      Thanks Denise – I hope that you may read and enjoy it one day. Thanks for following along and good luck in the giveaway:-)


    I am always up for a mystery. Fun to learn how the story came about even before other stories. Great interview, ladies!


      I love a good mystery too, which I guess is why I wrote this one! Thanks for your support – it means a lot. Good luck in the giveaway:-)


    Intriguing. Not just a mystery, but written in Darcy’s first-person, present-tense POV? Must give this a go!


    Hello Meredith 😀 I haven’t dropped by for ages. Hello Janetta James, thank you for the giveaway for of you.
    This is quite a giveaway!!
    I love mystery novel and JA’s work, making both worlds meet is perfect for me.
    I’m curious to know discover more about this murder case and how it will bring Darcy and Lizzy together.


    What a delightful post Meredith… thanks for hosting today. Thanks to Jenetta James for sharing your thoughts on your writing and the generous give-a-way and an opportunity to participate for those of us who do not have social media [tweet or twitter]. Congratulations on the new baby. Good luck to everyone in the drawing. My TBR pile is growing as we speak. I don’t want to forget to say hello to Mr. Bingley.


    I love Jenetta James’s writing, and I’m wide open to re-interpretation of canon characters to make for a good JAFF! Great questions, Meredith!


    I love period murder/mysteries and to combine it with my favourite genre JAFF, is an added bonus! So looking forward to reading this! Thank you Meredith for such an interesting interview!


    My favorite sub-genre of JAFF is mysteries; I’m currently working my way through Stephanie Barron’s series, and I loved Carrie Bebris’ series which I’ve read twice. I’m definitely looking forward to reading this book!! Thank you, Jenetta, for your lovely interview, and thank you Meredith–such a lovely hostess! 🙂


      I love the Being a Jane Austen Mystery series but amazingly I have never read Carrie Bebis – despite the fact that loads of people have recommended them. I shall have to rectify that! Good luck in the giveaway and thank you for following along:-)


    Jenetta’s books are so good. I am really anxious to get my hands on this one to enjoy.


      Thank you Ginna – what lovely words! I hope that you read the book one day and enjoy it. Thanks for following along and good luck in the giveaway:-)


    I am excited about reading this new book, being a fan of Jenetta’s others. But I also enjoy historical mysteries, too. I’ve read mysteries for decades but my taste in mysteries changed at the same time my tastes in reading changed in general.

    Many blessings on your expanding family and your continued success in your writing. ‘Lover’s Knot’ sounds so good.


      Thank you Michelle:-)I have changed my tastes in mysteries too – I think that I lean away from Cosy mysteries where once I loved them and maybe I will change more in the future. Hope that you enjoy this:-)


    You had my attention at murder mystery! Sounds so good!


    This is amazing! I would so love to read this book.


    Holy cow, I love Jeanetta’s books! This one sounds amazing and original. Can’t wait to dive in!


    Oh a murder mystery, I loooove those. Almost as muxh as JAFF 😉 Would love to find out who dies at Netherfield!


    I finished reading ‘The Elizabeth Papers’ the other day. I loved it! This is on my TBR list! Well done and congrats on your new release, Jenetta!


      That is wonderful to read Elaine! I am very attached to The Elizabeth Papers and always especially pleased to hear that anyone has read and enjoyed it – so thanks for saying so. Hope that you may enjoy this one too one day. Thanks for following along:-)


    This was a great interview ladies! I enjoyed the questions and the answers. Thanks for sharing with us. I believe you successful, Jenetta. Mr. Darcy does much to work out the mystery while learning about himself and his love for Elizabeth. It was well done! Congratulations!


    The interview made me curious as to who is the victim and the perpetrator. I like mysteries and detective stories and I grew up reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series. And my favourite tv shows are those featuring criminal elements such as Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI: NY, Law & Order | UK, Sherlock, Inspector Gently, etc.

    Anyway I’m glad to know you better, Jenetta. I wish you all the best in your writing, family and working life.


    Thank you Meredith again for having me – it has been such a fun visit!

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