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When Disguise, No Matter How Abhorrent, Is a Necessity!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Not exactly a modern-day P&P, this is more like a Darcy and Elizabeth inspired contemporary romance.

SETTING: Modern-day, Manhattan, New York


  • So many reasons – modern-day romance, Elizabeth Adams, forced/marriage of convenience scenario!
  • Made me think of The Proposal – which I adored!


In her modern-day romance, Green Card (first edition published in 2014), Elizabeth Adams tells the story William Harper, who is desperate to remain in the US and not be deported back to England, and Elizabeth Barrett, the short-on-funds-full-time student, who agrees to play the part of Will’s wife for the next couple of years in exchange for some hefty financial benefits. In order to stay above suspicion for Immigration Services, Liz and Harper must look like the real deal. And because William Harper is an eligible and wealthy bachelor in the public eye they must act like the real deal too. This marriage of convenience is supposed to be fake, but what happens when in starts to feel real?


  • A Captivating Premise: I love that both Will and Liz are virtual strangers and that their relationship starts off with a contract and a secret. While there is no animosity or infamous insults between the two – they do recognize right away the differences in their upbringing, status, and personalities. And instead of having time to warm up and get to know each other, they are forced to become engaged and marry all within ten days of meeting each other. I enjoyed witnessing how Will and Liz coped with these abrupt changes in their lives and the challenges they faced when they merged their lives together (like all married couples do!).
  • Not Exactly P&P: I loved that the premise didn’t really resemble the plot for Pride and Prejudice in anyway. It left a room for new possibilities and I enjoyed not knowing what to expect. However, there are many characters in this story that resemble characters from Jane Austen’s tale, such as: Elizabeth, Darcy, Jane, Bingley, Charlotte, and Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. It was fun to spot some recognizable personalities!
  • Well-Drawn and Engaging Characters: You know the characters are interesting and well-crafted when four hundred pages doesn’t feel like enough. I adored Elizabeth Barrett from the very first page – she is fun-loving, warm, quirky, and has a spirited. I want to be her best friend! And while Will at first seems like detached and business-like, he has some hidden layers and a caring heart. I loved how he was willing to change and go out of his comfort zone for Liz. I admired how real both characters felt, how real their relationship felt. It wasn’t a fairy-tale or overly melodramatic, it struck the perfect balance.
  • An Emotional Journey: I loved seeing how things developed between Liz and Will. How they grew from business partners to roommates, from friends to lovers. It was quite lovely to witness. In addition, I enjoyed observing how both characters dealt with some personal/family issues throughout this story. There is a surprising amount of emotional healing and growth in this tale.
  • Memorable Moments: I love those scenes that stay with you long after you finish reading and this story is full of them – their first public date, the first night at the cabin, when Liz comforted Will, the talent show… *sigh*


  • Such a small quibble, but I thought there were perhaps too many extended family members introduced. Especially since many of the cousins, aunts, and uncles don’t play an integral part in the story and appear only once.


Fresh and enthralling – Green Card is a beautifully expressive tale of finding love, happiness, and home when and where you least expect it. I adored the romance, the characters, their journey, the trips they went on, and the food they ate! (Bonus: there are 6 delectable recipes in the back of the book to try!)

NOTE: Due to a few brief intimate scenes and uses of strong language I’d recommend this book for Mature Audiences

SECOND NOTE: According to the author this second edition of Green Card has undergone some major edits and there is whole new chapter that isn’t in the first edition.

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  31 Responses to “Green Card – Elizabeth Adams”


    Lovely, lovely review! I still haven’t read this version yet but I do have the original which I have read several times. I love it. Especially the ending. I do intend to get this version for the extra chapter and the recipes .
    Thank you so much for sharing Meredith.


      Glynis, shoot me an email and I’ll send you a copy. The recipes are in the old and new versions, but they are formatted better in the new one. And I think there is one extra, but I don’t really remember… They are also posted on my website.


        Thank you so much Elizabeth. I can’t find your e-mail address but mine is glyniswhitelegg(at)gmail(dot)com. I thought there were some recipes in mine but it is definitely time for a ‘re read so yum, yum I can’t wait. I really love how their relationship gets better and better with both caring for the other more and more


      My pleasure, Glynis!! Thank you so much for kindly reading my review!! 🙂 I love hearing that you enjoyed this one as well!


    Great review again Meredith! This is one I want to read as well and have it on my wish list. I too loved ‘The Proposal’ and when a book stays with you long after you have read it, is always keeper!


      Thank you, Carole! I appreciate you saying so! 🙂 Such a fun movie, although the character in Green Card are nothing like the characters in The Proposal! 😉


    Ooh! I loved this one too! I also loved the cookie recipe at the back of the book (is it still there in the second edition?) I baked these a few times! Hmm….I might need to do that again soon! 🙂


      I’m so glad to hear you loved this one, Candy! I’m so glad I finally got to read it! 🙂 Yes, the cookie recipe is still there and it is one of the ones I’m excited to try! That, and Lemon Salad.


    sounds delightful



    Loved your review!
    I adored this book and found it delightfully compelling! Highly recommended to all romance lovers! Sigh!


    Great review as always Meredith. Sounds like another one to add to the TBR list!


    A lovely review, Meredith!! And I love that Elizabeth’s name has been changed to “Elizabeth Barrett”–my daughter’s name!! She was named for Elizabeth Barrett Browning–British women writers have been my “thing” since a young age, and my Elizabeth (never call her “Liz”!) is a feminist in her mid-20s who appreciates the contributions of women writers and poets who blazed the trail for us! 🙂


      That was the name the character originally had, because I started it as a P&P, then a few chapters in realized it really wasn’t JAFF, but kept first names because they felt right to me. So for the 4 years I spent working on it, she was Elizabeth Barrett – my favorite poet. Then I changed it to Kate Bishop for publication because I thought it was confusing having an Elizabeth not be a Bennet, but for the rework, I went with my gut and took her back to her original name. 🙂


      How lovely, Susanne! I’m so partial to the name Elizabeth, aside from being the name of a favorite character, I think it is such a beautiful name! How cool that you could name your daughter after your favorite poet, last name and all!

      I’m glad you made the switch back, Elizabeth! I think Liz/Elizabeth suits your character!


    Thanks Meredith, I enjoyed Green Card and now I’m curious about the new chapter. Hmmm… Thanks for the review.


    I loved the movie The Proposal and can’t wait to read this one! Thanks for the great review!


    Excellent review Meredith… I look forward to reading this. I won a copy and have yet to get to it. Drat… that TBR pile is getting on my nerves.Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this work. Hello to Mr. Bingley 🙂


    I enjoyed the book before it was changed and am curious about the new chapter! Thanks for the review. I love All her books!


    Thank you so much for your review – I bought the ebook straight away and have devoured it over the last few days. I could not put the book down and I had to forego housework as a result :). I love all of Elizabeth Adams’ books and this one is no different. I particularly like how the storyline deviates from the P&P premises, and how the author draws you in without using much angst.


    I’m glad you loved this book as much as I did Meredith! Elizabeth is an amazing writer and, she got me addicted to grilled cheese with this book 😉


    Organized review, sounds like a nice book to read. I like your comparisions

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