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What If Mr. Darcy Wrote More Than One Letter?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Variation, Novella

TIME FRAME: Begins the day after the Hunsford Proposal

SYNOPSIS: After receiving Mr. Darcy’s disastrous proposal and vehemently rejecting it, Elizabeth Bennet is quick to reflect on their exchange and cool down. Realizing that what Mr. Darcy said about her family (while painful to hear and offensive for him to say) was true and that Mr. Darcy’s reserved, private manner is similar to her sister’s Jane, Elizabeth engages Mr. Darcy in conversation instead of reading his letter. While the contents of the letter are revealed verbally, Elizabeth still hesitates to read the letter given to her. So Mr. Darcy writes her another one…and another one…What will Elizabeth do with all these letters from Mr. Darcy? Will they succeed in changing her heart?


  • Heartfelt Correspondence: I must be on a correspondence kick! The last three books I’ve read have featured some lovely exchanges of letters. In this story though, the letters are one sided for the most part. I loved how Mr. Darcy, who isn’t the best in expressing himself verbally has found his voice through his pen. And I loved reading the outpourings of his heart towards Elizabeth. In his letters, Mr. Darcy is eloquent, wonderfully romantic, and a little bit sly. πŸ˜‰Β Ah, the power of the written word! Well done, Ms. King!
  • New Realizations to New Understandings: In this story Elizabeth is quick to understand her mistakes in judgement and analyze her own behavior towards Mr. Darcy. I enjoyed seeing Elizabeth gain new understanding about herself and Mr. Darcy. In addition, it was lovely to see Elizabeth have her eyes opened to some unknown/unobserved truths about Charlotte’s relationship with Mr. Collins and her father’s relationship with her mother. This introspective Elizabeth has a lot to learn about marriage, love, and listening to her heart and mind.
  • J. Dawn King Staples: As I have now read half a dozen works by this author, I’ve come to realize there are a few things readers should always expect when reading a work by J. Dawn King: sweet scenes of tenderness that will make you sigh, light-hearted moments that will make you chuckle out loud, and lovely details that will touch your heart. I know that when I pick up a book by J. Dawn King it will not fail to charm and delight me.


  • Anne de Bourgh: While I always love to see Miss de Bourgh receive some attention and page time, I wasn’t as fond of some of her actions in this tale. I enjoyed seeing Anne take action and prepare to step out of her mother’s shadow, but at some parts her behavior was a little erratic and immature. (Maybe it was the author’s intent to illustrate these character traits as the result of Anne’s sheltered and constricted life.) However, I think perhaps a longer story would have allowed for Anne’s character and storyline to be properly and satisfyingly fleshed out.


While Mr. Darcy’s Mail-Order Bride is still my reigning favorite by Ms. King, I think Love Letters from Mr. Darcy comes in second! πŸ™‚ Love Letters from Mr. Darcy is a perfect choice for readers who are looking for a novella-length read filled with tender romance, love letters, and touches of humor! Who wouldn’t want to read a bunch of soul-bearing letters from the reserved yet ardent Mr. Darcy!?! sigh

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  20 Responses to “Love Letters from Mr. Darcy – J. Dawn King”


    I have this book and also love it. I do like when Elizabeth starts to see Darcy’s good points and understands his feelings. I also love it when Darcy writes to her as he can think before he writes and therefore isn’t as likely to put his foot in it πŸ™‚


    Can’t wait to read this one. Love all of Joy’s books. Wonderful review


    I’ve been eager to see your review since I saw it on your agenda for March. I loved this book too. In prep for your review I reread it quickly; because of course Joy’s books are such faves, and having forgotten some details. I completely sympathize with Darcy being better at the written word than being able to speak what’s on his mind.

    I half-agreed with your assessment of Anne’s character being introduced. I thought it was one way to get Lizzy on that dang coach for crying out loud! Ha. I really liked the cousin-ly bickering/bantering nickname calling thing going on between the three cousins…but it isn’t the real focus of the story and I too wish there had been more of her character development at the end of the tale.

    But what I loved the most (and I can’t be too specific here obviously) was what Darcy did during his enforced 30 day separation period. Oh swoon I loved that so much.

    Thank you so much J. Dawn King for your delightful writing and best of everything in your future work.


      You are so sweet to anticipate my review, Michelle! I love that you reread this story. πŸ™‚ It was a good idea to Anne help with that situation for sure! And it yes, it was a fun dynamic between the cousins, definitely would have loved to seen more of it.

      THAT was such an awesome surprise! I didn’t want to give it away in my review, but very sly indeed Mr. Darcy!!! And such lovely and sweet touches, Ms. King!

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Michelle! I so enjoyed comparing our reactions to this story!


    I too so enjoyed this lovely novella and would agree about Anne’s part. But like you said, Ms. King’s always has “sweet scenes of tenderness that will make you sigh, light-hearted moments that will make you chuckle out loud, and lovely details that will touch your heart. I know that when I pick up a book by J. Dawn King it will not fail to charm and delight me.”


      So glad to hear you enjoyed this one as much as I did, Carole! It is so comforting to know that we can always turn to these books to have a happily ever after to enjoy and help us forget our cares!


    I also read this and all of this author’s books and have enjoyed them. I described Anne as perhaps having a split personality in this tale. But the letters were lovely. This is, just as described, a “feel-good” story. Who could ask for anything more? I met Joy Dawn King through this blog and consider her a friend as well as a favorite author. Great review, Meredith. Thanks for sharing with us.


      That is a good way to describe it, Sheila. I do like it when Anne is featured as I think there are a lot of possibilities for her character and I love the idea of her escaping the confines of her life.

      So true about Joy’s stories being “feel good.” I love saving them for the times in my life when I need something heartwarming and sweet. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your thoughts, my friend!


    I always try to read Joy King’s books! She weaves a tale so well. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to read this one as well.


    Love the sound of these wonderful Darcy letters. I think it is great to see Elizabeth’s path of knowledge developed well, too.


    sounds like a great way for Darcy to prevail in winning Lizzy’s hand and heart



    I loved this book [and anything by JDK] and I loved this review. Thanks for sharing with us.


    WOW!!! Thank you so much, Meredith. Great review. Your words about my books being charming and delightful warmed my heart. It’s my goal. Are the comments here are wonderful!!! I adore Jane Austen fans.

    I apologize for not commenting before. We returned from Ecuador on Tuesday to a scary medical emergency involving my 80-year-old Mom. We have been running from the hospital to the doctor’s office since. Things are definitely looking better but my priorities have reshuffled and I have no clue when I’ll be able to sit at my desk and concentrate. Soon, I hope, as this will mean my Mom is doing really, really well.

    Happy reading!!!


      Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my review! I’m so thankful for your stories and the joy they provide me and many other readers!

      Please don’t apologize for such a thing, I hope your mom is doing better. I’m so sorry to hear that she was unwell. I hope you had a lovely time in Ecuador!! Did you eat all the wonderful fruit you could find?

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