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Hello readers!  I am so very excited to welcome back author, Jan Hahn to Austenesque Reviews!  If you aren’t familiar with Jan Hahn‘s work, I entreat you to rectify that immediately!  She writes some brilliant and inventive Pride and Prejudice variations (The Journey and A Peculiar Connection are my particular favorites so far!)  At the moment she is celebrating her newest release (one that I understand has been a fan favorite for years!!!) – The ChildIn this tale it looks like Darcy something very dramatic after Elizabeth’s refusal in Kent, I can’t wait to learn more about what happens between these two!!

Thank you so much, Meredith, for hosting me on your blog today. I’ve loved your posts for so long. Checking in with you several times a week is an absolute must at my house!

Many authors, myself included, will tell you of a strange phenomenon that often takes place while creating a story. A plot may be carefully organized in the writer’s mind when suddenly the characters seem to develop a mind of their own. Not only will they say and do things unintended by the author, but at times they even strike out on a different path than originally planned. It’s like following Alice down the rabbit hole.

When I began The Child, I thought I was writing a sympathetic tale of a misunderstood man. Darcy has always wanted to do the right thing. When he proposed to Elizabeth at Hunsford in Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, he did not intend to insult her. Despite her family and relations, Darcy thought he was fulfilling Elizabeth’s dreams, but instead he almost ruined any chance of making her his wife. Thank goodness, he knew how to write a letter or Austen wouldn’t have had a happy ending.

I do not remember when, but not long after I began writing The Child, Darcy broke free from my control and took on a life of his own. I’ve often wished I could ask him why, along with a few other questions. The following is an interview with Darcy I’ve wanted to conduct.

HAHN: Mr. Darcy, thank you for agreeing to meet with me.

DARCY: Did I have a choice?

HAHN: Not really, but shall we make the best of it? In the beginning of The Child, I aimed for your conduct toward Fan―the little girl who is the subject of the book―to be kind and caring. Instead, you seemed rather brusque, to say the least. Why didn’t you perform as I planned? Can you shed some light on your motivations?

DARCY: I do not perform. And, if you did not intend me to react as I did, why must you make the child the natural daughter of my sworn enemy?

HAHN: Well, you know how it is. Things happen.

DARCY: Oh, yes, I know how it is. He makes a colossal mess of things, and you bring me in to clean up. Darcy to the rescue! Typical!

HAHN: Do I detect a hint of resentment, sir?

DARCY: (raises an eyebrow) You have all the skills of a second-rate detective, madam.

HAHN: Let’s return to the subject. Don’t you like children? Might you have a possible character defect?

DARCY: I do not have a character defect! Austen says I have a shade in my character, but I would not describe it as a defect. I simply have not had a lot of experience with children. Men of my class living in my era are consumed with running their estates, maintaining their social status, and finding a suitable wife. They do not spend their days in the nursery. Young children are better left to the care of women, hopefully well-trained nurses and governesses.

HAHN: Speaking of such, why did you find it necessary to hire a professional baby nurse to care for young Fan when Elizabeth preferred Maggie, the young girl who had tended the child since shortly after her birth?

DARCY: Have you seen that girl? She is totally incompetent! More than once, she allowed the child to escape her notice and wreak havoc at my house in Town. And do not get me started on what transpired at Netherfield Park.

HAHN: As I recall, young Fan acted like a typical two-year-old.

DARCY: And that was your doing, madam. You accuse me of striking out on my own when you created the problem. Why did you place a willful, disobedient child in my house? Shall we discuss your motivations?

HAHN: I’d rather return to my interview of you, sir, not the other way around. Although readers may find you harsh toward the child in the beginning, do you truly dislike little Fan?

DARCY: Of course not! I am not a fiend. She is an adorable little thing―pretty, winsome, and unusually intelligent―but, she needs guidance and training.

HAHN: So, you believe children should be trained.

DARCY: I do.

HAHN: And what about Elizabeth?

DARCY: (frowns) She needs no training. Elizabeth is perfect.

HAHN: Uh…that’s not what I meant. But, since you’re hijacking this interview, let’s proceed down that path. Tell me, Mr. Darcy, what is it about Elizabeth that attracts you?

DARCY: Is that any of your business?

HAHN: It is, sir. I’m the author. I need to know how you feel about Elizabeth.

DARCY: You and every other author who writes stories about us think you know exactly how I feel. You fill pages and pages and pages with detailed descriptions of my feelings for her.

HAHN: And are we correct, sir?

DARCY: (clears his throat) No.

HAHN: We’re not?

DARCY: (his voice deepens) Not one of you can even begin to describe how I love Elizabeth.

HAHN: (begins to fan herself) Oh-h-h my! Would…would you like to enlighten us, sir?

DARCY: I would not. Elizabeth knows how I feel, and she is the only one who should.

HAHN: (leaning forward, mouth agape) Oh, please, sir, I want some more. Will you not share one small sliver of your longing for her?

DARCY: You, madam, are pitiful.

HAHN: (recovers) I…I know, sir. Forgive me. Shall we end this interview with assuring readers of The Child that, although you may begin the book sounding like a jerk, in essentials, you truly are the Darcy we all know and love?

DARCY: What is a jerk?

HAHN: It’s a…oh, never mind. Thank you for your time, sir. (exits hastily)

I cannot wait to read this long-anticipated release for myself, especially after this interview!  I love seeing Mr. Darcy interact with a child, even if it is something with which he isn’t comfortable! Thank you so much for attempting this interview with Mr. Darcy, Jan!  It is evident that he has not been the easiest to work with, but I loved this added insight into his feelings and thoughts! 😉

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  44 Responses to “Interview + Giveaway with Author Jan Hahn!!!”


    I read this book and loved it. I have read & enjoyed her other books also. I melted with his words, “I fell in love a second time.” This book had many sweet moments but there was also suspense as you waited for the expected dropping of the other shoe. I know you will enjoy this book, Meredith.

    Certain books make you fall in love with Darcy all over again…this was one of those.


    I hope Maggie gets reinstated


    Hahaha! Brilliant! Thanks, Jan!


      Thank you, Suzan! If I ever truly met Mr. Darcy (or any of the actors who portrayed him), I doubt I could say a word.


    Enjoyed the interview with Mr. Darcy. Very humorous, thank you for sharing.


    LOL, you made my day Jan. Your Darcy cracked me up.


    Oh Meredith, thank you so much for sharing this fabulous interview! I really feel for Jan having her story hijacked but I’m really sorry she couldn’t persuade Darcy to tell his real feelings for Elizabeth. However I’m so impressed that she got him to reveal as much as he did that I will let her off.
    He seems to be in the know regarding the raising of children so I look forward to he and Elizabeth having many to test his theories 🙂 🙂


    I agree, Glynis! I hope our dear couple has lots of children. Thanks!


    Jan, I loved your interview with Mr. Darcy! Just as I imagined him. I cannot wait to read “The Child”.


    Sounds fascinating. I love Jan’s works also. I love that this seems to be a totally different premise than any I’ve read before.


    The interview made me chuckle. I have not read this one yet. The cover is simply gorgeous. I picture Elizabeth looking as such when she was a child. All those chocolate curls.


    I enjoyed Darcy’s interview and look forward to reading Jan’s new book. Thanks gals!


    Gosh, what a tough job you had Ms. Hahn. Really. Formidable. He needs Elizabeth in his life, and houseful of children with every personality possible inherited from him, Lizzy, Mr. Bennet, Lady Catherine, definitely Col. Fitzwilliam, Lady Anne, Jane,….you name it…..with the exception of Mrs. Bennet or Lydia (horrors) no one deserves that cruel fate. And even better, with a new baby on the way when there are a couple 2-yr. old tyrants in the nursery. Ha. Hey! A sequel!

    This was so cute. Thank you Meredith for hosting Jan Hahn and her new book which I cannot wait to read. Just wish I could read faster. I adore that cover, too.


      Thank you, Michelle! That houseful of children you’ve dreamed up ought to try Darcy’s patience even more than I did.


    OMG!! How delightful. I’m following the blog on my favorite sites. Good luck to the winners. Such a generous give-a-way. I love this interview… swoon. Blessings to our author on the launch of this book. Thanks Meredith for hosting today… what fun.


    Oh this was cute and hilarious. I love a proper Darcy, put-out by these authors assuming they know his depths of feeling. Thanks for the fun interview, Jan, and thanks for hosting, Meredtih!


    What a fun interview and Iove the premise. Going on my reading list!


    Oh, my, what a fabulous interview! I think I need salts and a fan.


    Haha! That was great! Loved the interview, Jan (and Mr. Darcy).


    I can’t wait to read this book. I have read other books by Jan Hahn and absolutely adored them. Another to look forward to.


    Jan, what an awesome interview you had with Mr. Darcy, even if he was a bit recalcitrant. 🙂 (not much, mind you…just a bit!) It was most revealing anyway! I loved his commits on how he feels about Elizabeth…

    DARCY: (his voice deepens) Not one of you can even begin to describe how I love Elizabeth.

    HAHN: (begins to fan herself) Oh-h-h my! Would…would you like to enlighten us, sir?

    DARCY: I would not. Elizabeth knows how I feel, and she is the only one who should.

    Then when he says she is perfect…awww…I was fanning myself too, Ms. Hahn! Just lovely. ‘

    Thank you for hosting such a fine interview, Meredith! Thank you, Jan Hahn, for putting yourself through such a tiresome task! Ha!


    Great interview with Darcy.. Look forward to reading this story. Thanks for the chance to win.


    Delightful interview! Kudos to Jan for this entertaining interview. Mr Darcy is not good with children? It’s not what I would expect of him but I understand him since he detests Wickham but the child is innocent of her father’s sins. In my mind I don’t think he views Wickham as his sworn enemy but rather like a childhood friend turned adversary (if you get what I mean).


      I know what you mean, Sylvia. When Wickham went after Georgiana, that moved him from friend to adversary in a hurry. As for Darcy being a good father or not, I hope you read my book and then make your decision. Thanks for commenting.


    This interview is just fantastic.


    Such a fun interview! Thanks for hosting it, Meredith! Loved it. Indeed the Darcy we know and love. Thanks for the giggles, Jan, and especially for yet another wonderful read!


    I haven’t read this one yet, but I’m so excited for the return of Jan Hahn’s work! I thoroughly loved the Journey and An Arranged Marriage and am constantly rereading them when I have the chance. Can’t wait to delve into The Child when I’m not swapped with my coursework!


    This book sounds wonderful! And the interview was sooo sweet, the part where Darcy talks about his love for Elizabeth is lovely. It made me even more curious as to the book!

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