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Hello my dear friends!  How is March treating you so far?  Did you have a good February? We enjoyed ours, although it did feel like this month went fast! 😉

Mr. Bingley and I (because now he is “Mr. Outdoors” with his new truck) have been places.

In fact, when he doesn’t have a gig or we don’t have any obligations on the weekend, we get ourselves out of the house and go explore!  One of our new favorite places to explore are state parks.  We live really close to 2 which we never really explored much until now.  And our state, North Carolina, has 40 in all.  We hope to try and visit as many new ones as we can over the next year or so. 😉  


So far we’ve been to 3 total!

I think now that Mr. Bingley has a truck he is more inclined to do some hiking! 😉  He talks about going camping too, but we will see! 😉


Want to know what Austenesque fun I’m getting into this month?

…here is what’s on this month’s

Austenesque Agenda:





I have two lovely books by Elizabeth Adams tempting me in my TBR pile, both of which I’ve heard wonderful things about!  I am so eager to read both, but to be honest, I cannot decide which one should be my first…which book gets your vote? Green Card or On Equal Ground?




Mark Brownlow – March 2nd


Samantha Whitman – March 9th

Riana Everly – March 19th

Shannon Winslow – March 23rd

March is looking to be such an exciting month!  I can’t wait for all that in store!

What are you looking forward to this month?

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  39 Responses to “Austenesque Agenda – March 2018”


    Hi Meredith, love to hear about your adventures with Mr. Bingley. You two have so much fun together. Beautiful photographs. Great agenda for this month. I choose Elizabeth Adams as I love her books.


    Loved your holiday photos!!! So fun.


    Your photos are gorgeous. I have read some of the books listed and choose Green Card as I have not read that one of the two and would like your opinion. It has drawn my attention, as well. We have been hit by high winds and snow and expect another storm starting tomorrow so March has not been good for us. My daughter and her husband are with us as their house STILL does not have electricity. Their cat came with them. I have read J. Dawn King’s book and Kara Louise’s book. Both authors are ones that I enjoy and I have read all their books. We have three birthdays in our family and one is my father-in-law who will be 97 and is in good health except for the state of his hearing. He used to work in the Bethlehem Steel Mills and that loud atmosphere damaged his hearing. My granddaughter and my son also have birthdays this month.


      Thanks for the lovely visit, Sheila! What unpleasant weather, I hope it gets better soon! At least your daughter can come to your house and that you have electricity! What a fun birthday month, that is wonderful that your father-in-law will be 97 this year! My grandpa would have been 97 this month too. 🙂

      Thanks for voting! GC – 1 / OEG – 0


    How did I not know you live in NC? I live in Winston-Salem.
    I vote for On Equal Ground. It was my favorite book from last year. Loved it!


      Oh awesome! You have some state parks near you we may visit one weekend I believe. 🙂 Let me know if you ever come towards the beach!

      Thanks for voting! GC – 1 / OEG – 1


    What a busy month! I’ve read both of the Elizabeth Adams books and loved them both but my favourite is Green Card although I have the original version and haven’t read this update yet.
    I hope to read some more off my TBR list although I’m currently in ‘re read mode.


      Indeed! Rereading is great! I hope to try and fit some of that in this year. It is always wonderful to see how the books you loved long ago are still ones you love now!


    Loved the pictures and looking forward to seeing the other parks you visit! I vote for Green Card because I loved it and haven’t had time to read the new one (it is on my TBR list).


      Thanks! Me too! It will be fun to see parks in the spring and summer when everything starts to grow more! 😉

      Thanks for voting! GC – 2 / OEG – 1


    Lovely photos, Meredith! What a great line-up for the month! I’ve met Shannon and you’ll have a lovely time with her as a guest. I suspect the others will be fun, too. I vote for Green Card.


      Thank you, Suzan! Shannon is lovely and so much fun to work with. I’m looking forward to her visit! 😉

      Thanks for voting! GC – 3 / OEG – 1


    I’m looking forward to your review of Jane and Me. I’ve been thinking of reading it for awhile. I’ll wait and see what you think.


      Thanks, I can’t wait to read it! I’ve been enjoying the little bits of secrets and traditions I’ve learned about the Austen and Knight families through Caroline Jane Knight on Facebook, but it will be so wonderful to learn more!


    Wow, you’ve got some amazing countryside near you! Thanks for sharing your photos with us. We’ve got relatives from Australia visiting this month. One of them a cousin of some description of my husband and he was only around 13 when his parents emigrated in the 1960s. Out of all of his family, he’s the only one who’s never been back to the UK, so it’s going to be interesting to see what he makes of the changes that have taken place in his old neighbourhood.

    Of the books you’ve got coming up, I’ve very recently read Jane and Me, which I really enjoyed. Wish I’d read it before my trip to Hampshire last summer as it would have given even more meaning to my tour of what is now Chawton House Library. I read Green Card when it was first published but is this a new edition? I’d choose On Equal Ground as it’s on my TBR List. Joy King’s book is a delight. Looking forward to Mark Brownlow’s visit – I love his Austenesque spoof email Inboxes!

    Have a great month!


      Thanks for checking out my photos, I can’t wait to see what some of these places look like in spring and summer when they are all green!! Oh wow, that will be interesting for him to see and how lovely for you to visit together! 😉 I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed Jane and Me! I believe this is a new edition of Green Card, I’m not sure what kind of changes there are made to it.

      Thanks for voting! GC – 3 / OEG – 2


    Well you and ‘Mr. Outdoors’ are having a blast! My sister has been getting her ‘passport’ stamped from all the parks she has visited. Just last fall in California we went to 3 maybe four! I love your line-up this month! I want to read ‘Mistaken’ but haven’t gotten it yet. I have Kara’s book on my TBR list. Shannon is always a delight to have visit and her new book should be coming out this month too! I have read Elizabeth Adams’ book ‘On Equal Ground’ and loved it so I would love your opinion on that one. I have ‘Green Card’ on my wish list as well as Mark’s. That one is sounding like so much fun! I have read Joy’s book and loved it! I too want to read ‘Jane and Me’ so I am looking forward to your review on that one. I’m not familiar with Samantha Whitman so that should be an interesting visit. I am excited for Riana Everly’s visit and new book though I still have to read her debut novel! I will, I will. I recently read Marilyn Brant’s novel, ‘According to Jane’ and really enjoyed it and now have been reading Leslie Diamond’s book ‘Rain and Retribution which I am loving! Both of these books have been out for sometime and I finally got to them!!!


      We are, it has been great to try and new things and getting out of the house – and for Mr. Bingley, away from work – has been so great for us. 🙂 I love that there is a passport book and stamps to collect! The goal-oriented side of me loves having something tangible like that to mark progress with! 😉 Oh yay! I absolutely adored According to Jane, loved the heroine and hero so much!! And Rain and Retribution is also a terrific one! Great choices!! I think it is great you are reading some new-to-you-but-older-Austenesque! 😉

      Thanks for voting! GC – 3 / OEG – 3


    Fun that Mr. B’s new truck is taking you places. The park visits look great. I need to explore more of our state parks particularly the ones that might involve an overnight camping trip. 🙂

    Nice agenda for your author guests and reading list. Hmm, Green Card is my vote!


      It is! It’s so interesting how much it has changed our lives! I’m happy to be outdoors though. When we are tramping through the woods I”m imagining that I’m like Lizzy, and I’m a great walker! 😉

      There will some park visits that require staying overnight, don’t know if we will actually do those camping or staying at a hotel! 😉

      Thanks for voting! GC – 4 / OEG – 3


    Love your pictures and… nice truck Mr. Bingley. Woohoo! Looks like you have a great lineup for the month Meredith. I am looking forward to your reviews and posts. Have a great spring forward… yeah that sucks…but longer days.ahead.


      Thanks, Jeanne! We are enjoying it! Hope you have a lovely month filled with great reads!! Ugh! I totally forgot that was coming, and in 5 days too! Noooooo! But you are right, to have the sun out later will be great!


    I love your photos and adventures. Mr. Bingley looks like he’s been losing some weight. Must be all that hiking and physical fitness. I loved “on equal ground”. I’d vote for it. I love mr. Bennet stories so i’d Love to read “cake and courtship”. Sounds fascinating. I am looking forward to all your upcoming reviews.


    your adventures look fun!!



    I vote for Green Card, I liked that one very much. On Equal Grounds was also good, but I ended up liking Elizabeth’s first husband way more than Darcy, which is a bit of a problem, lol!
    Have fun this month!


    Fabulous photos and camping can be a lot of fun. Highly recommended it, just bring along a bunch of hippie friends and you will have a blast.

    I choose Green Cards, loved that book and I have theory on the titles of the chapters that I wonder if anybody else have noticed… Discussing books are almost as fun as reading them.


      LOL! I might be willing to give camping a try as long as I don’t have any critters waking me in the night! 😉

      Love your comment about discussing books. Yes! It is the whole reason I started this blog! 😉

      Thanks for voting! GC – 6 / OEG – 4


    Your pictures are lovely. We’ve always enjoyed exploring the state parks on our camping trips, although our trips have mostly been in the north-east of the US. There is such beauty all around us.


    I vote for On Equal Ground by Elizabeth Adams to read and review. I’m also reading Chance and Circumstance right now…just started it. 🙂

    Love all your amazing photographs and how you’ve been getting out and enjoying the great outdoors! Two of the families from our little teensy town (population 1500) east of San Diego have moved to NC over the past few months! Both families were very involved in our church, so they are very much missed!

    The book I can’t wait for is the third Jane Austen’s Dragons book by Maria Grace. I hope to receive it soon to proofread–I am soooo excited about this book because I adore this series!! So brilliant.

    Here’s to a wonderful March!! Thanks, Meredith, for sharing your amazing reviews of all things Austen with us, month after month! You’re a treasure!! 🙂

    Susanne 🙂


      Fun! I look forward to sharing and comparing thoughts with you! 😉

      Wow, that is a big move! I hope they like NC! If you ever come visit them, let me know! 😉

      That’s great that another book in the Jane Austen’s Dragons series is coming out! It sounds so unique!

      Thank you so much for such kind words! I’m very happy to share and love to hear from you all! 🙂

      Thanks for voting! GC – 6 / OEG – 5


    What a great agenda for March, Meredith. The reviews to come, the guests, all make me very eager for the next blog post.

    I think the photos are just beautiful. I’m so glad you shared them with us. I hope we’ll see some pics from TX. 🙂

    I’m voting for Elizabeth Adams’s book. Have a great March, Meredith!!


      Thanks, Michelle! It will definitely be a fun and busy month! I’m excited! 🙂 I hope you enjoy all the authors visits and reviews planned! 🙂 Definitely will post some Austin photos! We had such a blast and would love to visit that city again!

      Hope you enjoy a great month as well!


    What amazing photos, Meredith! Lovely places you’ve been to, so awesome.

    Can’t wait for the guest posts & reviews on your agenda, and can’t wait for March!!!!!!

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