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A Treasured Tour of Pemberley

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Remember when Elizabeth and the Gardiners tour Pemberley in Pride and Prejudice? Wouldn’t it have been lovely to embark on such a tour with them? To experience firsthand the extensive and beauteous grounds and walk near the fine picturesque woods…it would really be something…wouldn’t it? Well, to the delight of us many Pemberley-lovers the opportunity for a virtual tour of Pemberley now exists! Thanks to J.B. Grantham, readers can enjoy the splendors and graceful serenity of Pemberley through the words of its master, Fitzwilliam Darcy. Enhancing Mr. Darcy’s guided tour are the captivating and exquisite watercolors and drawings done by the talented hands of Mr. Darcy’s wife and sister.  

The “natural beauty” of the famed Pemberley estate is fully displayed in this guide. Divided into several chapters, this guide displays Pemberley’s approach from the north, its South Front, and through its gardens and waterways. It is difficult to decide what I loved most: the eloquently expressed history about the estate, the enchanting watercolors displayed on each page, or the understated and elegant format of this charming guide. It was fascinating to learn about the interesting elements of this great estate – the inspired Italian architecture, the statues of Roman gods, and the pond where Mr. Darcy enjoys swimming. This guide displays the loving devotion and cherished guardianship each member of the Darcy family has for Pemberley and its environs. I am so thankful they took us on this special and remarkable tour. I can only hope that one day they might decide to open the doors of Pemberley and take readers on a virtual tour of Pemberley’s interior and all the treasures housed inside!

Since I felt Mr. Darcy’s Guide to Pemberley is just too lovely to describe with mere words, I’ve made a short video preview. I hope you enjoy!

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  40 Responses to “Mr. Darcy’s Guide to Pemberley – J.B. Grantham”


    This book is such a treasure!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it so much, Meredith!! Julia is a very talented woman.


    I received this for my birthday. Absolutely loved it. Thanks for the video.


    Great review Meredith and I love the video! This looks like such a wonderful book and it’s on my wish list which is unfortunately even longer than my TBR list. Oh for unlimited time and money .


    Such a beautiful book! So glad you liked it, Meredith. Loved the review and the video!


    Love your review Meredith and the video was fabulous! I absolutely love my copy and also hope we one day get the interior too! Ms. Grantham did an amazing job!


    Thank you for the video. The pictures in the book look amazing. This is definitely going on my wish list!


    I have this book. It’s beautiful!


    What a wonderful book!



    The video was lovely–I enjoyed how some of the drawings were done by “Elizabeth Darcy”–so beautifully done!! Thank you for sharing, Meredith!


    Your video says it all. I have always appreciated your videos, Meredith.


    Delightful, thanks for sharing the video with us.


    Thank you Meredith! It’s such a lovely guide! And what a good idea the video! . I love it has watercolors 😉


    I’m so glad you chose to do a show and tell for this one. I was curious what the illustration would be like. It’s gorgeous. And was that Joana and Mira in the back? 😉

    Definitely want this one.


    Thanks for the great review and video…the video really was helpful. Moving this book up on my wish list.


    The illustrations are the quintessential back drop for the beautifully written description of Pemberley. You can feel the breeze in the garden and smell the the flowers. It just needs the music to play in the background for the full effect!!


    Dear Meredith, thank you so much for a wonderful review and such a tastefully and beautifully created video! I am very touched. So glad you liked the book. I really appreciate your good opinion. Love, Julia xxx


      Thank you so much for sharing your incredible find with us, Julia! What a wonderful way to visit Pemberley! I’m so happy to have a copy of this truly lovely book!


    Looks lovely…definitely need this in hard cover…what a treasure. Now I want to watch the movie again. Thank you for sharing.


    Meredith, Thank you for sharing. The video was a perfect way to entice this adoring fan.


    This is indeed a book to treasure. I know I will mine! Your video was just lovely Meredith but even so, anything on a screen simply doesn’t do the book justice. The only word I can think to describe it is…..sumptuous. From the cover, to the gorgeous pictures and even the feel of the paper, it makes for one glorious package. Anyone who’s hesitating, don’t!


    Beautiful book. Thank you so much for doing that lovely video.

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