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What If Mr. Collins Was Incredibly Handsome?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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In A Most Handsome Gentleman, author Suzan Lauder shines a spotlight of the boorish and ridiculous Mr. Collins…and by “shines a spotlight” I mean she gives him an incredible make over…and now he is gorgeous (ahem. On the outside.) With his tall height, broad shoulders, perfect physique, appealing features, and graceful comportment, Mr. Collins’s physical attributes are more arresting than any other male characters’ in Pride and Prejudice. And doesn’t he know it! Mr. Collins was full of pompous conceit before, but now since he über attractive he acts like he is God’s gift to humanity. *rolls eyes*

While the whole of Meryton and Elizabeth’s family are entranced by Mr. Collins’ startling and alluring good looks, the charm of his outward beauty begins to fade on Elizabeth Bennet as she hears more and more of the arrogant and narcissistic nonsense he spouts. His elevated opinions of himself, his social standing, and his prospects, leads Mr. Collins to stubbornly insist on pursuing his settled choice of Jane Bennet as his future bride, even after Mrs. Bennet gentle tries to divert his attentions elsewhere. What will Mr. Bingley say?

What a cheeky and playful comedy of errors! I loved the HOT Collins twist in this premise. Even though the package is more enticing on the outside, this Mr. Collins is all the more rude and insulting so he didn’t rise in my estimation at all (but I don’t really think he was supposed to).  With Mr. Collins as one of the central characters of this tale, he was more prominently featured.  And so were his pompous speeches, which while hilarious and infuriating sometimes felt repetitive.  But Darcy fans need not fear, Mr. Darcy gets plenty of page-time in the second half of the book, and he is everything that is adorable and admirable!

I loved seeing Mr. Bingley face a little bit of competition for Jane in this variation, and it might be a slight spoiler for me to say (but I will anyway) that his actions made me proud! #TeamBingley Another element of the story I greatly enjoyed was the altered dynamic between Darcy and Elizabeth. Elizabeth is very aware of Mr. Darcy’s attractive physique and features, and I like that she is noticing and counting the times she can make Mr. Darcy display his illusive smile. It was sweet to see Darcy and Elizabeth begin to understand each other earlier on in the story.

In this story there is a lot of focus on appearance and how a person’s physical appearance can alter the behaviors and opinions of others. Ms. Lauder compliments this focus by providing detailed and vivid descriptions of each character’s appearance – their physical attributes and their attire. I enjoyed seeing the detailed descriptions of each characters attire including what articles of clothing worn, the color, and type of fabric. It made it so easy to picture these characters in my mind. I know Regency clothing is a passion and interest of the author, so this was a very clever and fitting way to share her extensive knowledge on the subject.

It delighted me to see Darcy and Elizabeth and all the beloved characters from Pride and Prejudice in this farcical romp by Suzan Lauder! This diverting novella is a wonderful choice for readers looking for a merry and light read! 😉

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  16 Responses to “A Most Handsome Gentleman – Suzan Lauder”


    Lovely review Meredith and I plan to read this one at some point this year!!! I love the cover art on this book! Janet T. did a fabulous job!


    I too loved that Darcy and Elizabeth appreciated each other earlier and that Elizabeth was the woman to first see the errors in Mr Collins’ character. Great book!


    I dropped the ball. I remember when this one released and I said I just had to read it. I haven’t yet. LOL

    You have me so sorry that I put it off. Loved your review, Meredith!


      Thanks, Sophia! I bet you would easily be able to read this one in one day – might be a nice one to pick up after you read something long and a little heavy! 🙂 Hope you get the chance to read it soon!


    I’m honoured to achieve such a very positively-worded review, Meredith. I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as you. Thanks!


      Thank you so much for checking out my review, Suzan and for so kindly giving me the opportunity to read this lovely work! I did enjoy this story a lot!! I can’t wait to see what you do next!


    I loved this story… it was an absolute hoot. Collins was so ridiculous that it was hard to believe him. He thought so highly of himself. I loved it. Thanks for this delightful review.


      He was sure in love with himself! It is crazy to see how a person’s looks could impact them so greatly! Thanks for checking out my review! I’m so glad to hear you loved this story!


    What a wonderful review, this book had not gotten my attention before. But it certainly has now 🙂


    This book was a fun romp. It was so funny at points and #hotCollins was a piece of work. LOL Great review.


    I also read and enjoyed this…and posted a review. Not difficult to imagine this as you read. Great review.


    This is one of those 20+ books on my TBR list I mentioned on your 2017 P&P list, Meredith. Sounds as though I should get to it sooner rather than later!

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