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Duty, Danger, and Family Drama

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Having read and adored all of Pamela Lynne’s previously published novels (see here for proof), I was elated to learn that she was working on a traditional Regency Romance series. A series that would tell the emotional and turbulent tales of three men from the Granville family and the women who love them. As a reader who loves traditional Regency Romances and on who has great affection for Pamela Lynne’s original character, Viscount Hedley, I was very excited and eager to read a series that includes a whole cast of original characters.

Surrendering the Past, the first book of The Granville Legacy Series, introduces all three Granville men and gives a bit of history on each of their lives, but focuses mostly on Captain Richard Granville. Captain Granville is the second son of the Earl of Litchfield, and their relationship is strained and filled with resentment and mistrust. While he is on leave from the army, the Earl of Litchfield summons Captain Granville to his side in order to announce his upcoming nuptials to an unknown beauty without a fortune. Who is this angel and what duty compels her to marry the evil Earl of Litchfield?

The earl’s betrothed is none other than the beautiful and kind-hearted Jane Dawson eldest daughter in the Dawson family. She posses no dowry, is especially close to her younger and more outspoken sister, and has mother who behaves a little vulgar in public (sounds a little familiar, right?) Because of her unselfish nature and duty to her family, Jane Dawson agrees to the Earl of Litchfield’s marriage proposal. Even though he is more than twice her age. Even though his behavior is sometimes controlling and menacing. Even though she feels the beginning of a connection with the Earl’s younger son. Jane must honor her promises…

What a splendidly gripping introduction to the Granville family! I loved all the characters introduced (especially the men!), and I greatly enjoyed the complex personalities and challenges Ms. Lynne bestowed on each one of her characters. Not only with our brave hero and worthy heroine, but with the supporting cast as well (which I believe will be featured more in the next installments of this series). Alongside Captain Granville and Jane Dawson, readers will encounter Julian Hale (Captain Granville’s brooding cousin that has eschewed society these past couple of years), Wesley Granville (Captain Granville’s older brother who dutifully follows his father’s every wish but may have some secrets of his own), Amy Dawson (Jane’s younger sister who isn’t afraid to speak her mind), and Lady Rachel Blanchard (neighbor and friend to the Granville brothers who tragically lost her betrothed a few years back). And to top it all off, Pamela Lynne creates a most vile, dangerous, and heartless antagonist with her creation of the Earl of Litchfield.  Such a baddy! 

Not only are there well-drawn characters in this tale, but a lot of riveting action too! As the events build up to the story’s climax and resolution the pacing escalates as well. It is such a gripping tale and with all the surprising twists that take place along the way, I wouldn’t have minded if this story was fifty pages longer to give these events more time to progress and develop. At 147 pages, felt more like a novella than a novel.

Mistrust and mistakes, danger and deceit, sacrifice and secrets – the Granville family is filled with enthralling drama and adventure! Even though this installment ends with a satisfying resolution, there are hints that there is more angst and drama in store for the Granville men! I, for one, cannot wait to spend some more time these engaging and worthy characters! Highly anticipating the publication of Book 2: Redeeming the Past!

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  20 Responses to “Surrendering the Past – Pamela Lynne”


    On my tablet ready to be read


    I can’t wait to dig into this story! All of Pamela Lynn’s tales are great!


    I loved this story even though it wasn’t about Darcy. I really got into the characters and am eagerly awaiting book two!


    I really enjoyed this book and I am also anxiously awaiting book two. I read this while I was on vacation and had the time to just savor it.


    Thanks so much for your review. I, too, love Pamela’s writing!


    I have this in my TBR pile and am glad to read this review. Thanks for letting me know what to expect. Well done Meredith.


    Oh my this sounds wonderful!!


    Your review was spot on! I absolutely loved this traditional Regency romance!!! I too am looking forward to book 2 and I’m sure another amazing cover to go with the the tale!


    I thought this was pretty fantastic, too, and left me definitely wanting more.


    I was really looking forward to your review, Meredith. It’s gotten some great promo and ratings from other JAFF writers and it’s been on my TBR stack now for (shame on me) a couple months. This is what happens when you purchase a slew of books at one time, whether on sale or for a certain charitable event. Lots of fun but, then you are a little overwhelmed with the abundance of riches. 😀 Anyway. Wonderful review. It’s going to the top of the stack. I can’t wait.


    Great review for an awesome author – and still one of my all time favourite Historical Fiction covers. I haven’t delved into the Granville Legacy series yet but it’s working its way up my TBR list and I can’t wait. Thanks for reviewing!

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