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‘Tis the season to shop for All. The. Jane. Austen. Things!

Looking for some gift ideas inspired by Jane Austen?  We got you covered!

I just loooooooooove Jane Austen-inspired items.  It is so much fun to celebrate your love for Jane Austen in other areas of your life, isn’t it?

Here is a list of my favorite Jane Austen inspired gifts for 2017!


~ For the Janeite who improves her mind with extensive reading… ~

1. Jane and Me: My Austen Heritage by Caroline Jane Knight – $39.99 (hardcover) from A memoir by Caroline Jane Knight about growing up related to Jane Austen and living in the Chawton Great House.


2. Jane Austen: The Chawton Letters by Kathryn Sutherland – $19.46 from A brand new edited collection!


3. Mr. Darcy’s Guide to Pemberley by J. B. Grantham – $42.00 from A stunning visual feast and a limited edition.


4. Jane Austen Bookmark Set – $15.00 from TagTeamTompkins These go perfectly with some Austenesque reads!


5. Pride and Prejudice Magnetic Bookmark Set – $11.75 from LittleMissPinkerBell Seriously adorbs, right?



~ For the Janeite who writes uncommonly fast…~

6. Literary Stationary Sets: Jane Austen by Insight Editions – $22.84 from Such a pretty color palette and style!


7. Jane Austen Journal by Abrams Noterie and Anita Rundles – $16.48 from The quote makes for an excellent mantra!


8. Jane Austen Notebook by Abrams Noterie and Anita Rundles – $10.66 from A perfect place for your scribblings!


9. Jane Austen Notecards by Abrams Noterie and Anita Rundles – $15.76 from Love the quote!


10. Exclusive Jane Austen Pen: Box and Quote Inscribed – $5.54 from The Jane Austen Centre To help you write charming long letters with an even hand.



~ For the Janeite who likes to wear her heart…or her love of reading Jane Austen on her sleeve… ~

11. Jane Austen Dictionary Leggings from – $44.99 from Buddha Girls Nerdy and Jane Austen!


12. Jane Austen Pajamas – $28.87 from The Jane Austen Centre When you need a few winks of sleep.


13. Pride and Prejudice Women’s T-shirt – $30 from Out of Print Isn’t the style stunning?


14. Pride and Prejudice Flowy Long Sleeve Tee – $35 from Thornfield Hall One of my favorite quotes, by one of my least favorite people! 😉 


15. Miniature Book Earrings: Jane Austen Set – $25.79 from SilverFoxCraft Love book spines!!



~ For the Janeite who enjoys the comforts of home… ~

16. 2018 Besotted Calendar – $10 (pre-order price) from Janet Taylor (JT Originals) I enjoy Janet’s calendar every year and love that this years’ is kissing scenes! (email to pre-order)


17. Exclusive Jane Austen Purse: Pride and Prejudice Peacock Design – $22.21 from The Jane Austen Centre  A place to keep your pounds of pewter!


18. Exclusive Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen Blanket/Throw – $33.31 from The Jane Austen Centre To keep you warm during your stay in a drafty old abbey!



19. I Dream of Darcy! Exclusive Mr. Darcy Pillowcase – $14.45 from The Jane Austen Centre Who wouldn’t want sweet dreams of Mr. Darcy?!?


20. Jane Austen Book Phone Case – $29.00 from ChickLitDesigns I’ve never had a wallet case before, these adorable designs may persuade me to give one a try!

21. Lively Lines by Jane Austen – $25.00 from Uncommon Goods This poster is called Sentence and Sensibility and it looks awesome, Jane Austen quotes sorted by theme.


22. Pemberley Ornament – $4.98 from Blas Bleu Yes!  Mr. and Mrs. Darcy in front of Pemberley!!


23. Pemberley Soy Candle – $11.99 from FromthePage  Make your home smell like Pemberley!



24. Pride and Prejudice Umbrella – $39.98 from Literati Club  Don’t be like Marianne and get caught in the rain!



~ For the Janeite who enjoys innocent diversions… ~

25. Jane Austen Playing Cards – $12 from Jane Austen Playing Cards (available for pre-order)  These cards are stunning even if you aren’t a professed card-player.


26. Pride and Prejudice Peacock Puzzle – $4.98 from Blas Bleu  I imagine this would be very challenging but fun!



~ For the Janeite who delights in receiving parcels in the mail… ~

27. Pembertea Subscription Box – $35 from Pembertea Aren’t surprises delightful?  I love seeing what lovely Jane Austen items come in my Pembertea box each month!



Hope this list was helpful!!!  

Let me know what items catch your fancy and I’ll be sure to look for more in my searches!

…Or maybe I’ll choose it as a prize in a future giveaway!!! 😀


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  35 Responses to “A Jane Austen Holiday Wishlist 2017!!!”


    Great list, Meredith! Thank you for sharing these awesome JA gifts. Hope your season is merry and bright!


    I love this list! Lots of great ideas. Thank you for compiling it for all of us.


    Hope you and yours had great Thanksgiving! Fabulous gift list! So many wonderful things to choose from! I love the ornament, the pajamas, the peacock shirt…I could go on and on. Of all on the list, I should be receiving my card pack sometime in the near future! Thank you for finding these wonderful items!


      Thank you, Carole! We did, lots of laughs and fun! 😉 Hope you enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving yourself a month back! 😉 I was excited to see so many new items come out this year! I’m glad you found some that caught your eye!


    Geez, Meredith! I’ve been telling everyone I want just another brick in the wall to support Chawton Great House fundraiser #BrickbyBrick but you do offer many tempting stocking stuffers!


      Such a thoughtful and selfless idea, Christina! I love it! I appreciate you sharing, am going to check it out now! 😉 Hope you get what you are asking for and some surprises in your stocking!


    Love those pajamas! And I can see the pillowcase being a very big seller! You’ve found some really good stuff this year, Meredith.


    Great list – thank you for your search and then sharing them with us.


    Wow some fabulous stuff there Meredith!! Now how to choose one 🙂


    Some of these are on my Christmas list!
    I’m defintiely on the hunt for some Pride and Prejudice Christmas ornaments! The Pemberley one is beautiful! ❤️


    Thanks for sharing the wonderful gift ideas! Happy holidays!


    I love this post! It makes me dream!
    Some items catch my eye and heart : “Mr Darcy’s guide to Pemberley “, the bookmarks, the umbrella, the literary stationary sets and the Pembertea subscription box 🙂
    Thanks for this wonderful post!


    Wow!! I am always amazed at the neat things that people find that are related to Jane Austen. What fun. I’ll keep my eyes open and see if I find anything out there Austen related.


    Can I just snitch your wish list here, Meredith? LOL This is great. 🙂


    How beautiful! Can’t pick a favourite! LOL!


    Excellent list! But I hope you don’t catch too much grief for describing your sister-in-law as one of your least favorite people, Mrs. Bingley!


    Loved this list!!! I also enjoy my Pembertea box each month to see which goodies I get 🙂


    I think Mr Bingley now knows what to give you for Christmas! XD


    I think Mr Bingley now knows what to give you for Christmas!


    Meredith I was going to do a similar post to this one as I absolutely love Jane Austen related products, but I didn’t find as many cool things as you did! I will definitely buy some of the things on your list!!! Thank you so much for putting this together for us 🙂


    fabulous list! my friend David has a few things–wine charms and coasters–on his etsy site.



    So many gorgeous Austen goodies!!! Love them all, so beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us Meredith, what fabulous finds.


    I picked up some wonderful gifts for fellow Jane Austen friends this year. So many goodies and so little time to decide what will be gifted to whom!


    This is my new Christmas list! Thanks for finding all of these amazing Austenesque gifts! 🙂

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