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6 Heartwarming Stories in this Bountiful Harvest!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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I am so grateful that there is a Holidays with Jane anthology that celebrates Thanksgiving! What a great holiday to feature! There are six short stories in this anthology (one for each Jane Austen novel) and each story takes place in present-day. All things autumnal, cozy, and spiced are featured in this charming collection!

I hope you find this breakdown helpful!


  • The Premise: Dr. Anne Elliot has an important career decision to make during her Thanksgiving break. But her plans for quality time with her family are destroyed when she discovers an ex-boyfriend (that she terribly regrets breaking up with) is invited to her sister’s house for dinner!

  • What I Loved: That Anne was at a crossroads similar to the one she experienced when dating Patrick before medical school. I also loved the flashbacks to Anne’s and Patrick’s steamy summer interlude and their palpable chemistry. However, I did wish the present-day story moved a little slower.


  • The Premise: Kate is spending Thanksgiving Break with her…boyfriend? (not sure, no labels yet) and meeting his family the first time. But with the tense atmosphere and cold formality coming from Henry’s politician mother, Cate doesn’t experience the warmest of welcomes…
  • What I Loved: That this story began right in the thick of it with Kate and Henry already a couple. I loved that Henry’s strict parent was a matriarch (and not patriarch) and that the whole “suspecting-the-parent-of-something-terrible” incident was refreshingly different! The flashbacks were lovely and Henry’s sweet banter with Kate gave me all sorts of warm fuzzies. One of my faves!


  • The Premise: Even after having her heart broken, Marianne vows that Will was her “once-in-a-lifetime-love.” But little does she know that her quiet next door neighbor Brandon Collins is hoping she will give him a chance…
  • What I Loved: I <3 Marianne and Brandon stories! I enjoyed seeing a lot of Brandon’s thoughts throughout his encounters with Marianne. I love how Marianne was focused on matchmaking her sister with Edward (partly as a distraction from her own heartache), and how Brandon stepped in to give her some needed advice. Yay for Brandon!


  • The Premise: Even though Harriet knows her sister Emma means well with her meddling and pushy ways, she has had enough. During her trip home for Thanksgiving this year, Harriet finally has the chance to turn the tables a little…
  • What I Loved: It’s a Harriet/Robert Martin story – how unique!!! And what a unique switch to see Harriet as Emma’s adopted sister. I loved the friends-to-lovers evolution between Harriet and Martin, how Harriet only faked being ditzy,

    Pretty sure the giant Jenga might be a nod to TBBT. 😉

    the clever enterprise Mr. Woodhouse co-owns with Dr. Perry, and, last but not least…GIANT JENGA! Yasssss! One of my faves!

MELANIE PERCEIVED – Rebecca M. Fleming

  • The Premise: Melanie and Eddie have been neighbors and best-of-friends for over a decade. And while Melanie wished their relationship would develop into something more, it looks like Eddie has never thought of her in that way…
  • What I Loved: College life, campus newspaper, photography, football – I really liked the theme and setting of this story. I appreciated how Melanie wasn’t timid and shy, and instead stood up for herself. Also, I loved Melanie’s relationship with the football-loving, kind-hearted ‘Grampa Jamie’.


  • The Premise: Two rivaling construction businesses are asked to share the honor of hosting the annual All-Town Thanksgiving Feast. The teams from Bennet Homes and Pemberley Estates find it a little challenging to work together and blend their different styles…
  • What I Loved: Witnessing all the planning sessions and menu preparations for the big day. It is heartwarming to see a community work like this to celebrate Thanksgiving together. I enjoyed how both Jane and Elizabeth are very involved with their family business, and also have dreams of other types of career paths. However, I thought the Lydia/Wickham incident felt a little implausible.


I’m continuously amazed by all the unique and clever directions these authors take with Jane Austen’s characters, and how they can skillfully construct a fulfilling and satisfying tale into such a compact story. These Thanksgiving tales are as vibrant as the changing leaves, as warm as your favorite flannel, and as sweet as some hot apple pie! I highly recommend!

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  25 Responses to “Holidays with Jane: Thankful Hearts – Jennifer Becton, Melissa Buell, Rebecca Fleming, Cecilia Gray, Jessica Grey, and Nancy Kelley + GIVEAWAY!!!”


    Thank you for the break down, this seem to be an interesting collection of modern day short stories, and adaptations/ versions of Austen’s original characters and themes.


    Giant Jenga! It was totally a TBBT reference! 😀 I’m so excited that you noticed, and thank you for the review.


    I love how you discuss each story. So fun. I love this series. I am adding to my TBR pile.
    Becky B


    Wonderful review. I really enjoy how you talk about each individual story and what you loved about each one.


    I’m not usually a short story person, but the way in which you broke down each of the stories makes me really want to read them!! Thank you for such a lovely and detailed review, Meredith, and I’m definitely hoping to win either the e-book or the print edition of this collection!!

    Susanne 🙂


    Lovely review and I have this one on my wishlist! I enjoy these short story anthologies as they allow you a little comfort when life is busy.


    Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday as there are no expectations, and it is about family and friends. I cannot imagine anything more wonderful than curling up and reading a story about our beloved Jane Austen’s characters. Truly, they are my friends. I am not a Black Friday shopper so these short stories will fit the Thanksgiving week perfectly. Thank you for the giveaway.


    Ah yes, this does sound like a fab fall treat. I’ve only read one antho from the series and adored it- need to get a move on, I see.

    Great review, Meredith!


    Thank you so much, Meredith! I love the Brandon/Marianne relationship, and setting it in my favourite season was a treat.


    I always trust your reviews as I find that in reading the same books our opinions usually match up and I like how you also list what you didn’t like. So…great review. Thanks for a chance to win…as I have not read this one.


    These stories all sound lovely! Thanks for the review and giveaway 🙂


    This book sounds wonderful, a great review that makes me rather curious 🙂


    SO enjoyed HOLIDAYS WITH JANE: CHRISTMAS CHEER; would love to explore how your team explore THANKFUL HEARTS


    Your review is beautifully written, Meredith. Short and concise to the point. I’m not one to celebrate Thanksgiving but I do love the food associated with it (stuffed turkeys with cranberry dressing, mash potatoes, etc). Hope I get the chance to read this book.


    I love this kind of anthologies, too bad I missed the giveaway!

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