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Hi readers, I hope everyone had a wonderful November!  Can you believe how fast it went?!? For me, it felt extra fast with 3 family birthdays, traveling to 2 of Mr, Bingley’s gigs out of town, a mini-break out of state, and Thanksgiving at our house! But through it all, I had some fabulous reads to help keep me sane!  Speaking of fabulous reads, did you happen to see all the Austenesque books published this last month?  If not, have no fear!

Here’s a list of Austenesque Novel Finds for November 2017 for your perusing pleasure!

*This is a list of books published, not my personal recommendations.


Austenesque Novel Finds – November 2017

A Marriage of Convenience: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Andrea A. Lawrence

A Very Austen Christmas by Robin Helm, Laura Hile, Wendi Sotis, and Barbara Cornthwaite

All the Things I Know by Audrey Ryan

Ardour and Affection: A Pride and Prejudice Intimate – Variation by Laura Maybrick

Arranged To Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice Regency Variation by Rebecca Preston

Artifice and Attraction: A Darcy and Elizabeth Pride and Prejudice Variation by Maddie Rowden

Becoming Entangled: A Pride and Prejudice Novella (A Dash of Darcy of Darcy Companion Stories) by Leenie Brown

Come to Me: A Pride and Prejudice Sequel (A Song of Songs Book 2) by Rachel Elizabeth


Compromising Situations: A Pride and Prejudice Variation of three stories by Sharon E. Garrison

Dangerous to Know: Jane Austen’s Rakes & Gentlemen Rogues Edited by Christina Boyd

Darcy and Lizzy’s Cornish Adventure: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Lindsay Beaudine

Darcy’s Sweet Repose: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Cass Grix

Death at the Netherfield Park Ball (A Sherlock Holmes and Elizabeth Bennet Mystery) by Amelia Littlewood

Dirty Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice Billionaire Bad Boy Romance by Alexis Angel

Falling for Elizabeth Bennet, A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Debra-Anne Kummoung

In Darcy’s Debt: A Pride & Prejudice Variation by Gwendolyn Dash


Jane Austen Celebrates: Holidays and Occasions Regency Style by Lindy Bell

Jane Austen: The Chawton Letters by Kathryn Sutherland

Jewels on the Water: A Song of Songs (Volume 1) by Rachel Elizabeth

Lies Jane Austen Told Me: A Proper Romance by Julie Wright

Lizzy and the Lord of Frogs: A Pride and Prejudice Fairy Tale Mash-up by Lady Waller

Losing Longbourn: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Shay St. Germain

Mothers Know Best: A Pride and Prejudice Variation Romance by Iris Lim

Mr Darcy’s Christmas Carol: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Meg Osborne

Murder at Netherfield: A Pride and Prejudice Mystery by Diane Bryton

One Good Sort of Man: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Mechelle Renee

Pemberley in Waiting by Linda Sawley

Presumption and Partiality (Vintage Jane Austen Book 5) by Rebekah Jones

Pride and Prejudice and the Parsha by C. C. Ford


Real: A Pride and Prejudice Variation Romance by Iris Lim

Second Son: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Cherith Boardman

The Austen Escape by Katherine Reay

The Darcy’s Hope Saga (Great War Romance Vol I & II) by Ginger Monette

The Death of Mr Darcy: a novel ((Rough & Uncut)) by Roisin Cross

The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen: Volume III by Collins Hemingway

The Misbegotten Girl: A Pride and Prejudice Variation- Novella by Mary Jane Ballew

The Mistress of Pemberley: An Erotic Pride & Prejudice Sequel by Delaney Jane


The Mystery of the Indian Diadem (A Sherlock Holmes and Elizabeth Bennet Mystery) by Amelia Littlewood

To Find Elizabeth Bennet by Melanie Schertz

Truly Madly Darcy (A Pride and Prejudice Variation) by Kate Bedlow

Unlikely Allies: A Darcy & Elizabeth Pride and Prejudice Variation by Diana Enright

And here are some shorter Austenesque inspired works for your perusing pleasure!

A Twist at Lambton: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Laura MacGrave

An Unexpected Honeymoon: A Pride and Prejudice Sensual Variation by Jane Hunter

Her Husband’s Affection: A Darcy & Elizabeth Pride & Prejudice Sensual Intimate Variation (After the Wedding) by Cora Aston

I Smell Trouble: a Humorous Pride and Prejudice Tale by Jadie Brooks

In Darcy’s Arms: Three Pride and Prejudice Intimate Variations by Gwen Avery, Penelope Miller, and Adaline Williams

In My Heart: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Madeline Kennet

Mr. Collins’s Revenge by Brian Egan

Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Present: The Madness of Mr. Darcy Continues by Alexa Adams

Mr. Darcy’s Darkness: a steamy Pride & Prejudice variation romance by JL Pearl

Pride and Prejudice and Thanksgiving Love: An Erotic Variation by G. Scott Gray

Pursued by Mr. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Sensually Romantic Short Story (Sensual Romantic Short Stories Book 3) by Gwen Avery

The Unwilling Mistress of Longbourn (Pride and Prejudice variation Book 1) by Elizabeth Hopkins


Doesn’t feel like Christmas has come early? There are 52 new Austenesque releases for the month of November!

There are so many to choose from!  Which ones do you want to read?

I have read 2 (technically 3) lovely books from this list – Dangerous to Know, The Austen Escape, and The Darcy’s Hope Saga.  And I know I’ll be reading A Very Austen Christmas and Lies Jane Austen Told Me soon.  But I’m adding several others to my wishlist…you know Christmas is just around the corner! 😉

If you have any recommendations, please do share them!  With so many new authors coming onto the scene, it is always helpful to hear which ones my friends recommend!


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  31 Responses to “Austenesque Novel Finds – November 2017”


    Wow! Fabulous. Thank you very much Meredith. It was my birthday last week and I went to Dublin which is in Ireland. Had a lovely time


    I love all your lists! It’s an honor to be singled out when there is so much every month to choose from. Thank you. We were thrilled/relieved that you loved our #RakesAndGentlemenRogues so well. I hope you get all on your wish list…you must surely be on Santa’s NICE list!


      Thanks, Christina! Thank you so much for making and putting together Dangerous to Know, I love it so much!! I hope you get lots of lovelies under your Christmas tree, my friend!


    Wow! Meredith… thank you for showing us this list. You are awesome. I’ve read a few and have looked at others and didn’t know about the rest. I need to check out this list. There is always room for another book on the shelf.


    Oh goodness me! Well I have read the fabulous Dangerous to Know! Hmmm. I also have a few on my wish list but as for the rest I’d better start checking.
    I have many many books on my TBR and a list of books to buy next to add to my TBR. No doubt there will be some more in this list.
    Thank you so much for taking the trouble to do this every month Meredith.


      No trouble at all, Glynis! I enjoy making lists and learning about so many new Austenesque books! A lot of the books on this list wouldn’t cross my path if I didn’t go hunting for them on amazon! 😉


    I’m overwhelmed! Thanks so much for the listings!


    As always I am astonished at the number of new books/tales. I shall never catch up. 🙂


    I loved “second son”. It was unique with a plot I have never seen before and very emotional. A box of tissue paper might come in handy if you are a watering pot like me… Adored this Darcy and Elizabeth and it follows them from childhood (Darcy’s childhood as a second son was heart-wrenching) to their deaths. Heartily recommend!!!
    I also loved “artifice and attraction”. A quiet book in the sense that it was low angst and absolutely free of ridiculous misunderstandings (which I found refreshing). I was so bewitched by this book that had thoughtfulness and a warmth to it that I loved. ODC meet at Almacks, Darcy is wife hunting but not expecting a love match. Elizabeth must choose wisely as her father is ill. A marriage of convenience that could have been the perfect match if they had not been hiding their true feelings… Heartily recommend!!!

    As you, I have read DTK, a clear 5* I think and several of the other books but the 2 above and DTK are the ones that I would say are must reads. Saw several on your list that I have not read that intrigued me so the list my alter when I have read those…

    Thank you for sharing, I would have missed out on probably half of the books this month if not for your list.


      Thank you so much for sharing, Elin! Both Second Son and Artifice and Attraction are by authors I’ve not read before so I definitely appreciate hearing that you enjoyed these two stories and recommend them highly! I do love hearing about these character’s childhoods and seeing Darcy as a second son is an interesting twist! 🙂

      I’m glad you found the list helpful, happy reading!!!


    What a list,Meredith!!
    The only book I’ve read is Ginger Monette’s ‘The Darcy’s Hope Saga’,compromising of two books which I heartily recommend!!
    Happy reading! ☕️


    Bumper crop this month! As always, thank you for taking the time to compile these lists and link all the titles. You’re very kind to us.


    I am interested in the mystery books but not if Darcy/Elizabeth are the main characters


    Whew! Lots there to choose from. I’ve got two on the TBR pile- The Austen Escape and A Very Austen Christmas and I’ve read Ginger Monette’s duo. I see a few more though…

    Thanks for the list, Meredith!


    Last year we were averaging 30 new books a month and now it’s over 50. Wow. Hard to read them all. I hope readers post reviews to help each other (and reviewers like Meredith) get better direction on what to read first! As always, thanks for the list, Meredith.


      Suzan, you have pull. You should twist Meredith’s arm, um I mean entice Meredith to poll the group to find out what they most want out of a review. Just saying…


        My pull is as good as any other commenter here–Meredith loves us all equally!

        I adore Meredith’s reviews. It’s just choosing which books to read and review that’s tough for her. For authors new to her, she relies somewhat on what’s been reviewed on Amazon. That’s why we all have to chip in and review–as a JAFF author, it’s a conflict of interest for me, of course.


          Ah, you are so right about our dear Meredith, Susan. Thank you for the insights your comment gave me. It would indeed be tough for an author to choose which books to review, or not. I hate crushing other’s feelings. My first reviews were awful, and that made me feel awful. I decided if I couldn’t do a sincere compliment I wasn’t going to review at all. I just can’t take the guilt unless the writing is so egregious I just can’t let it go. But I almost always let others do the dirty work for me. On the other hand I have a few writers whose stories I adore!!! but whose editing is so deplorable I want to tear my hair out. Well, if I still purchase their books, I guess I’ve overlooked the editing, haven’t I?


    I have The Darcy’s hope saga and I heartily recommend it!


    Oh no, tell me it can’t be, it’s not already, oh good gravy….it’s ‘LIST TIME,’ (I mean the end of the month.) I really was taken off guard this time. Like Elin Eriksen said, I too would’ve missed out on a great many of these if it weren’t for your lists. (Some I can afford to miss.) Golly, so many new names.

    Can you multiply yourself, Meredith? That might help if we could get even more top shelf reviews like yours. But I certainly couldn’t ask anything more of little ol’ You! You’ve accomplished so much this year and always make it fresh each time. Here I go increasing the Wish List.


    Thank you for including A Very Austen Christmas on your list, Merry. We are exciting about being on Austenesque Reviews in December!


    Meredith, I am shaking my head at the sheer volume of new titles. Amazing! Your lists definitely help me keep abreast of the genre.

    I will be on the watch for your review of Lies Jane Austen Told Me, as it sounds really good. Thank you, too, for including A Very Austen Christmas in your lineup. We smilingly call it “the book that friendship built.” I hope you enjoy it.


    I have read Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Present, Dangerous to Know and A Very Austen Christmas – all excellent/5 stars from me. Thanks for your hard work in compiling your lists…again.


    I am very grateful for your lists.

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