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A Compassionate and Compelling Tale of Conquering the Past

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Sequel, Minor Character

TIME FRAME: Takes place four years after Particular Intentions, Georgiana is 20 years of age

SERIES: Book 2 of 2 in the Particular Intentions Series (while stand alone, I would recommend reading Particular Intentions first to enhance enjoyment and understanding)

SYNOPSIS: It has been five years since Ramsgate and Georgiana Darcy has still not made her debut. Because of what transpired with Wickham (which is sadly much worse than what happens in P&P), Georgiana has decided to eschew London society and has determined that she will not marry. Ever. But in order to spend the holidays with her brother’s family, Georgiana has decided to return to London after all this time. Georgiana’s time in London begins pleasant enough, but she soon encounters some people from her past – a childhood playmate whom she always found insufferable and a person guilty of causing her great harm and suffering… Will Georgiana overcome her past? Will her secrets cause her ruin?


  • A Journey of Moving Forward: Brava to Ms. Diamond for telling this story and featuring the continued emotional evolution of Georgiana after such an experience.  Georgiana’s resignation to remain unmarried and her feelings of unsuitability are understandable. Her story illustrates how even though there is progress and healing, the past can still have power over you – no matter how many years go by.  I greatly admire Ms. Diamond’s sensitivity and compassion in her projection of Georgiana’s feelings and evolution throughout the entirety of this series.
  • Nathaniel Howard, Lord Sele: Oh my! How I fell hard for Nathaniel Howard in this tale! He is the perfect foil for Georgiana’s plans to never marry! He has chosen her for his future bride when he was twelve years old. And while Georgiana believes he said it just to provoke her, he truly meant it and has no thought of relinquishing his dream. Even if all Georgiana can promise him is her friendship! *sigh* I adore Nathaniel – I love his gentleness with Georgiana, his persistence (ahem…impatience!), and his boyish charm! His long-term devotion to Georgiana and his adorable ways of nudging her to open up to him completely had me undone. Definitely one of my favorite original Austenesque heroes!
  • An Unlikely Friendship: I’ve often seen Georgiana develop close friendships with Kitty, Mary, and even Jane, but it is a rarer occurrence to see Georgiana become a bosom friend with Lydia Bennet! I loved witnessing the mature development of Lydia’s character in this story. Since her mother passed away a few years ago, she has grown more self-aware and has worked hard to improve her reputation. I thought it was sweet how she would treat Georgiana like a sister and want to share late-night confidences together. Her (no so gentle) prompting for Georgiana to let go the past was admirable, and I was glad to see that she still displayed some of her spirited proclivities (but only with family!)
  • Four Weddings But No Funerals: It was absolutely lovely to see some of the secondary characters in this story have their own happily-ever-afters! I loved learning bits about their marriages and seeing them interact with their spouses. Colonel Fitzwilliam is a riot! 😉


  • If anything, I might have preferred to see some more page time for Lydia and her suitor in the second half of this story (can you believe I just said that?!)


Particular Attachments truly is a commendable and praiseworthy sequel to Pride and Prejudice! As always, I enjoy stories that spotlight Georgiana and show her developing strength and achieving her own happiness, but I loved this story all the more, particularly, because it delves deep into Georgiana’s emotions and displays an inspiring journey of her healing. Beautifully done, Ms. Diamond!

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  35 Responses to “Particular Attachments – L.L. Diamond”


    What a wonderful review Meredith! I too loved this book (and Nathaniel!) His love and support of Georgiana were swoonworthy. Well worth five stars.


    Oh, Meredith… I love this review. I most definitely want to read this now… like now. Thanks for sharing with us. Where is my wish-list… ?? I must retrieve this book.


    I agree with EVERYTHING you said about this book, Meredith. Yes, even Lydia. I loved this Lydia. And yes (!) Nathanial Howard, swoon….. 😉 This was such a great Georgiana book. You didn’t mention the gorgeous cover, though. L.L. Diamond posted an article about her cover for that book on ‘A Covent Garden Gilflurt’s Guide to Life,’ and it was a fabulous read. It sent me down the proverbial rabbit hole researching the artist, Thomas Lawrence. That was dated Oct. 2, ’17.

    She is in my top 5 Austenesque fave authors…..which will need to expand soon to at least a top10 if we keep being blessed with these wonderful writers that have come along in the last few years. I feel so lucky.


      I’m so glad you liked the post at Covent Garden’s Guide to Life! I always write those things and worry that no one finds them interesting. It’s nice to know it got you researching. Thank you!!


      Woot woot, Michelle! I’m so glad! Nathaniel is all. the. things. <3 You are right, I am sorry I didn't mention the cover, was trying to keep my review under 700 words though! But it is one of the loveliest I've seen this year and I do adore it!! I'll have to look for Leslie's article. Thanks for sharing!!

      Yes, so many talented authors giving readers such skilled and inventive stories to enjoy! We are so fortunate!


    I agree entirely with this review as Leslie has done a remarkable job telling Georgiana’s story. A must read for anyone who loves JAFF, not just Georgiana’s viewpoint.


    Fabulous review, Meredith! I’ve just started reading it, and now I really can’t wait to pick it back up again! Those essays can wait to be graded, right? They aren’t going anywhere…. 😉


    Wow, Meredith! I need to open a bottle of wine and celebrate. I’m so overwhelmed and pleased that you enjoyed Particular Attachments so much. Nathaniel is definitely a sweetheart and I have had a difficult time leaving him behind. I absolutely adore him and it makes me so happy when others do too. Thanks a bunch for reading!!


      Thank you for writing this story, Leslie. I know it can’t be easy to write about these darker and sadder experiences life can have and I know it may not end up being everyone’s cup of tea, but I definitely do appreciate that stories of overcoming these hardships and sad pasts do exist. It truly was a special story for Georgiana and I’ve read my fair share of Georgiana stories. 😉 Nathaniel was so fantastic! How I love your original characters!! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!


    I loved this book. It was so well written and just wonderful to have Georgiana’s story told. 5***** for me too.


    I still need to start this series, but I love seeing your adoration for Georgiana’s story. And yes, it does have me perking right up to know that she and Lydia become friends. Nathaniel sounds fantastic.

    Great review, Meredith!


    Sounds remarkable. Nathaniel hmmm
    Thanks for reviewing.


    I was a beta for this story, and have been in love with Nathaniel for longer than the rest of you, so back off! Hahaha! Great review, Meredith. You really caught all the high points and made an excellent suggestion re: Lydia in the end. I’m lucky enough to have a hard copy and that cover is more beautiful in real life. Congratulations and best of luck with the book, Leslie.


      LOL! You have dibs, huh? 😉 We may have to duke it out then, Suzan. 😉 Thanks so much for reading my review, Suzan. I always appreciate your feedback and hearing what you thought of what I read. 🙂 The cover is mesmerizing! Well done!


      You crack me up, Suzan!! Nathaniel is definitely hard to pass, isn’t he? I did worry about him being a little too persistent, but I’m glad he wasn’t. He had to be more outgoing and have that boyish charm or he wouldn’t have gotten far with Georgiana. 🙂 Thanks for all your amazing help getting Georgiana and Nathaniel’s story readable!


    Great review, Meredith. I have to finish reading this.


    I too loved Leslie’s imaginings for Georgiana and Lydia! Yes, I agree about seeing more about Lydia and her beau! Maybe another sequel?????


    I am reading this right now. However, I must say that, like Lydia, I am growing weary of Georgiana and her “woe is me” attitude. She is not an intellectual, so she does not have the ready excuse of being unfashionable. She is even more ridiculous in her attitude toward Nathaniel. I mean, an animosity based on the teasing of 12-year olds. She is more than just childish! Modern psychiatry was just beginning in the United States at this time and she was not even severely ill, just continuing to blame herself over things that she could not control. To blame a child for her rape is a crime worth hanging in my opinion — and this includes members of her own family.


      Her reactions are very typical of the PTSD rape victims experience, including self-blame. You can google and get plenty of results. The author interviewed friends who had been raped to write the story.


      I don’t know…I had someone from my childhood that would provoke me on purpose and if I were to meet him again, I might be like Georgiana and hold onto some wariness/animosity around him at first. 😉 I agree with you about blame, that’s why I really appreciated how supportive Darcy, Elizabeth, and Colonel Fitzwilliam were in this tale. That was heartwarming to see.


        Thank you Meredith, for your reply on this comment. I was really surprised at the response. Perhaps with some more research into Regency England, the society the Darcy’s came from, and finishing the book a different response would’ve been completely different. But if you are predisposed to dislike the book from the get-go it wouldn’t happen anyway.

        Reading your responses over the years, I already know how diplomatic you are, and you must also be a calm and patient person too. You’ve been patient with me!! I was so taken aback by this one. I thought about it a great deal, though.

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