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Georgiana, Lady Catherine, and the London Season… πŸ˜‰

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Sequel, Minor Character

TIME FRAME: Around 4 years after the close of Pride and Prejudice


Lady Catherine, who lost her daughter Anne to consumption several years ago, has decided (now that she is out of deep mourning) to rejoin society and take part of the London Season. She has also decided that Georgiana should come with her and be launched into society because β€œno female in [her] family has married past their twenty-first year.” And since Elizabeth is in the midst of a difficult second pregnancy, Georgiana is sent off to London to make her curtsey and achieve a splendid match. But Georgiana’s feelings about love and marriage are conflicted. Her heart was touched by Wickham and she still cherishes the remembrance of him. Can she find love again? And should she just do her duty and accept any suitor Lady Catherine approves of or should she follow her heart instead?


  • The Intriguing Premise: I’ve read several stories that focus on Georgiana post-P&P, but this is the first time I’ve seen her paired with (aka at the mercy of) Lady Catherine! Poor Georgiana, indeed! Especially since Lady Catherine is her usual domineering and insensitive self! I loved seeing how Georgiana coped with all the rigors of society and her feelings of love/attraction without her usual confidant, Elizabeth, and supportive brother near by.
  • Thoughtful Inclusions: I love when characters from different books encounter each other! How fun! There were several characters from Persuasion and one from Mansfield Park in this story. It makes perfect sense that Lady Catherine would be chummy with Lady Darymple and Sir Walter Elliot, and I loved that Georgiana was drawn to Mrs. Anne Wentworth and Captain William Price. I feel William Price is a character poised for his own tale, and I really enjoyed how Ms. Shearer fleshed out his story and character. William Price is definitely hero material!
  • The Lydia Wickham Component: In this story we see how awkward and unhappy Georgiana feels around Lydia Wickham – the woman who she believes won the heart of her very own first love. She is intimidated and insecure by Lydia and cannot help but compare her timidity and lack of courage to Lydia’s boldness and confidence. This felt something new to explore. In most scenarios I’ve read Georgiana isn’t much affected when she encounters Lydia Wickham. But in this story, since Georgiana feels herself to still be in love with Wickham, she is very much tortured by Lydia Wickham.


  • Some Parts Improbable or Incongruous: There were just some aspects of the story that didn’t seem to agree with what we know of these characters – like Mr. Darcy allowing a doctor who to continuously bleed Mrs. Darcy, the Wickhams and Collinses being able to afford trips to London and attending Lady Darymple’s ball, Lady Catherine inviting the Gardiners and Misses Bennet to her elegant dinner party. In addition, I think spotted an error or two, such as Sir Walter Elliot being addressed as Lord Elliot.
  • A New Side of Colonel Fitzwilliam: I’m not one to take arms against authors who alter some aspects of a character’s personality or story. I enjoy some thoughtful and creative tweaks and changes! But I guess the changes we see in Colonel Fitzwilliam didn’t sit too well with me in this occasion. Perhaps it might be because we found out much later what was driving his alteration.


Miss Darcy’s Beaux is an intriguing and delightful sequel that beautifully shows how a timid and quiet character can still be resilient and brave! Readers who enjoy stories about Georgiana Darcy and other about secondary characters will find much to enjoy in this tale! I look forward to seeing which characters Ms. Shearer writes about next!

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  16 Responses to “Miss Darcy’s Beaux – Eliza Shearer”


    Thank you for this review Meredith. I haven’t really taken much notice of this book as I prefer my stories to concentrate on Darcy and Elizabeth. I personally don’t think Darcy would have allowed Lady Catherine to be in charge of Georgiana, especially as she is more likely to consider wealth and connections rather than feelings.
    I also agree about Mr and Mrs Wickham and Mr and Mrs Collins etc being included in society events and wouldn’t expect Darcy to allow Georgiana to associate with Wickham.


      You are right, Glynis. I think Darcy would have some reservations about Lady C being in charge of Georgiana. Perhaps he wis concerns were ameliorated by Colonel Fitzwilliam’s presence…

      Thanks for checking out my review, Glynis! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts!


    Lovely review and I enjoyed being inside the head of Georgiana.


    Lovely review Meredith.

    Got to admit that I don’t think Darcy would allow Lady C. such access to Georgiana especially at this crucial point in her life.
    I think they’d be concerned at her desire to marry her off to an aged and wealthy man of the higher circles.


      Thank you, Mary! I appreciate you reading it and sharing your thoughts. I guess you can say in Mr. Darcy’s defense he may be preoccupied with Mrs. Darcy and her difficult pregnancy? He may be fine with Lady Catherine hosting her in London and giving her a season, but I agree, he wouldn’t give her permission to select a husband. I think that is Lady C trying to impose her will on others. πŸ˜‰


    I have this one ready to read when I pull it off the pile. Love learning about the unique elements that you enjoyed and the cautions on the other end.

    Great review, Meredith!


      Thanks, Sophia! I appreciate you checking out my review and look forward to hearing your thoughts! I had some things I really, really liked and some things that didn’t sit right with me.


    I mentioned this in my review… I wonder if Lady C may have bitten off more that she could chew. She had been away from society for a while and many things had changed. She no longer knew all the ton rules and was in for a few surprises of her own. I sort of felt for her in one respect. She was no longer the powerful force she once claimed to be. Many of her cronies [oops, connections and contacts] were dead and gone or were no longer in the vogue. She still had some power but where the spirit was willing the body was not. She simply could not keep up the pace.

    I loved your review. I also agree with you on Georgiana thinking she was still in love… rather in love with her thoughts and memories of George Wickham. I loved when she had a reality check with the real Wickham. I was so shocked. I’ve never seen it before in JAFF. Man, that was an awesome touch.


      Good point, Jeanne. It has been many years since Anne’s London season, so she may be a little out of practice. I had to LOL at her faux pa! That was too funny! πŸ˜‰

      Yes, how timely that reality check was. Very good of her to see him even if it discomposed her a little. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Jeanne! I appreciate it!


    Your review made me think ‘maybe.’ But a couple of the elements of the story you mentioned makes me kind of cringe. I hate it when some of my fave characters are shown in a bad way. But, then I have to remind myself of the many variations I’ve read not knowing everything (who wants to anyway?) going in, and just plowing through those uncomfortable parts….just believing things will work out in the end. It just has to, right? πŸ™‚

    Then something dear J.W. Garrett said kind of clinched it for me. Meredith, you didn’t conceal or give away too much, btw. But this is part of the fun of reading others’ comments. Anyway I’m putting this on my wish list. Thanks, Meredith!


      I’m glad to hear you want to put this one on your wishlist, Michelle! I think Eliza created a great story, and despite my quibbles I did enjoy and was engrossed by her tale! πŸ˜‰ I’m glad Jeanne’s comment gave you some more perspective. πŸ™‚

      I think I would have liked Colonel Fitzwilliam’s alterations a little more if we saw more hints of it in the beginning or had a little more understanding behind his altered habits and character. It wasn’t completely unbelievable. πŸ˜‰


    P.S. Sarah Waldock’s ‘William Price and The Thrush’ is a great story (swashbuckling, heroic, adorable) of William Price as the main focus of the book. I loved that story. Waldock is great, but her books do have editing and formatting problems I’ll admit right up front. If that puts you off, I completely understand.

    She’s self-published, her cover art is her own, and improving, btw. I know this is no excuse to some readers’ minds. But I still really enjoy reading her.


      That’s great to know! Thanks, Michelle! I definitely think William Price deserves some more stories written about him! I’ll have to check her books out! πŸ™‚


    I have not read this book. Thanks for your thoughts: I always like to read what you did and didn’t like.

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