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A Spectacular Romp of Good Friends and Bad Scrapes!

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After years of growing up together as children, a young Regency buck, Anthony Verelst, Viscount Sheringham proposes marriage to the beautiful and Incomparable, Miss Isabella Milborne. But since she doubts his characters and motives (and because she has a scores of many other suitors), she gives him a firm rejection. Thrown into a temper and desperate to marry (to release the funds from his inheritance, Viscount Sheringham finds himself determined to marry the very next eligible girl he encounters…

Well, the next girl he encounters happens to be his other childhood playmate, Hero Wantage, a genteel orphan dependent on the kindness of her relations. Hero has always admired Anthony, or “Sherry” as he is known to his friends, and would always do anything he asks of her. In this instance, what he is asking of her suits her perfectly well. Even though she knows Sherry isn’t in love with her, marrying him saves her from being forced to become a governess or marry the curate! To Sherry and Hero, their runaway marriage is a brilliant solution to all their dilemmas… But will it not create some more, you ask? A hasty marriage with a heedless young bachelor promises to be anything but boring!

Oh what a fun frolic this story is – a selfish, spendthrift hero marrying to achieve his own means, and a green girl, aiming to please but who is as naïve and innocent as a kitten! As you might expect, this story is a hilarious series of hijinks, scrapes, and flaring tempers! Sherry fully expects that his taking a wife should not materially change his lifestyle. Boy, does he have a lot to learn! Between the excessive spending, gambling losses, and a wife who constantly needs to be told what a lady of quality would or would not do, Sherry discovers that marriage intrudes upon one’s way of life in the most forceful of fashions!

While I sympathize a little for Sherry and his dilemmas, I must admit he wasn’t my favorite of heroes.  His selfishness and slowness to understand his own heart didn’t encourage me much to fall in love with him.  However, I adored Hero.  She is artless and unaffected in the most charming of ways. She has a big heart and is ready to sacrifice her own happiness before Sherry’s. I also loved that she was unconventional and a bit daring – with wanting to learn how to drive and boldly asking so many questions she shouldn’t! You cannot help but become endeared to such a character!

Joining our sweet Hero and the beleaguered Sherry in this adventure are Sherry’s three closest friends – Moe, Larry, and Curly (just kidding, but these three and their antics put one in mind of the Three Stooges!) After Hero, these three cut-ups were my favorite part of the story! I loved how each friend had his own personality and proclivities – Gil is the smart one, “very knowing,” also calm and tender-hearted. Ferdy isn’t always as quick to be helpful, but he always does duty for those he is “fond of.” And George (possibly my favorite!) is hotheaded, romantic, and always trying to call people out! The exchanges between these three are comedic gold, and it warms your heart to see these three bachelors do all in their power to help poor Hero and her dunderhead of a husband!

Filled with entertaining entanglements and endearing characters, this Regency romance by Georgette Heyer is quite a diverting lark! I thoroughly adored this madcap adventure with Hero, Sherry, and company! Another fabulous Heyer read to add to your list (if you haven’t already!)

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Georgette Heyer Birthday

For the past four years I’ve made it a tradition to post a review near/on Georgette Heyer’s birthday (August 16th) in celebration!  I’ve read several Heyer novels not during August too, you can find all my reviews HERE.




I happen to have a second copy of Friday’s Child in my possession (either from Paperbackswap or a library book sale), so I thought it would be fun to hold a giveaway for it in conjunction with my review!  (Note: this giveaway is for a previously read copy of Friday’s Child)

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment about my review, your top 3 favorite Georgette Heyer novels, or the Georgette Heyer novel you want to read next!!!

  • This giveaway is open to US citizens.
  • This giveaway ends August 23rd!


*** Many Georgette Heyer ebooks are currently on sale (including Friday’s Child!) for $2.99***

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  44 Responses to “Friday’s Child – Georgette Heyer + Giveaway!!!”


    This sounds really good! I haven’t read any Heyer yet, but I really should. (And happy birthday to you, Meredith!)


    This is one of my top 3 Heyers, so I am glad you enjoyed it. I actually quite like Sherry, although he is thoughtless and selfish he genuinely cares for Hero so although he can be neglectful it’s because he’s just unthinking, rather than anything else. He needs to grow up a bit and deserves a big wake up call. And Hero. She is just so, so, sweet and precious. I wanted to look after her. I love Sherry’s group of friends, too, they are such fun, including dear George, who is properly romantic book hero material.


      You are very right about Sherry needing to grow up! So glad to hear this one is one of your favorites. Hero is adorable and it is funny to see how much trouble she unwittingly and unintentionally causes! I saw you read a GH read this month too, hope you enjoyed it!


    First: Happy Birthday to you Meredith, been waiting all month to wish you H.B.!! I’m wishing Georgette Heyer Happy Birthday too, because what would we Heyer lovers be without her? Such an influence on later writers’ stories, such rereadable books of hers.

    I’ve been waiting for this review too, and reread Friday’s Child in preparation. This was positively my least favorite upon first reading. I just wanted to ‘box Sherry’s ears’ so many times!! BUT, on second reading I liked it better. Funny you should mention The Three Stooges, because I was likening Hero and Sherry to Lucy and Ethel, or Laurel and Hardy in my mind. That is probably why I cannot like this one as much as others do. That kind of humor never appealed to me. Fearing from the beginning the absolute disasters just waiting to happen. I’m such a stodgy curmudgeon.


      Thank you, Michelle, my dear! 😉 How sweet you are! I am very honored to share my birthday with such an extraordinary author! I’m glad your reread of FC was more enjoyable than your first read! LOL! Yes, there was definitely a bit of the screwball comedy feel! And with the secrets and schemes it definitely does feel like Lucy and Ethel! LOL


    Yes, I loved the three friends. And upon rereading this time, I really had to wipe away a tear or two for Hero. There were too many baddies in this story that never got their comeuppance. Although I’m assuming Sherry’s mother and Uncle are going to unhappy later, they’ll still be grumbling to whoever will listen. That’s what we expect from Heyer though, you have to assume the epilogue yourself. You get the ‘kiss on the last page’ and then we’re done. 🙂

    Thank you Meredith, for the opportunity to reread this one with a more open eye. Please someone else take me to task on this, because I still cannot understand why it is so many reader’s favorite. I will not participate in the drawing since I have my own copy. But my top faves are: (And I’ve reread them all multiple times.)
    Frederica, Black Sheep, Venetia, Faro’s Daughter. And my next read? Something I haven’t read yet, and then I will reward myself with a reread.


      At the risk of listing her entire oeuvre I just have to add one more fave: The Corinthian. I’ve read a couple other blogs today honoring Georgette Heyer so I’ve read mention of and then jogged my memory of more favorites. So believe me, it’s hard to list just one more! 🙂


      Yes, I hope as you say the baddies get their comeuppance off screen some how! They definitely deserve it!

      Of your favorites, I have only read Venetia. Can’t wait to check out the others! That is one thing I love about GH, soooo many books in store to discover and enjoy!!! I’ve only just begun!


    I enjoyed your wonderful review, the characters, their personalities and the story was captivating and excellent. My favorite Georgette Heyer’s novels are Venetia, The Black Moth and The Foundling. I want to read one of her mysteries which are intriguing and unique , perhaps No Wind to Blame.


      Thanks, Anne! I appreciate you checking out my review! I think I would list Venetia as one of my tope 3 faves too! I also did enjoy The Black Moth, and like I want to read one of her mysteries since I haven’t yet!


    Yes, Happy Birthday Meredith! I was hoping you were going to do a post so I too could wish you one! Happy Birthday to Georgette Heyer too! I know I read many decades ago and can’t remember a one (but might once I start reading). So I was hoping for your favourite and now also have Michelle’s favourites, for a pick of one I should try. I do have some on my wishlist that you have recommended before and noticed that the Kindle version is on sale on alot of them! Thank you and enjoy your day!


      Thank you, Carole! You are so sweet! 🙂 There are so many GH reads that it is hard to keep them all straight! I enjoy hearing everyone’s favorite Heyer reads and often follow recommendations. I hope you enjoy rereading some Heyer soon!


    Happy Birthday Meredith. I’m so glad you enjoyed Friday’s Child and I too had a soft spot for George..
    I am finding it hard to say which are my favourites but love Venetia, Cotillion, Frederica , Black Sheep, These Old Shades, Devil’s Cub ………etc etc. I also have all the mystery stories and love those as well.
    Please don’t enter me as I do have it and I live in the UK


      Thank, Glynis! Yay for George! So many favorites, I think you chose very well! I love many of the same ones you do. I definitely need to read Frederica and Black Sheep! Those two are being recommended a lot!


    I was just interviewed and listed Georgette Heyer as one of my favorite authors! My favorite so far is….Frederica! But have only read 7 so far and can’t wait to collect the whole lot!!!!


      Oh awesome! I would agree with you, she is definitely one of my favorites too! That’s great! I think this is my 11th read, still many more to go! Must try Frederica!


    I thought this was a fun one, too, and exactly for the reasons you named. This book had me chuckling a few times. It’s not one of my favorites, but it did merit a re-read a while back. My top three are Venetia, The Unknown Ajax, and Frederica.

    Please do not enter me, though love that you are giving away a Heyer book for your birthdays. 🙂


      Awesome, Sophia! 🙂 It was a lot of laughs! Ohh! Another one for Frederica! Sadly I don’t own that one (must get it!) and I don’t own The Unkown Ajax either. Can’t wait to check them out!


    I love the whole shtick among the three friends—some of Heyer’s best comic relief, as you mentioned. The whole “Nemesis” conversation always leaves me snorting! Please do not enter me in the giveaway because I already have it.


      Yes, the three of them are great together! Would make a fabulous sequel, don’t you think? Maybe we’d see a bit of romance for Gil or Ferdy – oh! I love this idea! 😉 Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Abigail!


    Hi Meredith,
    First of all, don’t put me for the giveaway, you know I’m not an US citizen 😉
    Thanks for the recommendation, this book seems very fun. I like you keep the tradition of reading a Georgette Heyer book and as she has so many titles, I can see you will be able to keep the tradition for a long time…
    And, of course; Happy Birthday! I wish you a beautiful day and a year full of joy and projects!
    A big hug 🙂


      Thank you, dear friend!! I appreciate all your kind wishes! It has been such a fun tradition to read a GH book each August. I try to read an additional one each year as well – don’t want it to take me almost 50 years to read all of GH’s works! LOL! But it will definitely take my quite a few!


    Lovely review Meredith. I’m so glad you liked it. I’ve been a long time fan of Heyer and own all her Regencies novels. I’m having great fun rereading her books with the Heyer group on GoodReads.


    I found Heyer through your blog and now I have read and I own all of her books! Yes it is your fault I bought all of them….at least that is the story I tell people….lol

    To those who have not read any of Heyer you really should, she is Austen with lots of funny dialog and lovable characters!


      Oh that is lovely!! And I do not mind at all being guilty of this! 😉 You definitely read them faster than I did, I’ve only read 11! Yes, terrific recommendation!!


    I’ll have to check this one out. Happy Birthday to Ms. Heyer, and to you, Meredith! Many happy returns of the day! (Please don’t enter me for the contest. I just wanted to wish you a happy day and thank you for the review. 🙂


    I have to first say Happy Birthday to you and Ms. Heyer! I could not think of a better twosome to have birthdays close together. 🙂 Then, I have to add that this novel sounds intriguing just from your review. I do have it on my kindle but haven’t had the time to read it. Now that I know more about it, I shall give it a go!


    I found Heyer as a teen, and really enjoyed her books…and still do. I’d love a copy of this one which I haven’t read before. Thanks for being willing to part with your second copy, Meredith! 🙂

    Susanne 🙂


    Lovely review. I know I read some of Georgette Heyer’s books back in my younger days, but that was so very long ago that I’ve forgotten them all. One of the many pitfalls of getting older, unfortunately! The up side is that I could read them again, and they’d all be new to me!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


      Thank you, Pam! There are a few GH that I’ve read that don’t stand out in my memory – thank goodness for reviews! I think it may come from reading so many books verses getting older. 😉 Yes, reading them again sounds like a fun idea!


    This sounds interesting! I’d like to read Friday’s Child. Thanks for offering the giveaway.



    Ms. Heyer has been on my tbr radar for some time. I did read her as a young girl, but have no memory of titles. I’d love to win this one! I’d also love to know your top favorites, to put them on my list.

    Thank you,


      That’s a great plan, Karylee! I’m sure you will enjoy reading Georgette Heyer novels! Such fun. 🙂 My personal favorites are Venetia, Sylvester, Devil’s Cub, These Old Shades, and Cotillion. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


    I don’t know if you’ve read it yet, but Heyer did give us more Ferdy, in a way. I think he is the model for Freddy, in Cotillion.


    Great review! Thanks, Meredith. Love Georgette Heyer’s books and loved ‘Friday’s Child’.
    Best wishes to the winner!


    Thanks, Meredith!


    Excellent review, Meredith. I have not read this one but she has so very many out there. Thanks for sharing.

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