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Courage and Love

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source:  Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Sequel

TIME FRAME: About 1-2 months after the close of Courage Rises

MAIN CHARACTERS: Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth Darcy, Georgiana Darcy, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Sophie Hawke, Evelyn Hawke

SYNOPSIS: After their harrowing adventures apart Darcy and Elizabeth are together again at Pemberley and preparing to celebrate the festive season. The Darcys invite the Fitzwilliam family and Hawk sisters to Pemberley for the celebration. But Elizabeth’s poor health and constant illness are causing great concern. How can she bring a baby to full-term if everything she eats makes her ill? Soon their company arrives and helps distract the Darcys from their worries, but unexpectedly their guests begin to cause some surprising drama of their own. With family contention, willful servants, and a perilous rescue this festive season seems to be more tense and eventful than anticipated!

SERIES: Courage (Book 2 of 2)

NOTE: Potential readers should read Courage Rises first to fully appreciate and understand all that is taking place in this second book of the series.


  • Colonel Fitzwilliam: *sigh* Colonel Fitzwilliam is featured wonderfully in these stories and he is indeed all things swoon-worthy! I loved seeing the Colonel fall in love, feel nervous about declaring himself, and become adorable tongue-tied… 😉 I also loved seeing him determined in his love even though he does face some opposition.
  • Men in Love: This story illustrates beautifully how fervently devoted Colonel Fitzwilliam and Mr. Darcy are to their lady-loves. There are some wonderfully romantic scenes and tender expressions between these couples that will warm your heart. I especially loved seeing how Colonel Fitzwilliam would repeatedly (and repeatedly) defy the rules of propriety! His will is fierce!
  • Family Conflicts: Unlike the first book that featured mysterious intrigues and danger, this story spotlighted familial strife and disappointment – how painful it is to feel unloved by someone in your family, and how important it is to show the love you have in your heart. I really enjoyed seeing this important message represented in two different relationships in this story. It is always hard to learn of your own failings, and I thought it was very moving to see two characters realize and address their mistakes.
  • Sophia Hawke: Stubborn, intelligent, observant, hardworking, kindhearted, and incredibly courageous – Sophia is a delightful character and I very much enjoyed seeing more of her in this tale! I loved how she is a unique mixture of odd qualities and that she doesn’t conform to society. I loved seeing her take care of her estate (especially that scene with Mr. Hobson) and her blossoming friendship with Elizabeth Darcy – those two seem like they would have a lot of fun and mischief together!


  • Too Fast: Agh! I was loving the romantic tension between Colonel Fitzwilliam and Sophia and was hoping to see it build and gradually develop, but instead it rapidly progressed. This may not bother other readers, but for me, I thought it came about too quickly and suddenly.
  • Small Quibbles: I really liked all the events that took place in this story, however, I did have some small quibbles that prevented me from loving this story as a whole. There sometimes was a bit more telling than showing, and in my opinion perhaps a missing scene of confrontation/resolution between Colonel Fitzwilliam/Evelyn/Sophia.


I thoroughly enjoyed these two thoughtful and compelling sequels to Pride and Prejudice! I loved seeing these admirable characters rise to their challenges and display their inner fortitude and courage. I almost wish for more books in this series, but there is a lovely epilogue at the close of this one that gives readers a wonderful view of the each character’s future. However, I am very excited to see that Melanie Rachel is working on a modern Pride and Prejudice story next!

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Today Melanie graciously offers 1 book from her Courage Series (winner’s choice) for me to give away in conjunction with my reviews(Paperback or ebook for US citizens.  Ebook for all other countries.)


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  32 Responses to “Courage Requires – Melanie Rachel + Giveaway!!!”


    They both sound great and I hope I get a chance to read the first one: Courage Rises. Thanks for the chance 🙂
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com


    I really like your reviews. Very concise boy good and not so good.
    I haven’t had the pleasure of reading either book, but I will !


    You got me with the Colonel, I have the first one which is going to be read fairly soon. Looking forward to reading this as well



    This would be a wonderful book to enjoy. Thanks for your great review and lovely feature.


    Both books in the series sound delightful!! Crossing my fingers!! 😉

    Thank you for your insightful review, as always, Meredith!!

    Susanne 🙂


    Don’t include me in the give-a-way… I already have both books. I look forward to reading them… especially after reading this excellent review. Thanks Meredith and thanks to the author for the generous give-a-way. Good luck to everyone.


    Thank you for the review and chance to win a copy.


    Loved reading your review Meredith! You’re enticed me to read more while telling me nothing!


      Oh that is so lovely of you to say, Ceri! I try not to give spoilers but it is sometimes hard to provide details and not give away something I shouldn’t!


    love besotted men devoted to their loves



    Seems like a great book to add to my wishlist. Colonel Fitzwilliams fierceness sounds really promissing!


    I liked having your reviews just days apart. I would love to win one of the ebooks. From both reviews, I sense that her writing is well crafted and weaves the tales together. Thank you for the giveaway.


      Thanks, Eva! I liked being able to read the two books back-to-back since the they are so connected with each other. Yes, I do agree, Ms. Rachel knows how to create intriguing and eventful stories!


    Meredith, thanks again. I really appreciate your well-written and thoughtful reviews my books. It helps me, as a writer, to know what readers liked AND what they didn’t. Thanks again!


      My pleasure, Melanie! Thank you so much for the lovely opportunity to read your stories and see the adventures you had in store for Lizzy, Darcy, and Colonel Fitzwilliam! 😉


    Loved your review Meredith! I found both of these books so well written and pulled you in. The Colonel was definitely captured! Please do not enter me in the giveaway as I have both books!


    Hi again! I’ve kind of skipped over this review, just in case of spoilers for the first book. It’s good to know that it’s a worthy sequel, though. Both are on my wish list.


    I must say that both books feature beautiful vintage paintings. A lady love for Colonel Fitzwilliam? Sign me up for the both giveaways, please, as I would love to read their romance and also that of the Darcys.


    Thanks for the review and the nice giveaway! I look forward to reading this soon!

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