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Reggie Lends Mr. Darcy A Helping Hand…erm…Paw!

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At the tender age of fifteen, a grieving and motherless Fitzwilliam is brought to select a trusty companion of his very own from a litter of English Springer Spaniels. Due to his intelligent eyes and “lively and playful manner,” young Fitzwilliam chooses Reggie despite the fact that he is not of the highest breeding. Through the years Reggie and Darcy develop a wonderfully close bond. Reggie helps Darcy find happiness after his mother’s passing and prompts him to laugh and play, while his father keeps him at a distance and instructs him behave in a “more dignified manner.” But as the years go by, Reggie notices that his master doesn’t laugh and play as much as he used to and is burdened by his many cares and responsibilities. Reggie hopes that something or someone will soon bring some lightheartedness back into his master’s life. And when he meets the delightfully playful and friendly Elizabeth Bennet, Reggie feels that just like himself, she would be a perfect companion for his master…

Reggie has several encounters with the lovely Elizabeth Bennet, and while the two are quite fond of each other, Reggie senses that Elizabeth does not hold his master in any affection…although the same cannot be said for him! So what does Reggie do? He doesn’t have the power to speak Darcy’s language, but he is determined to help his master find happiness in any and every way possible!

It is always interesting to see a familiar story from a new perspective! I’ve read and loved stories from the hero’s point-of-view or from a secondary character’s point-of-view, but this is my first time reading a story from an animal’s point-of-view! And Reggie is such an endearing and lovable addition to the Pride and Prejudice family! I absolutely adored his loyalty and affection for Mr. Darcy, and I loved the idea of Mr. Darcy having such a companionable and selfless canine friend in his life. In addition, I was touched by all the special relationships Reggie fostered with other characters in this story, such as Georgiana, Anne, and Elizabeth. Reggie is a remarkable animal, and you cannot but help and love him in this story!

What I loved most about this unique retelling was seeing how Darcy shared his intimate thoughts with Reggie, and how Reggie (who wasn’t present in every important scene of the book) would understand his master’s feelings and care for his emotional well-being. I loved that Mr. Darcy didn’t hold back in front of Reggie – he shared his vulnerability, his fears, and his dejection with his best friend. Reggie is wonderfully perceptive and wise, and I loved seeing him communicate his opinions and thoughts to Darcy by wagging his tail, groaning in disapproval, or by other means. 🙂 My favorite bits were when Reggie did something completely out of the norm in order to get Darcy’s attention or go somewhere.

In addition, I loved seeing what Reggie thought of the other characters in the book, his opinions of Lady Cat and Caroline Bingley were too funny! And he loathes Wickham just as much as his master does. But best of all was seeing what Reggie thought of Elizabeth Bennet, their relationship evolved into something very special and heartwarming! My idea of Elizabeth is that she is as fond of animals as she is of nature, so this fit in quite perfectly with my perception of her character.

Since this story is told from Reggie’s point-of-view and he isn’t able to converse with others, this story tended to be heavy on the narration and a little bit light on the dialogue. Which is understandable with Reggie’s limitations, but at the same time this made the story feel a little slow-paced at some points. In addition, I thought the exposition may have been just a tad too lengthy.

Master Under Good Regulation is a tender and heartwarming story that spotlights the special and unique relationship between man and dog and will pull at your heartstrings. Insightful, sensitive, and adorable Reggie is an endearing and original Pride and Prejudice character that I will not soon forget!

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  14 Responses to “Master Under Good Regulation – Kara Louise”


    I had to read this as I have read and enjoyed all of this author’s other books, some more than others. The idea of viewing this favorite of all romances through a pet’s eyes just did not draw me in. I love dogs; although we can’t own dogs or cats because my husband is allergic. But I did enjoy the story and it was one more taken off my TBR list.


      Same here, Sheila! I heard so many great things about this one too, a lot of people fell in love with it! And I can see why, Reggie is so lovable! 🙂


    Lovely review and one that is on my wishlist. Dogs are incredible animals and they certainly know when you need that extra bit of love and support. And they know what who means well and who doesn’t too!


      Thank you, Carole! I appreciate you checking it out! 🙂 I’ve never had a pet so I don’t know from experience, but I fully believe in dogs and cats capabilities to understand and care for their owners’ emotional well-being!


    I adore this book. I read it some time ago and completely loved it. Need to read it again!


    I enjoyed this story and having it told from the animal’s POV was rather unique. Just reading your review makes me want to read it again. I love this author’s stories.


      I agree! Reggie has quite a different perspective because he knows Darcy better than anyone else – even Georgiana or Colonel Fitzwilliam. I hope you get the chance to read it again soon! I agree, I love reading anything Kara writes!


    My first dog as was a spaniel. Oh, I loved that dog. I was three or four.


      Awww! How precious! 🙂 We’ve never had dogs because my brother was allergic, but now get this, he has 3 cats and seems to no longer be allergic! O_o


    This was one of the first JAFF books I read and I really loved it. Reggie reminded me so much of my sister’s dog. I could just see him edging himself into the dining room, just as my sister’s dog did. And how charming that Elizabeth would rub him with her foot when he finally got to his desired spot. Beautiful little story and it gets 5 stars from me. Thanks so much for featuring Kara Louis this time around. Jen Red ♫


    Thanks for your lovely review Meredith. I bought this book to add to my TBR list after seeing it mentioned. I hope to get round to it sooner rather than later especially now I’ve read your thoughts. I do like the idea of hearing all Darcy’s deepest emotions


      My pleasure, Glynis! It was great to read one from my TBR pile! 🙂 Yes, the soul-bearing between Darcy and Reggie is especially poignant and moving!

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