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A Delightfully Terrible Bad Day!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Author

In an attempt to avoid Caroline Bingley, Mr. Darcy thought indulging in a long ramble outside would be pleasurable and beneficial…Well, several moments later finds him lathered into a pique and sitting in a puddle of muddy water with a twisted ankle. Frustrated at how un-refreshing and unsatisfying his walk had been, Mr. Darcy determines it is all Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s fault. Because the idea of finding pleasure in long rambles came from her. And just when his day couldn’t get any worse, Mr. Darcy is found in his lamentable predicament and brought help by the one person he is determined to be upset with…Elizabeth Bennet!

Mr. Darcy is brought to Longbourn and the apothecary and his valet, Thornton, are summoned. While recuperating at Longbourn Mr. Darcy spends his time trying to satisfy his curiosity about Elizabeth Bennet and fending off the unwelcome overtures of her imbecilic cousin, Mr. Collins. But things soon take a truly unexpected turn and consequences are unflinchingly enforced. Mr. Darcy’s day just went from bad to worse…or did it go from bad to better??? 😉

What a delightful and diverting novella! I love how on the back cover the heading is “Timeless Romance for the Busy Reader” – so true! We all have those days where we could use a little something to distract us from our cares or bring a smile to our face, and this charming story definitely does deliver that!

Mr. Darcy’s Bad Day is a fast-paced tale that is told from Mr. Darcy’s point-of-view, and focused solely on Darcy and Elizabeth. What I loved most about this story was being privy to all the adorable and candid thoughts that ran through Mr. Darcy’s head! This Mr. Darcy is a keen observer and I liked how he quickly found many more reasons to admire and appreciate the already more than “tolerable” Elizabeth Bennet. I also loved that this Mr. Darcy often displayed his protective nature. Quite endearing!

Other aspects of this story that I enjoyed were the vivid descriptions of the scenery and interior of Elizabeth’s bedroom and clothing, the Bennet’s particular donkey, Benedick, and the wonderful and unexpected surprise at the end! Can’t divulge any more as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone! I’ll just say Ms. King is a very clever and skilled writer, and you probably won’t see it coming! 😉

Mr. Darcy’s Bad Day is a sweet and lovely light-hearted romance that is sure to make you laugh and smile! With it being such a short read everything happens at a bit of quicker pace and there isn’t a lot of time for development, so I would go in with that expectation. A perfect choice for those who are like Mr. Darcy and are having a bad day, or those who are like Lizzy and “dearly love a laugh.” 😀

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  28 Responses to “Mr. Darcy’s Bad Day – Christie Capps”


    Thank you very much for taking Mr. Darcy to the beach. I’m certain it had a calming influence and was an improvement to the bad day he was having. By chance, was there a recalcitrant donkey close by?


      LOL! One of the best cures of bad days! Although, I can’t take much credit as I didn’t realize my going to the beach would be improve his bad day! Sadly, no Benedick. But plenty of blue sky and sun! Thanks so much for this lovely pleasure, Joy!


    I read this story before learning that the author’s name was a pseudonym…and loved it. Lovely short read for anytime, anywhere. Of course it reminded me of a certain book, Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day.


    Don’t you love the cover?


    Wasn’t this just a delightful novella?! Love your review and the cover is absolutely perfect!


    This one was a giggle a minute. I loved it.


    I knew when I started reading this story that the author was no novice. I absolutely loved the cover choice and am sorry it didn’t make it in the ‘cover wars.’ This was such a fun read and I will certainly read it again. Thank you Joy for giving us such a delightful story. Keep up the good work and I look forward to future endeavors. Have a blessed day.


      It was just pure fun! I really loved how Joy described everything, her word choice was excellent. One of my favorite sentences is the one about southbound bovine! LOL! Hope you are enjoying a lovely week, Jeanne!


    I love the recommendation, Meredith, because one needs to laugh and this sort of novellas are my cup of tea. It seems that having Mr Darcy injured and prostrated in bed provides a lot of fun. It reminds me of “Mr Darcy came to dinner” by Jack Caldwell because the premise is similar so I´m looking forward to “biting” this story!


      Absolutely, Teresa! Yes, I love to change it up and read something light and short. 🙂 You are write, Mr. Darcy Came to Dinner had a similar beginning and injury. Loved that one too!


    I loved it too, looking forward to more of them from Joy. 🙂


    This sounds like a hoot. I’ve had it on the wish list for a while. Man, I might have to bump it up closer to the top. 🙂


    What a lovely review, Meredith! Congrats for the new release, Joy, and many thanks for the ever so kind gift!! I can’t wait to read it. All the best,


    I read this when I first saw it mentioned as it captured my imagination and seemed quite lighthearted. I loved it so much I also bought For Pemberley when that came out. A completely different take on ODC but equally enjoyable. Then I found out that the author was Joy, so no wonder I enjoyed them. Loved your review Meredith.


      I’m so glad to hear you loved it, Glynis! I am looking forward to reading For Pemberley. How fun to find out the author was someone whose writing you already knew and loved! 😉


    This looks like something I would love to read, and the cover is beautiful!!!


    This sounds fun! Will check it out! Thanks!


    Just love your review of this delicious and funny little story, Meredith. I’m another one who was reminded a little of Mr. Darcy Came to Dinner at the beginning. I’m glad you haven’t revealed the surprise towards the end as it would have definitely been a big spoiler! All I’ll say is I laughed out loud when it happened and rather startled our dogs who were snoozing away quietly at the time! Thanks so much, Joy!


      Thank you, Anji! I appreciate you saying that! Oh definitely didn’t want to spoil anything! It is always so much fun to be caught unaware! 😉 LOL! Your poor dogs. 🙂 I can only imagine their faces!

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