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A Profound and Poignant Retelling of Pride and Prejudice

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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(Note: This is the second book in Ginger Monette’s Great War Romance duo, and while the author provides enough details and background for readers to learn about events from the first book, I would strongly recommend reading Darcy’s Hope: Beauty from Ashes first for complete understanding and appreciation.)

In the second book of this Pride and Prejudice retelling, Darcy and Elizabeth have just confessed their feelings and are happily anticipating their reunion in two months when Captain Darcy has leave. But due to some news Elizabeth receives, she believes her character is being called into question and that she is an assumed spy. Heartbroken and terrified, Elizabeth feels it best to protect Darcy, his family, and his reputation by disappearing without a trace. When Darcy finds out about Elizabeth’s disappearance he is devastated yet determined to find her. But unfortunately, Captain Darcy does not have the freedom to do what he wants when he wants, as he is in the midst of serving his country and consequently is sent back out onto the battlefield.

Barely surviving a tragic attack on the front, Darcy is sent to Donwell Abbey, an estate home-turned-military hospital to recover. His injuries are critical and with his depression over losing Elizabeth there is cause to fear if Captain Darcy will pull through. However, Darcy’s skilled and talented nurse is determined to help him heal and re-join the land of the living, no matter what cost. Will Darcy ever fully heal? Will Elizabeth successfully avoid detection and scandal? Should Darcy move on?

If you read my review of Darcy’s Hope: Beauty from Ashes, then you know already how I love so much of what the author began in this series – the beautifully constructed integration, the setting, the emotional journeys, the well-drawn characters. Well, Darcy’s Hope at Donwell Abbey is just as well-written, action-packed, and emotionally turbulent as the first book. And once again, I found Ginger Monette’s premise and execution to be masterful. From powerful descriptions of scenes of war to the heart-rending portrayals of the mental and emotional suffering soldiers experience, Ms. Monette’s writing brings such consummate understanding and awareness to this poignant time in history that readers cannot help but feel they are experiencing it all with the characters firsthand.

Speaking of characters, Elizabeth Bennet and Captain Darcy are my heroes. Their bravery, intelligence, and sacrifices throughout these events are deeply admirable. To see Darcy risk his life to send an important communication or show compassion for other soldiers was incredibly moving. He is a man worthy of all praise and merit. And I am in awe of Elizabeth’s strength and intelligence. She thinks on her feet, is creative in her methods, and is strong enough to always do what is best for the patient. I admired them both so much in this series and thought the author’s depictions of their trials and emotional journeys eminently moving.

As you might guess with the title and back cover blurb, there are some character cross-overs. It was great fun to see the interplay and exchanges with these other characters. I only wish we got to see more of them at the end as I do wonder what becomes of Margaret Hale, John Thornton, Colonel Fitwilliam, Dr. Scott, Sarah Knightley, and Dr. Knightley. Also, I loved how some of these original characters put me in mind of some Downton Abbey characters – Aunt Eliza, a cross between Lady Catherine de Bourgh and the Dowager Countess and Sarah Knightley, Lady Sybil. 😉

I don’t really think I need to say anymore in praise of this magnificent series – let my above review and the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads speak for themselves. I’d rather spend my last paragraph expressing my sincere and fervent wish that we see many more outstanding and remarkable works from the talented pen of Ginger Monette. Please keep writing, Ms. Monette, your avid audience awaits!!

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  16 Responses to “Darcy’s Hope at Donwell Abbey – Ginger Monette + GIVEAWAY”


    Such a terrific series and I am so glad you loved it too! Your review is just fabulous, Meredith!


    Lovely review Meredith. I have read a lot about this book. When I first heard about the angst levels I was a bit wary but have heard so many great things about the series that I have now bought the first book and added this to my wish list. I look forward to ready it. I don’t qualify for the giveaway so at least I don’t have to struggle with rafflecopter so that is a relief in a way but good luck to anyone who can enter


      Thank you, Glynis! 🙂 I think you will love this book – the angst is very well-done and believable. It is moving to see these characters experience and pull through such challenging times.


    Thank you, Meredith, for the wonderful review! You just made my day : )

    As our nation commemorates the 100th anniversary of WWI in April, I hope this series will not only take JAFF lovers on an unforgettable romantic adventure, but will also give them a better appreciation for the generation of our great-grandfathers and WW1, which had such a major impact on shaping the modern era as we know it.

    Thanks again!


      Thank YOU, Ginger, for this amazing series! Your additions to the Austenesque genre are treasures! I really loved the new sense of understanding and appreciation I gained through your portrayals of men and women during this important time. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing stories with the world!


    I’m looking forward to reading both books by Ginger Monette. Thanks for featuring her here. Jen Red


    Meredith,I’m delighted that you loved both these books!!
    I simply adored them and was so impressed with the first book that I treated myself to the second one straight away!!!


    These sound like two wonderful stories and I can’t wait to read them. I just have so much on. I don’t qualify for the giveaway but loved your review.


    Great review Meredith! Loved, loved, loved them!


    Wasn’t this just so fantastic?! I’m happy you loved it as much as I did.

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