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Hi readers! I’m so excited to welcome author Elizabeth Adams to Austenesque Reviews today!!  I’ve been a long time admirer of her work (see here and here), but this is the first time she has ever been a guest on my blog!  Elizabeth is here sharing about her newest release – Meryton Vignettes (which I will be reading and reviewing next month!) and her new audio books for The Houseguest and Unwilling!

This has been a busy winter!

My first book, The Houseguest, is now an audio book, as is my more recent novel, Unwilling. Just as those two were coming out, I released a collection of short stories called Meryton Vignettes.

Making audio books was a really fun experience (the auditions may have been my favorite part) and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Both my narrators were amazing to work with and so talented, and I’m thrilled with the response they’ve gotten.


The short story collection focuses primarily on secondary characters, though two stories are from Elizabeth’s point of view. If you really use your imagination, all but one of them could be inserted in the original P&P at some point, though it might be a little far-fetched.

This particular excerpt is from Life After Darcy, a story centering on Caroline Bingley and what she does with herself after Darcy and Elizabeth marry. I’ll admit that it might be my favorite in the book and still makes me laugh. Getting in Caroline’s head was insanely fun and while I wouldn’t want hundreds of pages of it, a short story is just right.

Happy reading!

Excerpt from Life After Darcy

Really, what did they expect her to do? Simply move on? Pretend he hadn’t existed? That she hadn’t imagined what their life would be like in the future? Spending summers at Pemberley and the season in town, going to Italy for their ten-year anniversary, presenting their daughters at court, dancing at their son’s wedding. Did they really expect her to just forget it all? Forget him?

Well, she would not. She may not have always loved him as she should, as she did now, but her heart had finally opened and she was not about to give up on this peculiar feeling, no matter what her sister said to her.

And really, what did Louisa know about it anyway? She was married to that drunken lump of a man. She had never burned with passion, consumed with feelings she couldn’t understand. She had never watched the man of her dreams fall helplessly in love with a woman that wasn’t worthy of him, couldn’t be worthy of him. No, Louisa understood nothing and she refused to listen to her.

Charles was even worse. He attempted to reason with her, telling her that she and Mr. Darcy would never have gotten along anyway, that they were ill-matched, that she should count herself lucky and try to find a man more suited to the life she wanted to live. He didn’t understand. None of them did.

Only dear, sweet Jane comprehended how hurt she was, how wounded her pride, how bruised her vanity. That he had been so near to her on so many occasions, and yet looked her over, was a blow to her self-worth. That he could prefer someone so different from herself challenged everything she had long believed to be true.

Could they not see how her world was set on its head? What was she supposed to do, now that every dream was lain waste to, every cherished hope lost?

After the wedding, a black day she refused to acknowledge as special in any way, she decided something must be done. She was not the sort of woman to collapse at the whim of a man. She was stronger than that. She saw the sniggers on the faces of her supposed friends, the ones who had known of her single-minded pursuit of him and seen it in action. She would show them how a true lady comported herself. She would not cower in the corner like a jilted miss. She would stand tall and show them what she was made of. Show him.

Oh, she knew that even if he realized his mistake (as she was sure he would—in short order), there was no way she could ever have him. Of course, Eliza could die in childbirth but she doubted that outcome. Country girls were oddly strong in that respect. But even though she knew he would never be hers, she did admit to a certain satisfaction in thinking about how he would wish he had wed differently. Perhaps even that he had wed her.

Her favorite fantasy, of course, involved Mr. Darcy realizing before a year was out that he had made a terrible mistake. He would explain all to her when they were both visiting Charles. It would be late and he would have had one too many glasses of brandy. She would come across him alone in the drawing room after returning to fetch her shawl or in the library long after everyone else was abed. He would unburden himself to her and she would become his confidant, his dearest friend, the one he turned to for solace and relief.

After a time of close friendship, he would tell her his feelings could not be repressed. He must tell her how he loved her passionately and beg her to become his lover, even though he knew she was engaged to a marquis. She would refuse him, firmly but gently, and for the rest of their lives, their eyes would meet across crowded ballrooms and their hands touch clandestinely under tables at dinner parties. Eventually, Eliza would succumb to some disease contracted from her vile relations and die. Caroline would comfort him once again, and after her husband perished in a tragic riding accident, leaving her a wealthy and established socialite, they would become lovers and eventually marry, but only after he begged her for months and apologized for slighting her so dreadfully all those years ago.

Alas, she was not so unrealistic to believe any of this would actually happen, but it was a pleasant day dream nonetheless.

Wow! This passage almost makes me start to feel sympathy for Caroline!  Sounds just terrific, Elizabeth!  I love that your anthology focuses more on secondary characters!  I’m sure it was fun to get in their heads! 😉  Thanks so much for sharing and all the best with your new releases and projects!

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In conjunction with her very lovely post, Elizabeth generously brings with her ONE audio book of The Houseguest, ONE audio book of Unwilling, and ONE Ebook of Meryton Vignettes, for me to give away to THREE lucky readers!!!!


To enter this giveaway, leave a comment, question, or some love for Elizabeth!

  • This giveaway is open worldwide.  Thank you, Elizabeth!
  • This giveaway ends January 25th!


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  49 Responses to “Excerpt + Giveaway with Author Elizabeth Adams!!!”


    Thanks Meredith for featuring Elizabeth. I love her stories and as I already have all of these books you can leave me out of the drawing. Best wishes Elizabeth! Jen Red


      Being such a fan of Elizabeth’s novels, it was such a treat for me to have her visit! Thank you for checking out her post, Jennifer, and lending your lovely support!


    Oh, Caroline. Keep on dreaming, dear. 😉

    Loved Caroline’s fantasy! It does make me ALMOST feel sorry for her…a little.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


    Ooo, that’s a generous giveaway from Elizabeth! Thank you so much. I already have The Houseguest queued up on my audiobook TBL list, so if I had to choose from the other two, I think it’d be the audiobook of Unwilling.

    I’m definitely chuckling over Caroline Bingley’s reaction to the Darcys’ marriage as I sit here at my PC. Poor girl! But unlike you, Meredith, I can’t bring myself to feel even a tiny bit sorry for her!


    I love Caroline stories, especially about her trying to deal with Darcy and Elizabeth’s marriage. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂


    Poor Carolyn, she never stops hoping and wishing. Only in her dreams will Darcy be hers. You have to feel sorry for her in away! Thank you for the lovely giveaway. I don’t do audio books and have the two paperback and e-books. So I would only like to be put in the drawing for the ebook of Meryton Vignettes.


    Oh dear! Poor Caroline Bingley. However, if I were perfectly honest, I would confess to indulging in similar flights of fancy a very, very, very long time ago and finding the imaginings to be quite cathartic. Hopefully, in a few years or so, Caroline will be able to move on. 😉

    I do love short story collections and this one sounds to be very interesting as it focuses on secondary characters. Jane Austen populated her novels with such delightful characters and I’m looking forward to reading what you have done with them.


      Very true in both respects, Jan. Instead of focusing on her bitter feelings and hurt, Caroline may start to feel at peace. And yes, I adore stories about Jane Austen’s secondary characters so much, and I think it is because as you said, Jane Austen created so many unique and memorable characters!


    Wow! Enjoyable excerpt. Thanks also for the giveaway. This book has been on my wishlist almost since it came out, so if I were able to choose, it would be for Meryton Vignettes. I’m really looking forward to reading it!


    Thank you sharing. I have not read any of these stories but will definitely take a look.


    I have read all three books and loved them. Don’t include me in the give-a-way [since I already own them]. I just wanted to comment on how much I enjoy your books. Thank you for appearing on the Austenesque blog. Have a blessed day and much success in your writing.


    Oh Caroline, lol, you have a vivid imagination! It was fun to read that and I might have felt a little, just a little, sorry for her “loss”. Anyway, congratulations on your new releases, Elizabeth. I have to tell you that The Houseguest is one of my favourites P&P variations. It is a lovely story! Thank you for the giveaways!


    Thank you for this excerpt from your upcoming book. The Houseguest was one of the earlier books that I read in the sequels and variations of Pride and Prejudice, and to this day it is among my favorites. Ah, Caroline, she loved an image that did not exist. It was fun to read this. In a way you feel for her, but she does not understand that Darcy is uncomfortable in society and social climbing and prefers the countryside and reading, just like Elizabeth.


    I read Houseguest and loved it! Meryton Vignettes sounds like a lot of fun, can wait to read it! Thanks for sharing!


    Hi Elizabeth,
    I´ve enjoyed a lot with your post, these thoughts are indeed Caroline´s thoughts LOL (I´ve to confess I had fun reading it in spite of disliking Caroline)
    I want you to know that I gifted “the houseguest” to a friend of mine and she has started reading it this past Christmas spending a beautiful time with your novel!
    Thanks for the giveaway, you´re very generous!. Please put me for the audio books but not for the ebook 😉


    Life After Darcy is incredible! Poor deluded Caroline… I hope she achieved her own HEA.


    Thank you, Elizabeth, for your generous give-away! I have both of your previous books on my “Want to Buy” list at Amazon and my “Want to Read” list on Goodreads. And I so enjoyed this peek into Caroline’s mind. At least she knows that the dreams she is spinning aren’t truly realistic which is a welcome departure from some characterizations of Caroline. Thank you!

    Susanne 🙂


    Loved the except of Caroline’s thoughts. I’ve no doubt her pride is sorely hurt to have lost her great catch to such a nobody as Lizzy.
    What a fun idea to capture her reaction to the famous pairing.


    I love all of Elizabeth’s books, especially Green Card which I know is not canon P&P but is near enough. I enjoyed these short stories, Caroline certainly lives in a completely different world doesn’t she? Possibly the same world as Mr Collins? I don’t have the facility to read audiobooks and I have read this book so please don’t enter me in the draw Meredith. Thanks for this post


    Sounds intriguing! I love stories about the secondary characters in books. I don’t have the facility for audio books either but if it’s possible to be entered just for the e-book I’d like to enter.


    Wow! This is a generous giveaway. I have all the e-books, but audio books sound wonderful. Just between you and me (other readers, too) I don’t feel sorry for Caroline Bingley. She only thinks of selfish self.


    Oh neat. I didn’t realize she had books coming out in audio format. Lately, I’ve discovered that I simply can’t do chores without a book playing. 🙂
    I’ve already had my eye on that short story collection. I’ve enjoyed the posts and reviews about it.


    I have not read Meryton Vignettes but did read the other two and enjoyed them.


    Please don’t enter me for the giveaways because I buy and read Elizabeth’s stuff within seconds of it hitting the market. She has such a gentle way with the characters. Well, except for Caroline Bingley. What a snot! Miss Bingley, not the author, of course. Dream on, Caroline!


    What an amazing novel excerpt… I now MUST read the novel – as soon as possible!


    Wonderful post and generous giveaway! I love Elizabeth’s books and have found the value of audiobooks. Would be thrilled to win any of the three prizes.


    I have read The Houseguest and really enjoyed it. I did not know that there was an audio version. The short story for Caroline does make you a little sad for her. I think she would hold on to her determined attitude. She is just a character you love to hate unfortunately. Thanks for sharing. The cover for Meryton Vignettes is great!


    Where did you get the idea for the story from Caroline’s POV?


      I was doing a series of character studies for a blog I was part of and when I got to Caroline, this story was born. Same reason for Charlotte. I like knowing what happens after the book ends. 🙂 And Caroline is a compelling character to me, even if it’s in a negative way. I just couldn’t resist!


    Greatly enjoyed the Houseguest, would love to have a copy of Meryton Vignettes, you did an amazing job with the Caroline POV…almost had me feeling sorry for her..can’t wait to see what other secondary characters you worked with.


    Congrats on having Houseguest on audio and for your newest release! I’ve read all your other books except Meryton Vignettes are really enjoyed them! I have the newest one on my TBR list and look forward to reading it as well!


    Miss Bingley, if it makes you feel better then go ahead and keep on dreaming. Just remember there is life after Darcy! Work on improving yourself like he did for Elizabeth and you just might find someone who will love you. Love the excerpt! I loved both The Houseguest and Unwilling. I might have to re-read and review The Houseguest soon! I would love to read Meryton Vignettes as I really enjoy stories on the secondary characters! Thank you for the giveaway!


    A lovely collection of stories! Please don’t enter me in the giveaway, I’ve read & loved the vignettes and all that Elizabeth writes! Just wanted to pop by to say that & leave some love 🙂
    Thanks for the great post, Meredith & Elizabeth & hugs to you both x


    This daydream of Caroline’s had me almost in stitches. Perhaps I should have a bit more sympany for the poor girl.Ummmm … nope! Looking forward to this one!


    Easy to leave love for one of my fave authors.


    Your stories are so enjoyable, Elizabeth. I’d really appreciate getting an audio version to listen to as I quilt.


    Thank you Elizabeth for the giveaway and for sharing the excerpt in Meredith’s blog.
    I’m already reading The Houseguest and I’m enjoying it very much, the way you put into words Elizabeth’s feelings and Darcy’s thoughts is marvelous. It’s like being with them. It would be lovely to hear “their voices” in the audio version.
    PS, I’m Teresa’s friend, the one who started the book last Christmas, as she reported above 😉

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