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Family PortraitsA Riveting Sequel with Our Dearest Friends!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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(Note: This is a sequel to Pamela Lynne’s Pride and Prejudice variation, Dearest Friends, and it is recommended you read that story prior to reading this one.)

In Dearest Friends, Pamela Lynne shows readers what happens when Darcy and Elizabeth lose the trust, friendship, and support of those closest to them. Darcy and Elizabeth are hurt badly by the betrayal and selfishness actions of those they love, but by chance become reacquainted in London and find friendship, compassion, and something infinitely more dear…true happiness and marital bliss!

And some of Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s friends and family members find happiness in marriage as well. But some do not. One couple is forced to go their separate ways (even though both are in love and wish to marry each other!) and another finds themselves living in an unhappy marriage filled with marital strife and misery. It is these two couples we spend the most time with in Family Portraits. But similar to Dearest Friends, this story includes a large cast with many subplots and switching of storylines. Both books are a rather encompassing and epic family saga!

Oh happy day! One of my favorite original characters receives some major time in the spotlight in this sequel! If you read my review of Dearest Friends, then you know I could only be talking about Pamela Lynne’s lovable original character, Sebastian Fitzwilliam, Viscount Hedley (Colonel Fitzwilliam’s rakish and reprehensible brother!) He’s the classic bad boy that everyone warned you about but you end up falling hard for anyway! While he is charming and devastatingly handsome, what I love most about Sebastian is his blunt honesty and how he notices what others don’t. Especially when he sees the value and beauty in a person others often discard and neglect.

In this story we see how Sebastian moves on and becomes a worthy man. He may not be able to pursue a future with the woman he loves, but he still wants to make her proud. And so he strives to always do what is right, to fix the messes he and his family made, and become the kind of man he didn’t think was possible.  Sebastian faces some difficult and heartbreaking trials in this book and I loved Pamela Lynne’s sensitive and perceptive development of his character. He will forever remain one of my favorites!

Besides Sebastian (because he is reason numero uno of why I love this book!), another element of this sequel I greatly enjoyed was the creative storylines Pamela Lynne dreamed up for all characters involved. There is a lot of diversity with her storylines (which I appreciated) and I found each one plausible and engrossing. It is always a good thing when you can’t decide which subplot you want to follow most!  I loved how even Darcy and Elizabeth got a plenty of page time and how they had to learn how to not let family matters come between them.

And lastly, I loved how this story was told with letters in the beginning and jumps in the timeline supported by summaries of important events. I especially loved witnessing the letters exchanged between Richard and Sebastian, they were hilarious!  And speaking of hilarious, wait until you see what happens with Lydia!!  What a hoot!  It is with these sparkling subplots and attention to small detail where Ms. Lynne’s talent really shines!

I adored this expressive and entertaining pair of books by Pamela Lynne! I loved how Pamela Lynne featured so many characters and intertwining storylines, and I greatly admire her fearless and creative approach to Jane Austen’s characters. If you have not already read these lovely books I recommend you make haste and do so at once!!!

Warning: Due to a few intimate and romantic scenes that take place in this novel, I’d recommend this novel for Mature Audiences only.

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  21 Responses to “Family Portraits – Pamela Lynne”


    I am looking forward to reading both of these, hopefully soon! So glad to see you loved them.


    I too loved this book Meredith. I have read Dearest Friends a number of times so was really pleased to hear about this sequel. I just needed to find out more about Sebastian and Mary and I always want to read more about Darcy and Elizabeth enjoying married life. Great review!


    A lovely review Meredith.


    I share your love. I’m a huge Sebastian fan and was over the moon when I realized this sequel would continue his story. Oh man, those letters were a hoot. 🙂


    I have not read this one although I did read the first book. It is one I have been meaning to read and just have not found the time. Your review is excellent. I will have to move this up further on my TBR list. Thank you for sharing.


    Thank you so much for the lovely review, Meredith. Sebastian has a big chunk of my heart and knowing others love him, too, fills me with such joy. This book was the hardest one for me write so far because it was important to do justice to these characters, especially Sebastian and Mary. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it. 🙂


      Thank you for sharing this lovely story with us, Pamela! 🙂 I think you definitely more than did justice to all these characters. I loved each storyline and development. Thank YOU!


    Loved this book especially because of the Fitzwilliam brothers and Mary Bennet. Just wish there were more stories about these characetrs


    Oh my, great review. Have book one, shooting up to the top of the TBR right away. 🙂


    I gave in. I got both books and they’re on my reading schedule for the next year. Woohoo! Can’t wait! 😀


    This was a lovely review which I enjoyed reading. I read and loved Dearest Friends but I need to make time to read this one. Perhaps over the holiday season,I’ll find a quiet little nook and settle down to such a treat!


    I loved Dearest Friends and the parting of the couple you mention was heartbreaking. The comes Family Portraits and more heart wrenching for them. It’s a great sequel and I should definitely now make time to read the two back-to-back. Where’s my TARDIS, or could I borrow Hermione Grainger’s time turner?

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