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The Elizabeth PapersUncovering the Important Truth of the Darcys’ Marriage!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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What if Mr. Darcy, being the responsible and magnanimous man he is, decided to set up a Darcy Trust to endow his future female descendants so they wouldn’t have to fear poverty or dependency on their relations?

What if in 2014 one of those modern-day descendants believed there was some truth to the rumor that one of the original Mr. Darcy’s daughters wasn’t actually his daughter?

What if this descendant hired a private investigator to find the answers about Victoria Darcy and discover if Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy truly were her parents?

In her outstanding new release author Jenetta James delivers an enthralling romantic mystery that has an unlikely pair – Charlie Haywood (private investigator) and Evie Pemberton (a Darcy descendant that could be disinherited) hunting to find the hidden truth about the Darcys’ marriage. Is it possible that Victoria Darcy isn’t really Mr. Darcy’s daughter? The rumors must have came from somewhere…all they need is to find the some document, letter, or maybe a diary that divulges a long ago family secret…

In between the chapters where we follow Evie and Charlie, Jenetta James reveals with tantalizing slowness some challenging times in the Darcys’ marriage through diary entries in Elizabeth’s private journal. While it is wonderful to read of the blissful happiness between Darcy and Elizabeth, this story illustrates the real moments of doubt, insecurities, and what happens when you don’t communicate with your partner. However, readers need not feel too anxious – Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth may have some misunderstandings and communication issues, but Mr. Darcy’s powerful love and endless devotion towards Elizabeth continue to speak loudly through his actions more than his words. *sigh* Very romantic!

I’m afraid it is impossibly difficult for me to decide what I loved most about this Pride and Prejudice adventure! I loved the concept and was entranced with the dual storyline – it had a perfect balance of intrigue, poignancy, and possibility. I adored all the characters – I wanted to be Evie’s best friend and I loved seeing how Charlie became so affected around her. While he did sometimes come off as a bit arrogant and insincere, deep down he was sweet and good. In addition, the Darcys (both past and present) were wonderfully drawn and brilliant additions to the story. Lastly, I love that we went on a road-trip to Pemberley and how art (and one piece of artwork in particular) was featured prominently in this tale.

There isn’t a thing I would change about The Elizabeth Papers! Jenetta James crafted a compelling and remarkable story that cannot help but enchant readers! Written with reverence towards Jane Austen’s characters and filled with vibrant settings in brilliant detail, this genuine and unique romantic mystery is one I emphatically recommend! Brava Jenetta James, this story is well-deserving of all the lovely praise it receives!

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  41 Responses to “The Elizabeth Papers – Jenetta James”


    Oh Meredith what a lovely review. I almost bought this today and now after reading this I think I will definitely have to give in and buy it! (I was a bit worried about the troubles Darcy and Elizabeth endure but according to your review all seems to end up happily with them.) Thanks for helping me to decide. 🙂


      Dear Glynis, I hope that if you get the book you do enjoy it and that the tension between them is not too much – I love D&E and could never put them through too much trouble is any reassurance:-)


      Oh I hope you buy it, Glynis! I am sure you will love it! 🙂 I’m pretty sure I read it in the span of 24 hours, just couldn’t put it down.


    I’m glad to see you loved this book as much as I did!


    Wow what a fantastic review. I have head so many good things about this book and after reading your review Meredith I am going to have to purchase it. Can’t wait to read it – its sounds wonderful and fascinating!


    Your reviews are always so balanced and thoughtfully crafted. And your opinion carries much weight in this community so one can’t help but be anxious to hope you will think well of the work. I am so very THRILLED you loved this story. I think Jenetta James is such an amazing talent–and your review validates my biased opinion. Made my whole week! Thank you.


    It’s on TBR pile and I’m really looking forward to it after this review Meredith! Thanks for sharing!!


    Meredith, this is one of my favorite recent releases from Meryton Press. It is a gentle story with deceptive emotional power as it builds. I agree 100% with your review!


    I wonder what made Mr and Mrs Darcy adopt a girl without saying nothing about it!. I enjoy novels where the story is told through letters and diarios because they seem more real. I hope Evie and Charlie find the truth without problems for her 🙂
    Thanks for your insightful review, Meredith!


      Hmm. Who said anything about adoption? *wink wink* Its all tight lips around here! If you read the book I hope that you enjoy it… I love letters and diaries and things like that in stories too. I’m currently working on a book where I use some letters and also newspaper reports to tell part of the story. Its nice to have different ways of saying things.. Happy reading Teresa & thank for your comment:-)


      Thanks for reading my review, Teresa!! Yes…you will have to read for yourself to find out the answer to your question! 😉 You won’t be sorry! 🙂


    Oh, I loved this book so much. And your review was brilliant. It’s a must read, friends.


    I’m glad we agree on this book, Meredith. It was overwhelming when I finished it, I was so affected by it. Jenetta James is a wonderful asset to JAFF.


      Thank you Suzan, looking forward to Letter From Ramsgate btw which I think is coming very soon, right?


      Yes, Suzan! I felt the same way. I love when a book does that! 🙂 It ended so perfectly to…with just a hint of what will come in the future! You both are a wonderful asset to JAFF!!! So glad you will have another book soon, Suzan!!


    Lovely review for a great book. I also enjoyed this one.


    I can add my voice to those above – this was a lovely read! (and a lovely review, too!)


    Yes, both storylines were equally as good. So glad you loved it, too. Nice review, Meredith!


      Thanks Sophia. I had been so worried that readers would not like my invented characters in the modern part – so I am especially thrilled when readers report liking them.


      I love when it is dual storyline and I cannot decide which storyline I love more!! Thanks for reading my review, Sophia!


    I have it on my bookshelf just waiting for some free time to read it – hopefully soon! Every review I read wants me to read it more and more!


    Wow Meredith that is some review! I’m been watching this one for a while. Guess I’ll have to move it up the list.

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