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Yes, Mr. DarcyA Wonderful Meet Cute for Darcy and Elizabeth!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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In this novella-length variation, Mr. Bennet looks favorably on Mr. Collins pursuit of Elizabeth, and does not allow Elizabeth to consider rejecting his proposal. Having been negligent in preparing for the future, Mr. Bennet decides this is the best way to ensure protection and support for his wife and other daughters. Elizabeth has a very bleak outlook on her future and her small ray of happiness is traveling with her beloved aunt and uncle to Derbyshire before any marriage arrangements officially begin. While there, Elizabeth encounters a heartbroken young girl who is grieving the loss of someone important in her life and desperately needing some advice and counsel. Elizabeth, with quiet sympathy, listens to the young girl’s despair and recent troubles and tenderly provides some comfort.

Elizabeth never suspects that her kindness and compassion greatly effect and impress the young girl’s older brother who overheard the endearing exchange. So much so that he continued for months to look for her all around Derbyshire, Lambton, and London. Only to find her where he least expected to…

I love seeing adorable first encounters for Darcy and Elizabeth! It is always interesting to explore how the course of their relationship changes when they meet with no pride or prejudice! As you might imagine, their second meeting happens at the Meryton Assembly and it is there that Mr. Darcy learns about Elizabeth’s predicament with Mr. Collins and comes up with a swift and surprising solution! Who doesn’t love to see Darcy come to the rescue, right? I especially enjoyed how Elizabeth thinks Darcy is only rescuing her to repay the kindness she showed his sister! No, no Lizzy, Mr. Darcy has his own agenda!

While the romance develops rather expediously from this point, Darcy and Elizabeth do face some obstacles as Mr. Bennet prefered his original plan of Elizabeth marrying Mr. Collins and remaining near him at Longbourn. I might say that romanitc feelings and decisions came about a little too rapidly and easily for my taste, but this is a novella – I was prepared for it to be fast-paced and succinct. And knowing Ms. King has a true romantic heart, I knew I could anticipate some beautiful and romantic scenes. Even though this work is shorter in length, Ms. King made sure there were plenty moments of tender devotion and heart-stopping exchanges. I loved how Lydia and Kitty would witness many of these scenes and begin to fantasize about having romantic suitoirs like their sister’s!

What I enjoyed most about this variation was how Ms. King accentuated some of Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s most admirable and praiseworthy characteristics. Elizabeth’s heart-to-heart with Georgiana is handled with such beautiful sympathy and gentleness. And this Mr. Darcy will easily win over everyones’ heart with his integrity, strong sense of responsibility, and loyal protection for all those who depend on him. I loved seeing him stand up to both Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. It was wonderful to see such a focus on these commendable and inspiring qualities.

Is your heart craving a sweet romance and happily-ever-after? Then pick up a copy of J. Dawn King’s delightful Yes, Mr. Darcy! A perfect choice for readers who want a low-angst romance featuring a decisive, determined, and devoted Mr. Darcy! Yes, indeed!

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  27 Responses to “Yes, Mr. Darcy! – J. Dawn King”


    Any opportunity to fall more in love with Mr Darcy appeals to me! This story sounds quite charming.


    As always, great review, Meredith! I enjoyed this novella and loved Mr. Darcy too. He was quite charming! You are right in that J Dawn King can and does write some beautifully romantic scenes.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


    Lovely review Meredith! I just ordered the paperback of this book on Amazon and waiting patiently to receive it!. I find Ms. King never disappoints!


    Sounds charming! Though I have to admit that, as a person with a soft spot for Mr. Bennet’s high-minded sarcasm and needle wit, the notion of him sacrificing his favorite daughter to Mr. Collins would stick in my craw. . . .


    Great review Meredith. I have this on my wish list as I do have some of her books which I have enjoyed. This does sound lovely so I think I will have to bump it up the list. Poor Elizabeth having her father let her down like that. Thank goodness for Darcy


    Hi Meredith!
    I love when Georgiana becomes the link between Darcy and Elizabeth because in this case both can show themselves as they are, without pride and prejudice, as you say. Thanks for the review, it´s a perfect choice and, Mr. Collins, please, get out of Lizzy´s way LOL


    Your reviews are always so kind and respectful of the authors of the stories, Meredith. Thank you so much for reading this story. I have to admit that I was a bit “in love” when I started this and stayed that way throughout.


      HI Joy! Thank you so much for reading my review and for being so kind to send me a copy of it! As you saw on Facebook, I took this book to the beach and had a marvelous time! In fact I think I read it all at the beach (two different visits!) Can’t wait to see what you write next (just please keep writing!!!)


    wonderful review!


    Great review! I’m looking forward to reading this one. It’s waiting patiently on my Kindle.


    OOOh! So excited to get more of Mr. Darcy! Has any man been so desired by so many women??


    Love how you describe this one. It is neat to see a variation that showcases their strengths which sends the story in a new direction. Love that Darcy comes to the rescue in this one. I’ll definitely have to snag it.


    Good review, Meredith. I read this and totally enjoyed it.


    I’d love to read this. I loved your review.

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