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Hello, dear readers!  I am very excited to welcome back author Pamela Lynne to Austenesque Reviews today! Pamela is here to celebrate the release of Family Portraits – a sequel to first fantastic Pride and Prejudice variation, Dearest Friends, which I was a big fan of (you can read all about it HERE!)   I’m so happy to have Pamela come visit and share more about one of my favorite original characters, Sebastian Fitzwilliam! 

Sebastian Fitzwilliam—Your Next Book Boyfriend

Hello, dear friends! I cannot believe it has been a year since my guest post here about Sketching Character. Thank you for hosting me again, Meredith. I always love visiting Austenesque Reviews as both an author and a reader. Today, I bring a special character with me.

Those who read Dearest Friends know that although Darcy was our leading man, he shared Dearest Friendsthe stage with other strong male characters, most notably his cousin, Sebastian Fitzwilliam. The viscount’s selfish and rakish behavior caused distress early in the novel, but as the story progressed, his true character was exposed. He is the best of men, and, in my opinion, makes a great book boyfriend. Here’s why.

  1. He is always willing to provide encouragement and help in his family’s time of need.

Have courage, Brother. I know you shall conquer this fearsome new foe that Darcy has laid in your path. If you need reinforcements, then I will happily send Mother to help slay the dragon. To be clear, I am speaking of Miss Lydia, although I am sure I have seen our aunt breathe fire on occasion.

  1. He is an excellent judge of character.

I realize it is hypocritical of me to say so, but if Jane Bingley has mended her ways and can now gracefully accept Elizabeth’s good fortune, I will pose for Aunt Catherine’s next portrait.

  1. He displays a vulnerable side.

I need her there, Richard. It is selfish and wrong, I know, but I need to have her close by. She grounds me, reminds me of what I am striving to be. I have to control my desire to be with her, and I will as long as I know she is there. I care for Connie, I truly do, and the affection I feel for her is enough as long as I have Mary to remind me.”

Remind you of what?”

Family PortraitsThat someone loves me.”

  1. He gives good advice.

Yes, before he left Pemberley last year, he talked to me about some things.”

Did he? I was unaware of this. You have never mentioned it before.”

You never asked me about it before.”

Well, you have raised my curiosity. You must now tell me all.”

The morning before he left, he put me on George’s pony. He walked beside me and said how important it was that I take care of you. He said that you like to laugh in spite of yourself and that I must try as often as I can to make you smile.”

Mary kissed his head. “You have performed wonderfully.”

James returned his mother’s smile, quite proud at her words. “I am glad. Uncle Matlock said it was my greatest responsibility because, if we left it up to Uncle Darcy, you might not laugh for years.”

  1. He is deliciously naughty.

Sebastian smiled and nodded and then allowed his eyes to fully take her in. “That is a pretty color on you. It suits you well.”

Mary nervously smoothed the skirt. “It is Anne’s. She loaned me this and another one for tomorrow. It does not fit properly in some places.”

Sebastian allowed his eyes to linger on those places a little too long and had to pull himself out of his thoughts before he needed to apologize again.

  1. And he is most determined.

I do not like to brag, but though I may be a little out of practice, I am fairly good at it. One way or another, Mary, you will be mine before this night is through.”

Have I convinced you, yet? Sebastian is so much fun to spend time with, and I am pleased beyond measure to share him, and all the characters in Family Portraits, with you all. As you read, please treat them with care, for they are very precious. Family Portraits is now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. Comment below for your chance to win an ebook. Take care, everyone, and happy reading!

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, Pamela!  This was the perfect post for you to share today, because I was already falling in love with Sebastian in Dearest Friends!  I cannot wait to see more of him and fall in love again!


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Today, Pamela brings with her ONE ebook copy of her newly released novel,Family Portraits, for me to giveaway to ONE lucky winner!

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  40 Responses to “Guest Post + Giveaway with Author Pamela Lynne!!!”


    He sounds too good to be true! <3 He'd be a fun character to get to know 🙂


    Pamela, thank you for creating Sebastian Fitzwilliam! This book sounds divine!


    Sebastian sounds like my kind of guy, would love to read this book 😀


    I have just put this at the top of my to buy list so that I can read both these books ( I already have dearest friends) one after the other


    Wonderful man! I need to get to know him better. Thanks for sharing this Pamela and for inviting her Meredith.


    I loved Dearest Friends, but it has been awhile since I have read it. Reading this post, I do recall Sebastian, but I’ll definitely re-read the book before enjoying Family Portraits! Looking forward to both.


    That was fun! Thanks for sharing this interpretation.


    Totally agree Pamela. Apart from Darcy he is my favourite male character. I love your excerpts they show him perfectly. In fact I will definitely have to read it again as soon as I can. Obviously I have a copy so please don’t enter me in the giveaway


    Sounds great! I can’t wait to read them both!


    All I have to do is see the name Fitzwilliam (or Darcy) and all bets are off. Sounds like a perfect read to add to my TBR pile. Thanks so much, Pamela and Meredith, for the chance to win!


    Sebastian sounds deliciously decadent!! What girl could resist!!!!!


    I love Dearest Friends, it is one that I read over and over! Looking forward to reading Family Portraits. I enjoy the interaction between Mary and Sebastian. Which character was your favorite one to give voice to? Thank you so much for sharing your stories.


      I’m going to take the easy way out and say both Mary and Sebastian are my favorites. I love how they both have these surface reputations but are so much more beneath. I especially love that they only share those parts with a select few–namely each other. Thanks so much!!


    Sounds wonderful Pam! Thanks for the opprotuinty!


    Delicious! Two Darcys means two of Colin Firth 🙂


    Pamela, what a great post. So many teasers with each statement of character. I love all of your books and I hope this one is a great success. Thanks Meredith and Pamela for another fun interview. Jen Red ♫


    Terrific post! I definitely want to know Sebastian better. I look forward to reading this.


    Oh yep! I do count Sebastian as one of my book boyfriends and you’ve summed the reasons up well. 😉

    Please do not enter me, Meredith! Thanks!


    Oh my! I already love it! Thanks for the opportunity to win this book!


    I will have to re-read ‘Dearest Friends’ and refresh my memory before reading ‘Family Portraits’. I do love sequels! Do you think Mary would be willing to share Sebastian? Thank you for the delightful post and giveaway! I love a man with a sense of wicked humour!


    I have to say that although I did read the first book it has been so long that I definitely needed these passages to remind me. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading this second book.


    I finished Dearest Friends not long ago and I’m keen to know more of Mary and Sebastian’s story!


    Enjoyed Dearest Friends and would love to win a copy of Family Portraits..
    One can never have to many book boyfriends


    I loved Dearest Friends and look forward to reading this as well. This excerpt has certainly gotten my attention…I’m now going to re-read Dearest Friends.


    Cannot wait to read the sequel. I loved the first one and I’m happy you published this sequel Pamela.


    Lol I loved this post. Can’t wait to meet sebastian


    These quotes take me back! Sebastian truly is one of a kind. Congratulations, Pamela. (No need to enter me for the ebook)


    Dearest Friends is waiting patiently on my Kindle; I must get to it soon! This follow up sounds fantastic! I can’t wait to meet Sebastian.


    I loved the first book, it was rather fun to say the least! Why did you decide that Mary was a good match for Sebastian?


      To be honest, I did not intend for them to have any sort of romantic relationship in Dearest Friends. I had started out to create a platonic friendship between the two that would help them see the world differently and become better people. They had other plans, though. 🙂


    Oh, I do love those handsome, strong Darcy and Fitzwilliam men! Thank you for the giveaway.

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