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Woot woot!  Time to celebrate a new cover reveal!!!  I’m so excited to share the cover of Suzan Lauder’s upcoming release.  I loved the uniqueness and creativity of her first Pride and Prejudice variation Alias Thomas Bennet, and I’m so looking forward to reading her new release, which sounds just as unique…and a bit intriguing!

~ Letter From Ramsgate ~

Expected Release Date: Early October 2016

Sir, I am not known to you. I fear you may have concerns regarding some intelligence that recently came to me from your sister…

…a simple letter shatters illusions and turns the world upside down!

On holiday in Ramsgate, Elizabeth Bennet befriends shy, romantic Georgiana Darcy, who shares an adoring description of an ideal elder brother. When Georgiana discloses a secret infatuation with her brother’s “close friend” Mr. Wickham, Elizabeth’s altered perception of both men affects her actions and alliances.

The secret within an anonymous letter from Ramsgate ties Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth together but also separates them. A second missive unlocks the disguise, but Mr. Darcy realizes his true passions too late to assist Elizabeth in her darkest hour. Will the shocking disclosure of a forgotten letter transform his understanding of her heart and lead them to embrace their future?

Letter from Ramsgate is a Pride and Prejudice variation suitable for most audiences (youth and up).

~ Author Bio ~meryton-press-for-november-2015

A love for Jane Austen’s novels and Regency and Austenesque romance novels inspired Suzan Lauder to write her own variations, which led her to a passion for Regency era history and costuming, as well as social media book marketing. She cherishes the many friends she’s made as a result of these interests.

Suzan is a member of JASNA, VIRA, RWA (PAN and Beau Monde chapters), and is a registered professional engineer. She enjoys independent travel, design, Pilates, yoga, cycling, sustainability, upcycling, architecture, beta editing, and blogging. Most of the time, a Vancouver Island penthouse loft condominium with a view of the Salish Sea is home. For a few months each winter, Mr. Suze and their two rescue cats accompany her to their tiny Spanish colonial casita in Centro Historico of an industrial city in Mexico.

Letter from Ramsgate is Lauder’s second published novel and comes on the heels of her successful upcycled costuming blog series, the Thrift Shop Regency Costume Experiment. Her latest venture is blogging about her learning experiences while editing Letter from Ramsgate. Suzan’s first novel, Alias Thomas Bennet, is an Austen-inspired Regency romance with a mystery twist. She also contributed a short modern romance, Delivery Boy, to the holiday anthology Then Comes Winter. All Lauder’s published fiction is based on Pride and Prejudice and is available from Meryton Press.

And without further ado….here is the big reveal!!!



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~ Letter from Ramsgate Blog Tour ~



What do you think, my friends?  Isn’t it an arrestingly beautiful cover?

I love exploring situations where Elizabeth meets Darcy or Georgiana in a different setting, don’t you?

I’m very curious about the second missive and “Elizabeth’s darkest hour!”  Very intriguing!

A big thank you to Janet Taylor, Suzan Lauder, and the team at Meryton Press for putting together this lovely cover reveal!  All the best on the upcoming release of Letter from Ramsgate!!!


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  47 Responses to “Cover Reveal for Letter From Ramsgate!!!”


    Gorgeous cover, and I am thrilled to be part of the tour. The book sounds fantastic!


    Great cover!


    Congratulations, Suzan and everyone else involved. Really unusual, striking cover. I keep going back for another look and sure readers will too.


    Beautiful cover! I am certainly all curiosity from this intriguing excerpt.

    Thank you for sharing, ladies, and good luck with the release.


    The Cover is Awesome! This was such a fun read! Best Wishes with your new publication! Jen Red


    So pretty!


    I love love love the cover!!! Covers are very important to me. If one catches my eye and I’d had no intention of buying it, I can often be persuaded this way.


    looking forward to reading this


    How lovely, Suzan! Kudos to you and your designer. I noticed Janet’s name mentioned above. Did she create your cover?
    I find nothing to quibble about. Love the colours, the fonts, the depictions of Elizabeth and Georgiana, their summery apparel and pretty parasols, the wax seal and the peek at a letter, Ramsgate, little Darcy down there on the beach … ooh, or is that Wickham?
    Looking forward to ‘early October’ and your novel’s release!


      J. Marie, I did not do the cover. It is absolutely lovely, isn’t it! I am now organizing the blog tours and cover reveals for Meryton Press. Jakki retired to full time homeschooling and time with her children. I will be sending out letters to all the MP authors soon. 🙂


      I agree, Joanne! I especially love the wax seal for an ‘o’ and the letter behind the lovely draped image. Zorylee is very clever with her subtle touches, isn’t she?


    LOVE the cover!!!! I read this as a WIP and have been watching for its release. Can’t wait to reread it. Loved the story.


    Sounds like a very intriguing book!


    Oh, yes, it´s a charming cover!
    I don´t know what “Elizabeth´s darkest hour” could mean but…when Wickham is close…everything is possible! (don´t you hear the alarms? LOL)


    Many thanks to Zorylee Diaz-Lupitou who created this wonderful cover. Her process, which involves a sort of strategic analysis of the novel, brought out key aspects of the story and characters, and her talent in putting it all together and working in magical details that I mentioned I loved are behind the images you see. She did this at a time when her life was overwhelming, and I can’t express enough gratitude for that extra effort, professional attitude, and caring for me and the story.

    I appreciate all the positive comments and hope you all like the novel! (This Canuck has learned “you all” from her JAFF pals!) The AHA posted story has been revamped and fine-tuned. It’s nearly ready for you to enjoy!

    I look forward to working with Janet on the promotion of Letter from Ramsgate, as she’s a dear friend who’s already had key roles with Alias Thomas Bennet and Then Comes Winter, and now is off in a new and exciting direction.

    Thanks, Janet, for organizing this, and thanks to Meredith, who is such a friend to the Austenesque world, for hosting its unveiling to our JAFF community!


      What a terrific creation Zorylee made! It is so interesting to learn about it coming together. Thank you, Suzan for your lovely visit and kind words!! I wish you so much success with your upcoming release!


    Lovely cover. I wonder what Elizabeth’s darkest hour is and how it is resolved.


    Love this cover. I hope Wickham has nothing to do with Elizabeth’s darkest hour. Ladies back then should have carried a one shot little pistol.


    Congratulations, hon! I’m looking forward to the release!


    This is really lovely and so intriguing. When I saw the sneak preview I love the fact that one lady is looking right at the reader and the other gazing off into the distance, and of course the mysterious gentleman below! Lovely. Looking forward to reading the book.


    beautiful cover!



    Gorgeous cover. Can’t wait to read it.


    I love the cover! It looks so perfect for the title! I am also looking forward to read this book 🙂


    Zorylee does it again! Very beautiful cover. The dark-haired young lady – who I imagine is Elizabeth – looks a bit mischievous and fun 🙂 Congrats, Suzan!


    Beautiful cover ! Congrats !


    What a refreshingly beautiful cover! I say refreshing because I’ve seen so many book covers lately that use the same models, the same costumes, nearly the exact same poses!! 🙁 I really do like this one!

    I also really liked Suzan Lauder’s first book, ‘Alias, Mr. Bennet,’ have read it twice and truly enjoyed it both times. I think this one sounds like a winner too.

    I do like JAFF with the characters meeting under different circumstances. And it’s plausible, the Ramsgate location is an important place in the original P&P. A key point in Elizabeth’s changing view of Darcy.

    Can anybody remember the name of the book where Darcy and Elizabeth meet as children when The Gardiners take her to Brighton? And Darcy rescues her and Elizabeth’s little dog? It’s driving me a little nuts! 🙂


      Ergggh. ‘Alias, Thomas Bennet.’ sorry…


      Thanks, Michele! Are you thinking of Chocolate, Curls, and Dragons? I loved that one!


        No, no, no! I was referring to the book covers for Regency Romance and JAFF genres in general. Not familiar yet with Chocolate, Curls, and Dragons. Checking that out ASAP.

        I love the cover for your new book, it really is adorable and it looks fresh and new. Looking forward to reading it.


      I agree, Michelle! This one is especially unique and beautiful.

      Gosh! That story opening sounded so familiar! I had to go hunting for it! And luckily I think I maybe found it?!? Was Lady Anne there too? If so, maybe you talking are about Sketching Mr. Darcy by Lory Lilian.


        Meredith, I could kiss you. Smooches coming your way!!! Am I the only one who reads so many and then they sometimes blend together? Most likely it’s just me. And I read fairly slowly and savor every word. My husband thinks it’s hilarious. I’m the same way with movies.


          Yay! I definitely don’t think you are the only one with that problem! I have it too! Especially with a side detail like that! That’s why I’m glad for reviews!


    Thanks to everyone who’s commented!

    I agree, all those little details are great, and they’re all down to Zorylee’s skill and observation. The seal is a heart, and the parasols are from photos of mine from my costuming, but embellished. Now I want to put embroidery on one and the longer, feathery fringe on the other! Elizabeth and Georgiana are indeed new models, and Zorylee has some great ground rules and strategies to help reduce the chances of similar covers to other books. The back cover she designed for “Letter from Ramsgate” is equally lovely, as usual for a Meryton Press book.

    Those who are part of the blog tour, Janet had planned for lots of fun with reviews, vignettes, excerpts, guest posts, interviews, and various stories about “Letter from Ramsgate.” We hope to get lots of reader participation!

    Thanks so much to everyone who mentioned their love for “Alias Thomas Bennet,” a book I’m very proud of, since it pushed some boundaries in JAFF. “Letter from Ramsgate” is very different from “Alias Thomas Bennet.” For starters, no sneaky new character decided to become the hero of the story. This time, it’s all Darcy, though he’s responsible for some nasty angst. I promise HEA for him and Elizabeth, though.

    Those who have read the AHA version will be pleased with the improvements Gail Warner insisted upon. Imagine being told to rewrite the first four chapters before you start the “serious” editing! Smooches, Gail!

    Again, thanks to all who have commented!


      Hi Suzan! Thank you so much for the honor of sharing your cover reveal here! I loved learning more about your cover and how the parasols are from photos! Wow! That’s pretty awesome to have all these different components come together!

      Looking forward to your tour and all the fun you and Janet have planned! Best of luck on your upcoming release!!!


    Congratulations Suzan! Stunning cover! Will this book be available as a paperback too? I will be away for 3 weeks but will try and comment when I can on the blog tour.


    Beautiful cover!


    The ebook is scheduled to be out soon, and the paperback a few weeks after that! Thanks!


    Talk about stories blending together…just Monday I had to go in and rewrite a review as I realized two stories were mixed in my mind. I had read them both within a week of each other. I really must write the review A.S.A.P. so as not to have that happen. Lesson learned.


    What a superb cover — and concept, Suzan! This looks like a winner! Congratulations!

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