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Hi readers, I’m happy to share another of my Austenesque Top Ten lists with you today!

Today we are looking at Pride and Prejudice sequels – which comprises a huge chunk of the Austenesque genre!  Most of the earliest published Austenesque novels (pre-1995) were Pride and Prejudice sequels – stories that helped readers find the answer to the frequently asked question – what happened next?

The way I see it there are two kinds of Pride and Prejudice sequels.

  1. Ones that focus on Darcy and Elizabeth
  2. Ones that focus more on fleshing out a minor character from Pride and Prejudice – such as Mary Bennet, Kitty Bennet, Charlotte Collins, and Georgiana Darcy.

While I do love to see Darcy and Elizabeth in the throes of happily ever after, I must admit that I sometimes find myself more often gravitating to read sequels that include strong storylines for minor characters over stories that are solely about Darcy and Elizabeth.

Since I already made a list of my Top Ten Favorite Minor Character novels (and 8 of them are Pride and Prejudice sequels!), I thought it would be better to have this list of Top Ten Pride and Prejudice Sequels spotlight stories that prominently feature Darcy and Elizabeth.

* These lists are based only on the novels I have read and reviewed on this blog and are my top ten favorites.

**These lists are subject to change.  


(in alphabetical order)

A Change of LegaciesA Change of Legacies

Author: Sophie Turner

Type of Novel: SequelHistorical Fiction

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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“I greatly admire Ms. Turner’s style and applaud how she seamlessly can weave together a tale that includes so many characters, historical details, and underlying themes. The end result is a stimulating, compelling, and moving continuation that I will definitely read again and again!”


A Constant Love

A Constant Love

Author: Sophie Turner

Type of Novel: SequelHistorical Fiction

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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“This novel is half Pride and Prejudice sequel and half a work of historical fiction focusing on England in the years 1814 and 1815. Real-life historic events such as The Corn Bill, The Hundred Days, and The Battle of Waterloo are events Darcy and Elizabeth would have seen had they been real and not fictional.”


A Marriage Worth the EarningA Marriage Worth the Earning: To Have and To Hold

Author: Mary Sherwood

Type of Novel: Sequel

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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“Ms. Sherwood illustrates a marriage that contains strife, misconception, and outside negative forces. Her tale is one that is not frequently told and by comparison is a little bit darker and poignant than other Pride and Prejudice sequels.”


ChristmasatPemberleyChristmas at Pemberley

Author: Regina Jeffers

Type of Novel: Sequel

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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“This novel has it all! A meaningful message, Christmas cheer and celebration, scandals and intrigue, engagements and births, and a profusion of romance!”


Mr. Darcy Takes a WifeMr. Darcy Takes a Wife

Author: Linda Berdoll

Type of Novel: SequelMature Audiences

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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“Prerequisites for this novel should include: a daring disposition, a proclivity for passion, and a lack of compunction about encroaching upon the Darcys’ privacy. Epic, memorable, and thrilling – Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife will always have a special place in my heart and permanent place on my shelf!”


North_by_Northanger81kNorth by Northanger (Or, The Shades of Pemberley)

Author: Carrie Bebris

Type of Novel: SequelMystery

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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“An entertaining and captivating tale of misadventure, calamity, hidden treasures with past secrets, and of course, arrogant and domineering Lady Catherine stirring up all sorts of commotion. I greatly enjoyed this delightful mixture of intrigue, mystery, and Jane Austen.”


Pemberley CelebrationsPemberley Celebrations

Author: Kara Louise

Type of Novel: Sequel, Short Story

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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“I love that through the midst of celebrations and festivities Darcy and Elizabeth still had their misunderstandings, disputes, and battle of wits. The journey through their first year of marriage was plausibly filled with highs and lows, differences and compromises.”


The Intrigue of HighuryThe Intrigue at Highbury (Or, Emma’s Match)

Author: Carrie Bebris

Type of Novel: SequelMystery

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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“I immensely enjoyed the camaraderie and easy rapport between the Knightleys and the Darcys and I cannot think of more suitable companion for Emma Knightley than Elizabeth Darcy.”


The Perfect MatchThe Perfect Match

Author: Lory Lilian

Type of Novel: SequelMature Audiences, Novella

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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“This brief little glimpse into our dear couple’s happily-ever-after was like sampling a delectable piece of chocolate after a sumptuous meal. Nothing too filling or complex – just that extra bit of “something sweet” to leave you completely satisfied.”


The Phantom at PemberleyThe Phantom of Pemberley

Author: Regina Jeffers

Type of Novel: SequelMystery

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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“A brilliant and remarkably well-executed mystery sequel of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Besides having all sorts of intrigue and suspicious incidents, this novel gives us a glimpse of Darcy and Elizabeth’s passionate and harmonious marriage.”


What are some of your favorite Pride and Prejudice Sequels?



This is my ninth Austenesque Top Ten list.  You can find my other Top Ten lists HERE.

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  34 Responses to “Favorite Pride and Prejudice Sequels – Austenesque Top Ten List”


    I have read all but two of these. They are all favorites. Can’t decide in which order that would be but I will now have to read the two I have not: The Phantom of Pemberley and The Intrigue at HIghbury. Great list IMO.


      Glad to hear we share so many favorites! 🙂 Of all the Carrie Bebris novels I’ve read The Intrigue at Highbury is definitely my favorite, I think you would enjoy it, Sheila!


    I really liked Christmas at Pemberley, and I’ve enjoyed the 2 Bebris mysteries I’ve read so far, but I haven’t read the ones you list here. The others are now on my wish list! 🙂


    Make that three…The Shades of Pemberley is not the Pemberley Shades I remember reading.


    I have read Lory Lilian’s The Perfect Match. I have also just read Engaged to Mr. Darcy and Going Home to Pemberley by E. Bradshaw which I thought were very good and really enjoyed them. I also like the Sharon Lathan novels too.


    I love, love, love “Twixt Two Equal Armies” by Gail McEwen & Tina. It’s a variation of P&P with Elizabeth visiting her cousin Holly in Scotland (after Bingley comes back to Meryton) and Darcy follows her to Scotland…attempts to court her there while staying with his friend Lord Baugham. Though this novel has plenty swoonworthy D&E moments–I loved the relationship between the laird and Holly. “Twixt” is the beginning of their own series but it can be read as a standalone. I love these characters almost as much as D&E–and who wouldn’t love these people that mean so much to our beloved D&E.


      I know your tastes, Christina and I think I need to definitely add Twixt Two Equal Armies to my wishlist! 🙂 It sounds more like a variation than a sequel though. I’ve never read this series, but maybe I will love it as much as you do!


    Thank you for this lovely list!


    I love these lists, Meredith! My favorite sequel is From This Day Forward by Joanna Starnes.


    Thanks Meredith! I’ve read 5 so I guess I’m not doing too bad.


    I like your list Meredith, but like Sarah I miss my favorite ‘From This day Forward’ by Joanna Starnes


    I’ ve only read “Pemberly celebrations ” and I loved it!. Reading your list I feel like enjoying “The intrigue at Highbury ” because, as you say, Emma and Elizabeth are the perfect team, they can be such a witty detectives! 🙂
    Thanks for the list, Meredith!


    I have read 8 of these 10! I absolutely love Sophie Turner’s series! Regina Jeffers is one of my favourites as well. I have actually enjoyed all of Carrie Bebris’ books. I have also read all of Rebecca Collins’ (8 I believe) lengthy sequels on Darcy & Elizabeth and families. I do enjoy my sequels. I do think I will have to check out ‘Twixt Two Equal Armies’ though. It’s been on my wishlist for a bit and I think I will need to bump it up to TBR!


      That’s awesome, Carole! I’m real glad to hear you enjoy so many of the books on this list! 🙂 I’m afraid I only read one book in the Rebecca Collins’ series, wasn’t my cup of tea. 🙁 I did really enjoy her S&S sequel though! 🙂 I’m with you about Twixt Two Equal Armies, sounds like a book I need to read! 😀


    I’ve only read four from your list! Well, I’m not a big sequel fan, so that’s probably why. 😉 I love Regina’s books! I’m also a big fan of Lory Lilian and Kara Louise, but haven’t read those listed here. I did read Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife, but didn’t care for it. Looks like I need to read some of Sophie Turner’s stories! 🙂

    Thanks for the list, Meredith! It was fun to see!


      Hi Candy! There are so many P&P sequels to choose from, when I made this list I discovered that I read more P&P sequels that are about minor characters than P&P sequels about Darcy and Elizabeth! I think you would love both Pemberley Celebrations and The Perfect Match, Candy!


    Wow! I’m so honored to see my two “babies” on this list. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on Legacies, Meredith!


    I loved The Phantom at Pemberley, but my favourite sequels are Monica Fairview’s The Other Mr. Darcy and The Darcy Cousins. 😉


    I am looking for a new book to read at the moment so this was a timely reminder/suggestion from you which is always appreciated.


    I’ve read all of these except, perhaps, the mystery, and have like them all. I have different favorites from most of those on your list, but I’m not sure I could begin to limit myself to my ten favorites. My Kindle has over 900 books on it, my Nook, 3-500, including many fanfiction.net I’ve downloaded, some of which were later published and bought, plus 21 feet or so of paperback, not counting all the paperback versions of books I’ve edited, which are on separate shelves. Perhaps a quarter of the 900 are my husband’s history nonfictions and non-Pride and Prejudice variations and sequels.

    But I do know, that at this stage in my life, my greatest reading pleasure comes from reading many of these books, as well as from re-reading and re-reading them. Admittedly there are many I’ll never bother to finish, others, I’ll never read again. And I can say, that for some reason, the book I’ve read the most times, so many times I’ve lost count, is The Mistress’s Black Veil: A Pride and Prejudice Vagary, by M. K. Baxley. I realize many readers find Elizabeth’s actions too far-fetched to imagine. I do not. I happen to believe she would always do what she could to save her family.

    And I offer my heartfelt thanks to the many authors who have given me so much pleasure over the years.


    Thank you for this list. A few new ones for me to consider. I read both of the Sophie Turner books listed and really loved them. Lots of D and E, but Georgiana’s character is well-included along with a lovely young navy man who plays the cello!


    Thanks so much for your top 10. I just love sequels of E&D. Just finished Sharon Lathan’s series. She should really have a place in your top 10. Also love Linda Berdoll. I am happy I found you, because I am always a bit lost after finishing a book especially so after reading a whole serie.

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