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Compromised!Being Compromised Is All The Rage in Meryton! 😉

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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After coming across a distraught Mr. Darcy in agonizing distress while walking in the glen near Netherfield Park, Elizabeth Bennet decides to approach the taciturn man and discover if she could be of any assistance. Even though she would rather leave him be. While offering Mr. Darcy compassion and comfort, Elizabeth and Darcy are discovered by a Netherfield servant. Alone. In the woods. Standing close together. Breaking all kinds of propriety…

Both Darcy and Elizabeth know what this means. The only way to save their own reputations would be to marry.  Mr. Darcy, being all honorable and dutiful, makes quick work or proposing to Elizabeth, and Elizabeth accepts knowing it is her only recourse. But will their union be a happy one? Will they learn to love one another? Will they be strong enough to fight all who are opposed to their marriage?

In a hilarious comedy of errors, author J. Dawn King spins a delightful tale where couples are continuously being caught in compromising situations! Most of them are innocently happened upon, like Darcy and Elizabeth, but some are not quite what you’d expect. I found those to be quite entertaining! As expected, the news of Darcy’s engagement to Elizabeth ruins some carefully laid plans and makes several characters severely disappointed. Wait to you see what lengths Caroline Bingley, George Wickham, Lady Catherine, Lord Matlock, and Mr. Collins go to break them up!

I love compromise stories! And I really enjoyed the playful approach Ms. King chose with this theme. She doesn’t take the angsty/many misunderstandings route, instead she creates a mad-cap romp very much in the style of a Shakespearean comedy. There are schemes, sinister plots, and surprises!  Some may find these series of events to be slightly implausible or silly – sometimes I found my own eyebrow quirking up in disbelief – but I think that was the Ms. King’s intent. I think she wanted to tell a humorous and diverting lark, one that would make her readers chuckle with delight.

Besides seeing the sweet and tender scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth (I love a protective and devoted Darcy!), one of my favorite aspects of the story was seeing some new developments for Mary and Charlotte. I enjoyed seeing Mary share a closer relationship with Elizabeth, and I really thought it was terrific how she and Charlotte came to save the day! And Charlotte’s storyline, while worrisome at first, took such a satisfactorily turn. Moreover, I really enjoyed the comeuppance some characters received, I won’t say who or how, but just desserts were indeed properly served! Well done, Ms. King!

One or two times, I did feel that some characters fell in love rather quickly.  I’m usually not a fan of the whole love-at-first-sight/insta-love scenario, but I can see how it fit this author’s timeline to have characters fall in love swiftly. In addition, there were a few occasions where I thought some characters had exceptionally heightened perceptive abilities. But these didn’t much disturb my enjoyment of the story.

Compromised! is a light-hearted, romantic, and amusing Pride and Prejudice variation. I recommend this story to to readers who enjoy sweet romances and like Elizabeth Bennet “dearly love a laugh.”

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  26 Responses to “Compromised! – J. Dawn King”


    This sounds delightful. I have read all Joy’s other books and thoroughly enjoyed them all. I look forward to reading this one too. Thanks Meredith


    Great review as always!


    Excellent review! Thank you! I will certainly be buying this one! I grow very tired of the “many misconceptions” trope!


    Excellent review! I loved this book (may have to re-read again) and looking forward to reading Dawn’s new one! Oh Meredith, I do believe in ‘love at first sight’. It happened with my husband and I…sparks and all!


      Thank you, Carole! Aww. That is lovely!! I’m not saying I don’t believe in “love at first sight!” I’m just not too fond of it happening frequently in the same book. I always think of it as something very rare and special! 😉


    Yes, this book is one I will reread. Lovely review.


    On my wish list!


    This review will forever be one of my favorites, Meredith, as you clearly “got” my reasons for writing this particular story. It was a hoot and a holler for me as I went from chapter to chapter and character to character. Was my tongue in my cheek at times? Oh, yeah!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a speedy reviewer and for being spot on.


      Thank you for such kind words, Joy! I’m glad to hear that you had such a blast writing this story, I don’t find that very hard to believe at all! 😉 It was a lot of fun to read and I enjoyed laughing along with you…my favorite will have to Caroline though…oh what you did with her was sooooooo good! 😮

      I don’t know about being a speedy reviewer! LOL! I always wish I could to all the books in my pile a lot sooner! 😉


    I own this book but just haven’t had the time to read it! LOVE this review. A fun “romp” is one of the things I need between these final college classes! To the top of the pile it goes!


    Oooh I do like the sound of this book
    I have 2 of Joy’s books which I really enjoyed and this is now on my wish list. I do like forced marriage/compromise situations between Darcy and Elizabeth so look forward to reading this. Thanks Meredith


    How exciting to discover a P&P story from a brand-new (at least for me) perspective! I do enjoy these compromise scenarios, and this promises to be a wonderfully fun read. I have already added this title to my (growing) list of Must-Reads. Many thanks for the enticing review, Meredith!


      Great! I’m happy to hear you are interested in reading this book! It does feel unique to see an author take the theme of compromises and run mad with it! LOL! Couldn’t resist! 😉


    I do quite enjoy love at first sight stories. I met my, now husband, and moved in with him six weeks after we met. We’re twenty nine years together this year and have two wonderful children. And in history repeating itself the same thing has happened to my eldest daughter. Yes, strange I know. So you can see why I have a fondness for this trope!!!!


    Sounds great! I love humorous JAFF in the tradition of Austen herself!


    Oh, this does sound fun. I’m glad to know the tone is mad cap. Sometimes I don’t realize right away and flounder a bit before adjusting for the humor.

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