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Mary GreenAn Original Regency Romance Inspired by Jane Austen

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Having read and adored Melanie Kerr’s first release – Follies Past – a Pride and Prejudice prequel, I was super excited to learn that she was soon releasing a new book. This time an original Regency Romance about an unfortunate orphan coming of age. Since what I loved most about Ms. Kerr’s first book was her original character, Clare Langford (Miss Darcy’s companion), and her storyline, I longed to see what Ms. Kerr would do with an entirely new cast of characters all of her own creation.

The heroine of our story is Mary Green, who like Fanny Price and Jane Eyre, is the unfortunate poor relation taken in by relatives. While she is fed, given a room (ahem! the nursery), and clothed (in her cousins’ cast-offs), Mary is never treated with kindness or affection. Her unmarried aunt and the two daughters of her benefactor are always sure to mark a distinction in her relationship to the family. She is the obscure orphan with no prospects who is often treated with neglect and mockery. With little happiness in her life, Mary often dreams of becoming the wife of a humble curate or being hired as a governess for a middle-class family. At nearly the age of twenty-one, she hopes to soon escape these mean-spirited, squabbling sisters, her malicious aunt, and her absent benefactor (sounds similar to Cinderella, doesn’t it?)

Unlike Cinderella, Mary doesn’t need a prince to save her, she is saved unexpectedly by some good fortune that comes her way. With her life changed, Mary is determined to seek happiness and enjoy her freedom. Like Catherine Morland, she is inexperienced and new to society, but quick to be amiable and make friends (and attract suitors!) But after some disappointments, Mary soon realizes that a life of shopping, fashions, and parties is not for her. And with the mystery of her past still unresolved, she decides to focus her energies on learning the truth about herself and improving her character.

Oh brava, Melanie Kerr! Mary Green is such an admirable and likable character! I loved her instantly for her humble and forgiving nature, generous heart, and genuine personality. Her adventures were immensely fun to follow and I loved discovering more about her past. But what I really admired was her strength, bravery, and independent thinking. Like Elizabeth Bennet, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and do what she ought. I especially enjoyed her interactions with her companion, Mrs. Burrows, and all three of the Ingles brothers.

It was a pleasant surprise to find this story include some nods to stories and situations familiar to me. As mentioned above, there were instances that made me think of Fanny Price, Catherine Morland, and Elizabeth Bennet. In addition, Mary does have some romantic misadventures that sometimes brought to mind scenes with John Thorpe, Mr. Knightley, and Mr. Darcy! I loved these gentle echoes to such beloved characters and scenes and greatly applaud Melanie Kerr’s fantastic taste! (I wouldn’t be surprised if she listed Jane Eyre, Cinderella, and all of Jane Austen’s novels as sources of inspiration for this novel.)

I found Mary Green to be utterly charming and delightfully unexpected! An original Regency Romance with an endearing heroine, lovable friends, loathsome adversaries, mishaps, adventures, self-discoveries, and a spectacularly unexpected twist at the end is definitely the kind of story that captivates me and I’m thrilled to give Ms. Kerr’s new release some well-deserved praise and recognition. If you are a fan of Regency romances, clean romances, and Jane Austen I highly recommend you add Mary Green to your TBR list pronto!

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  25 Responses to “Mary Green – Melanie Kerr”


    sounds like a wonderful story



    Oh, what an intriguing-sounding premise, and what a nicely-written review! Thank you for introducing this book to everyone. It’s definitely going on my TBR pile, Meredith.


    Sounds great! Thanks for the review or a book that might not otherwise have come to this community’s attention. I like to see what authors do when they step out from under Jane Austen’s considerable shadow!


      I’m happy to share this book with you, Abigail! I’m so glad authors continue to writer in the traditional Regency Romance style! I love it!


    What an interesting sounding tale! Thanks for sharing it with us!


    When you put this on your website to read this month, I checked it out at Amazon and really liked the premise. I have added it to my wishlist. Now to read such a wonderful review, I am looking forward to reading it in the near future! Thank you!


      I read the first chapter before agreeing to do a review and I’m really glad I said yes! 🙂 It was a lovely story and some great characters! I hope you get the change to read it soon!


    Thanks for the recommendation! I didn’t know this author and the story is promising 🙂
    I’m sure I’ll enjoy it as having influences of Jane Austen, Jane Eyre and Cinderella!


    Apart from Darcy and Elizabeth stories I often ‘re-read recency romances by Georgette Beyer. This sounds similar in style so I might be tempted. Thanks Meredith. 🙂


      Georgette Heyer books are fantastic! I’ve really enjoyed reading these original stories! If you like GH, you will definitely like this book! It isn’t as slapstick or comedic as GH, more gentle and sweet!


    Thanks for this review, Meredith, and for bringing this author to my attention with this book and her earlier work. Dashing off to Amazon now!


    How fun! Glad you branched out into some of her other writing. I do enjoy a good Cinderella-style story and it looks like she did save herself.
    Nice review, Meredith!


      I’m real glad more Austenesque/JAFF authors are doing this! 🙂 I know you’ve read some Julie Klassen novels, so this would definitely be one you’d like!


    Ooh that sounds good Meredith! I am off to add it to my wish list, pronto!


    Buying the book ASAP. This is going to be a great story.


    Thank you so much for your review Meredith!


    I always love adding new books to my list! 😛 Wonderful review as always!

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