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A Fine Stout LoveOf Verses and Visions

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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I am excessively fond of Austenesque anthologies – I have thoroughly enjoyed the collections published by Chawton House Library, Meryton Press, and Indie Jane Press these past years and will always leap at the opportunity to read more. However, unlike the multi-author collaborations mentioned above, the collection I am reviewing today is all written by the same author. In her exquisitely elegant debut release, Reéne Beyea shares five Pride and Prejudice variations that either infuse a bit of poetry, unexplained phenomena, or both. Each story centers around Darcy and Elizabeth and range from 20 to 62 pages in length. Included in this collection is a preface and afterword where the author explains her inspiration and the genesis of each story (which I greatly appreciated!)

I hope you will find this breakdown helpful!


  • The Premise: Strips of foolscap with written verse proceed Lizzy on her walk one morning. Who wrote these words and how did they come to be hidden along her path to the Meryton churchyard?
  • What I Loved: The romantic mystery of it all. It was interesting to see Elizabeth’s speculation after each verse is found, how at first she thought it might be one of her sisters and then suspected a charming new acquaintance. While the author of the poem may be easy to guess, I loved wondering about how the placement of these verses came to be.
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


  • The Premise: Elizabeth has composed some verses after her stay at Netherfield and thanks to her sister’s provoking mischief they are discovered by the illustrious gentleman from Derbyshire.
  • What I Loved: That Elizabeth was the poet this time! We all know her famous remarks about poetry and love, and I definitely enjoyed the irony that she put pen to paper to organize, analyze, and work through her feelings regarding Mr. Darcy. I greatly appreciated how this story was told from both Darcy and Elizabeth’s perspective!
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


  • The Premise: Lizzy is missing and thinking of Darcy while in London shopping for her sister’s trousseau. Little does she know they are about to have an unlikely and uncomfortable encounter!
  • What I Loved: Seeing Lizzy wish for an encounter with Mr. Darcy and how her New Years reflections were centered upon him. I love that their encounter took place in such a romantic setting and that there is something at Pemberley that reminds them of this absurd and undignified, but momentous and special encounter.
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


  • The Premise: Elizabeth is rescued by Darcy in the woods, but Elizabeth’s special gift of visions leads her to a new understanding about Mr. Darcy.
  • What I Loved: The beautiful and evocative prose used to describe these scenes and Elizabeth’s visions. I also love that Elizabeth has a special gift and witnessing Darcy’s reaction to it. This story delved into the fantasy realm and I would have loved for it to be a little bit longer.
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


  • The Premise: Darcy hides a poem expressing his love for his betrothed but it is found by many other Bennets before Elizabeth ever sees it!
  • What I Loved: The hilarious mix-up and the chain of reactions it ignites! It was quite comical to see Mrs. Bennet’s reaction and supposition of who wrote the poem and I really appreciated the change this poem fostered in Mary. The words Darcy wrote are so beautifully tender and impassioned. *swoon*
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


This collection of “petite tales” is wonderfully charming and creative! Ms. Beyea’s style is gentle, evocative, and lyrical and I found the premise of each story to be clever, memorable, and unique. I thoroughly appreciated the organization and professional presentation of this collection and I’m elated to find that another one is to be released soon – What Love May Come (Pride and Prejudice Petite Tales # 2) – expected to be released in winter 2016.

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    These short stories all sound wonderful Meredith and I do value your opinion. Another one to be added to the wish list!


      Thank you, Michelle! I’m honored! I really have come to appreciate these shorter works, I guess I love the idea of having multiple stories in book. 🙂


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    sounds like some sweet stories


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    These sound like a lovely set of stories. I do like to read short stories from time to time. It’s nice and relaxing.


    The short stories all sound wonderful and they are about my favorite couple! Thanks Meredith for the review and Renee for the giveaway. LeslieGB


      They are wonderful! I love Darcy and Elizabeth stories, but I would love to see if Renee Beyea will write about some other Austen couples one day! 😉


    I thought these were sweet, heartwarming and sometimes funny. Nice review, Meredith!


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    Thank you for the review Meredith. It sounds like just the type of short stories I will love to read. Thanks for being part of the blog tour.


    Thanks Meredith, this looks like a wonderful anthology. Will check it out. Renee, Best wishes with your publication. Jen Red


    Thank you, Meredith. I also found these stories to be delightful. I’m actually somewhat amazed by how much your reviews match my own. Since we seem to be in such accord with books we both have read, you have become my “go-to person” to determine whether or not I will enjoy an as-yet unread book. I really do appreciate all of the time and effort you put into these reviews. So — mega thanks from me!


      Thank you for your lovely visit, Jan! I’m delighted to hear you enjoyed these stories and that we share the same opinions on them! 🙂 I really appreciate your kind words! It is always my main goal for my reviews to be helpful, so I’m honored you have found them to be so!


    Thank-you for the wonderful review! I love short stories and Pride and Prejudice – this looks like the perfect combination for me!


    Meredith, enjoyed and really appreciate your mini-blurbs and reviews of each of the stories! Thanks


    Thank you Meredith for a wonderful breakdown of the short stories! The premises for all the stories sound intriguing.


    I am looking forward to the release of this book….one way or another I will read it.


    sounds like a wonderful anthology



    Love love love the cover! Thank you for your review, sounds amazing 🙂


    Oh this sounds great! I’ve found myself reading more short stories and novellas than usual lately and I look forward to reading these too. I’m sitting here imagining what the Bennets’ reactions are to reading Darcy’s poetry! I bet it’s hilarious. 🙂


      Absolutely! I’ve really enjoyed reading short stories and novellas together in anthologies. I really love having a collection all together in one tome.


    “Petite tales” – what a wonderful definition for such stories! From your review I find that I am particularly interested in reading Eden Unashamed and Neither Slumber Nor Sleep. Sounds very interesting!


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