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Hello gentle readers!  I’m so honored to be able to share this special cover reveal with you all today!  And to be honest, I’m beyond excited that this author is soon to release her 6th novel!  Her Pride and Prejudice variations are some of the most emotive and romantic in the genre (and I’ll admit I do love her penchant for torturing dear Darcy!)  Can you guess who I’m talking about?

It’s Joana Starnes!!!  And she is here today to reveal the cover of her upcoming release, Miss Darcy’s Companion!!! A special thanks to Joana Starnes for so wonderfully putting this reveal together!

~ Miss Darcy’s Companion ~

Expected Release Date: End of May 2016

Thank you, Meredith, for ever so kindly hosting the cover reveal for my upcoming book, ‘Miss Darcy’s Companion’.

As some of you would know, this is my sixth foray into the wonderful world of Austen-related fiction. My first, From This Day Forward ~ The Darcys of Pemberley, is a sequel, while all the others are variations. In a couple of those (‘The Subsequent Proposal and The Second Chance) I toyed with including characters from ‘Persuasion’ and ‘Sense and Sensibility’, but in all of them my heart and allegiance stayed with my first love – with Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy’s beautiful story.

All I write is guided by this: no matter what heartless obstacles are set before them, Elizabeth and Mr Darcy should never end up apart. And lately I have taken this a little further: even as the story progresses and they work to overcome the hurdles, why should they be lovelorn at a distance, when they could be lovelorn at close quarters? So they were at close quarters in Cornwall in The Falmouth Connection, and even more so in The Unthinkable Triangle where for a while, quite unthinkably, Elizabeth seemed about to become part of Darcy’s family not as his wife, but as his cousin.

In my latest there is no such drama. Elizabeth has not pledged herself to Colonel Fitzwilliam, yet has become part of family life at Pemberley nevertheless, as Miss Darcy’s Companion.’

So where does the story go? The blurb on the back cover gives a hint or two:

Miss Georgiana Darcy is need of a companion, and she would much rather not have Mrs Younge. The recently bereaved Miss Elizabeth Bennet is in need of a position. When she accepts the one Mr Darcy offers, she finds herself in his near-constant company and gets to know him at his best. Not as he would present himself to strangers in some remote corner of Hertfordshire, but as his nearest and dearest know him. An excellent brother, landlord, master. A wonderful man, noble, kind – and impossibly handsome.

So who falls in love first? What of Mr Wickham and his dastardly ploys? And how is a lady’s companion ever to have a future with one who could marry into the best houses in the land?

And without further ado….here is the big reveal!!!

I hope it has piqued your interest. If so, please drop Meredith and me a line and take part in the giveaway of two Kindle copies available internationally, which would be sent to the winners as soon as the book is published at the end of May.

Thanks for visiting and thanks again, Meredith, for the wonderful welcome!

Thank you, Joana!!  This looks and sounds so fantastic!  I can only wonder how the course of Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s relationship will be altered from this different beginning!!  I look forward to seeing Georgiana and Elizabeth together and learning how Wickham will interfere now he doesn’t have Mrs. Younge to aid him!!!

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Because she is amazing, Joana Starnes brings with her today TWO kindle EBOOKS of Miss Darcy’s Companion, for me to give away to TWO lucky readers!!!! (Woot woot!)

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  167 Responses to “Cover Reveal for Miss Darcy’s Companion + GIVEAWAY!!!”


    Ooh, I LOVE this cover! And the story sounds lovely! Thanks Joana and Meredith for this cover reveal!


    Joanna, I LOVE the new cover. So exciting! I can’t wait to read another of your books. Thanks Meredith and Joanna. Best Wishes and if you read this today … Happy Mother’s Day to two beautiful JAFF women! Jen Red ♫


    Hooray and Congratulations!!!! The cover is beautiful! Which manor home is it in England? I am soooo excited to know that you have a new book coming out! You truly do know how to torture Darcy…Elizabeth will be living right under his roof! Though it is sad to know that in this variation, Mr. Bennet has died.

    Thank you for the chance to win it!


      Thanks, Carole 🙂 So glad you liked it! It’s Wakehurst, beautiful place. It’s so wonderful to read your lovely comment! Funnily enough, Elizabeth is supposed to be tortured in this one, I faithfully promised Rita and Claudine that she’s going to have her share. I fully agree with them, it really is her turn now. But I coudn’t help myself and true to form Darcy doesn’t exactly get away Scot-free either. Still, compared to my other ones, he’s having a blast 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll like the story.


    Thanks for hosting this reveal and giveaway Meredith. This looks wonderful Joana, I love the idea of Darcy and Elizabeth living in the same house from early on. I love all your other books and can’t wait for this one. Lovely cover, I can’t wait to own it


    Yay, a new Joana book! The cover is lovely – my house is certainly portrayed to its best advantage from that angle! 😉 [I wish!]

    Congrats on your latest book-baby and I can’t wait to see what happens when Darcy and Lizzy are under the same roof, and she works for him, to boot!


      Your house looks great, Monica! I need to google ‘Country House’ and ‘Lake’ to get a good stock of possible Pemberleys. I love those with reflections in the lake, I think it adds a lot to the beauty of any place. Thanks ever so much for the kind words and I hope the book-baby behaves 🙂 Have a lovely day!


        Not that you care one tiny little bit how come I have a photo of your house 😉 but what I meant was googling places, so that I know where to go, find Pemberley-like Houses+Lakes and take some 400 photos of each and every one of them till my hard drive overflows. This one was a stroke of luck, I only took just 1 pic instead of 400, just because the reflection was pretty and there was a bird flying over it 😀


    Liking the cover, and as I have loved all of Joana’s books so far, I can’t wait for this one


    Beautiful cover. Lovely sounding premise. Gifted JAFF author (The Subsequent Proposal is one of my all-time favorites, though every book of Joana is excellent). Wow! Thanks for the opportunity to win this ebook, and Happy Mother’s Day!


      Happy Mother’s Day and huge thanks for the wonderful words! I’m over the moon that you liked the cover and I hope you’ll like the story too. Less drama in this one, for a change 🙂 Best of luck in the giveaway!


    The cover is beautiful! I love the idea of Elizabeth getting to know the real Mr. Darcy. I can’t wait to read this one!
    Thank you for the opportunity! I’ve added this to my wishlist.


      So glad you like the cover! Yes, I thought it might be nice if Elizabeth gets to skip over the Meryton Assembly and straight to Pemberley 🙂 , to see the ‘bossy but fair’ rather than ‘proud and reserved’ side of Mr Darcy. Thanks for adding this to your wishlist and I hope you’ll like it.


    Oh my gosh! You do such a great job! And…. Is that Sophie??


    Wonderful, looking forward to reading this story from you. If it is to the standard of your other books I will have a nice summertime read.


      Thanks ever so much for the lovely comment! It’s a bit lighter than my other books, certainly lighter than the last. Oddly enough, it would have worked better for the Xmas hols, a lot happens during a Pemberley Christmas. I guess that’ll feel rather strange if you read it at the beach 🙂
      Best of luck and hope you had a lovely weekend.


    Oh my! Here it is, or more correctly here it will soon be, new book by Joana Starnes! I am verry happy with these news:) It will be interesting to see how Elizabeth gets to know Mr.Darcy in his “natural surroundings” and it will be absolutely lovely to see her not taking too long to fall in love with him. I do wonder, however, what obstacles Joana has created for Lizzy and Darcy?;) Thank you for revealing the cover and thank you for generous giveaway!


      An absolute pleasure! Thank YOU for the ever so kind comment. I think Darcy in his natural habitat is irresistible. Especially as he would be relaxed and probably happy. About time for Lizzy to have a harder time than him for a change 🙂 Best of luck in the giveaway and thanks for taking part.


    I had read “The Falmouth Connection” and I liked it! Happy there is new book by Joana Starnes and the storyline is interesting too.


      So happy you liked TFC! Hope you’ll like this one as well. No smugglers and Wickham doesn’t end up crumpled into a heap on the floor (shame, really 😀 ) but another villain does. Hope you’ll like it!


    Meredith, thank you for hosting Joana! I must be dreaming, because I have been hoping beyond hope she would release a new book soon. This sounds wonderful. I can’t wait to see what masterful twists she has in store for us. If they are 1/2 as good as chapter 18 of “Falmouth Connection” my world will seem complete!


      I’m with you 100%. Chapter 18 is swoon worthy. Sigh!

      Joana, I have cover envy. It’s pure gorgeousness! I am excited to read this one.


      Angela and Joy, you’re SO kind, both of you! Thanks and bear hugs. Hope you’ll enjoy this too and I’m absolutely over the moon that you’re still remembering Chapter 18 of TFC 🙂


      Ahhh! I love it…and your mentioning of it made me just go read it again! So thank YOU! Love that scene! Can’t wait to see what Joana has in store for us with this book!


    Lovely cover! I have read the Falmouth Connection and The Second Chance and look forward to reading this book, too.


    Really looking forward to this variation. I love Elizabeth Bennet at Pemberley with so much potential to show Darcy’s true character. More time with Georgiana is always a bonus. Congratulations on your latest published work!


      Thanks, Colleen. I thought it was quite nice for Darcy to come back from his travels to find Georgiana and Elizabeth established at Pemberley, like they both belong there. I hope you’ll like Georgiana in this one, she soon grows beyond her usual ‘shy & demure little sister’ self. But then she’s been under Elizabeth’s influence so what can they expect? Poor Darcy, with not one but 2 ladies of a trying age on his hands 🙂


    Can’t wait to read it


    I absolutely love Joanna Starnes’ books, and would read them even if they came in plain brown wrappers. Luckily for us they come in beautiful covers such as this one! I cannot wait to read it!


      Huge thanks for the lovely words, Brenda, you’re always too kind! Ditto for your books. So much sentiment, such roller-coaster of emotions and so much happening! Thanks for ‘A promise kept’ – just magical!


    I agree with everyone else, love the cover. I’m looking forward to reading this and was wondering do you have a release date?


    Stunning cover ! And the story sounds wonderful. I really love this plot line.


      Thanks, Lory!! So glad you like the cover and the premise. BTW, I heard today about the fluffy story you’re writing for Miss Lizzy 🙂 So looking forward to that. Best of luck, lots of inspiration and thanks for stopping by!


    I really like the cover and the plot. I cannot wait to Read this novel.


    I’m so excited to find out that your new book will be published so soon, Joana! Congratulations on your latest book baby 🙂


    Beautiful cover. Whereabouts in England is that house Joana? I love touring stately homes but haven’t been to this one. It has a look of Longbourn from P& P 2005. Can’t wait to read this book. Your other stories are brilliant and this one sounds another best seller. How do you think of the stories??


      Thanks, Michelle, so glad you like the cover! The house is in Kent I think, not far from Lady Catherine, in theory 🙂 and it does have something of Longbourn 2005, now that you mentioned it.

      So kind of you to say that about my stories, thanks! Ideas pop in, some never amount to much and others turn up at the weirdest times – the last when I was waiting with my son at the orthodontics. Not many people’s idea of romance. Maybe it was the general atmosphere of pain and misery that did it 😀


    A fabulous cover!!!! I know the old saying is ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’ but I have to confess I kinda do. It’s always a cover that will catch my eye first. Then if I like the synopsis I’ll usually purchase. If I look along a line of books, some cover will always jump out at me. As the regards this book, it had me right away as I LOVE old houses and castles etc and even more so if there’s a lake or a pond,


      Yes, I wholeheartedly agree about the lake or pond, Teresa, I think a reflection makes all the difference. Thrilled to hear you like this cover, I think my model is an absolute star and I so wish I had her figure 🙂 Thanks for the lovely comment and I hope you’ll like the story too. Best of luck in the giveaway!


    Simply stunning cover Joana and the blurb is so enticing. I know you’ll do a great job with this storyline, which sounds like so much fun!!

    Happy Mother’s Day to everyone and thanks for the lovely post Meredith!


      Hope you were spoiled rotten on Mother’s Day, Claudine 🙂 Huge thanks for the wonderful words, I’m so glad you like the premise and the cover!!


        Yes, I was! And it looks like you ladies had a fabulous time together. You’re welcome for the feedback and I can’t wait to read the book!! Great Facebook page too!


          We really did, AND this morning again with Rita, lucky lucky me!! The best sign of kindred spirits is when you talk for 5 hours non-stop and it’s just not enough. Can’t wait to meet you face to face too, Claudine, and thanks ever so much for the kind words and for sharing the new page!!


      Thank you for dropping in, Claudine! 🙂


    I agree with everyone else, love the cover. I’m looking forward to reading this. love all your books!!


    The cover looks beautiful and the story sounds wonderful! I would love to read it 🙂


    What a beautiful cover! Congratulations on your upcoming release! How generous you are.


    The cover is wonderful and is as good as all the pictures you post! I love the way you torment Darcy and I think this one will be interesting to read! I love novels with twists and turns and can’t wait to see if Darcy gets what he wants as well as his sister gets what she wants. Good luck with the new novvel.
    Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day to you!


      Hope you had a peaceful Mother’s Day, MaryAnn and thanks ever so much for the wonderful words, you’re always so kind! This time I’m actually quite nice to Darcy for a change and I’ve been persuaded with extremely good arguments to have a go at Elizabeth instead 🙂 Hope you’ll still like it and thanks for your wonderful support!


    Ooohhh I want one! I want one! I want one!!! Please, please, please!!!


    I love this cover also. It says so much. I enjoyed your hints also about this variation. Sounds wonderful.


    Oh Joana, you evil creature. That sounds like you’ll torture Elizabeth according to the plot. I so want to get my hands on your new book.
    And I do think I was present in Lacock when you were collecting material for this beautiful cover. I do think I know the lady


      Evil is my middle name, Christin, or might very well have been 😀 Yes, I promised to torture Elizabeth in this one so hopefully I’m doing my bit.
      Strangely enough yes, I think you are acquainted with the lady. You might even remember the photos at the church in Lacock (which sadly didn’t work in the end, the lady and her companion in a pretty blue dress were rather too small, so a Chawton photo came into play). Great to hear you like the cover!


    I love the cover and the premise of the story!!! I can’t wait to read this story!!!


    The cover is lovely, and the plot sounds excellent! I can’t wait to read it!


    What a beautiful cover! Very excited to have another excellent entry into the P&P variation library.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, Joanna and Meredith!


    It’s my first time here, as well as I didn’t know about these novels. But I’m quite excited after reading this review, and I’m gonna look for the rest of them. Hopefully I can get a free copy of this one? ❤❤ praying so.


      Lovely to hear you’ve discovered this kind of novels! Welcome to the wonderful world of Jane Austen fan-fiction, Marlui, and to Meredith’s beautiful site, I think you’ll love them both. Thanks for joining the cover reveal and good luck in the giveaway!


      Hi Marlui! I hope you enjoyed your first visit to Austenesque Reviews and feel welcome to visit again! Joana has an amazing collection of novels, you should definitely try reading some of them! 🙂


    I love everything by Joana Starnes! I am super excited.


    Lovely cover, and it sounds like a great story. Looking forward to reading it.


    Such a beautiful cover. I am looking forward to reading this. Congratulations on the release and thank you for the giveaway.


    As always, I’m enthusiastically anticipating your new book. I’ve never “met” one I didn’t enjoy. And your cover! It’s absolutely wonderful: and appropriate view of an appropriate setting, a character shown from the back, so the reader can imagine the looks, either based on one of the movies or drawn from imagination. I am not excited at all by covers that posit a Darcy or Elizabeth, in particular, who are in no way handsome enough to tempt me, leaving me wondering why such casting was made. Write quickly and draw my name, please, then move on to your next thrilling story! As usual, thanks for the pleasure.


      Thanks for the wonderful comment, Maclaney! I’m over the moon to hear you enjoyed my other books, there’s no better reward that that!! Thrilled you liked this cover too, my lovely model was ever so patient and obliging, it was so very kind of her! I guess we can’t help the casting sometimes, especially as Colin, Matthew, Kiera and Jennifer might object, so a gorgeous lacy umbrella & people’s own imagination works a treat in cases such as these 🙂


    The mansion in the photo, is that Losely Park? it looks like the house they used for Mr. Knightley in 2009 version of Emma!


      No, I’ve never been to Losely Park, Patricia. Where is it? This is Wakehurst. Sounds like I should go to Losely Park too, if it’s as serene and beautiful as this. Thanks for stopping by for the cover reveal and good luck!


    The cover is perfectly lovely, the story sounds perfectly lovely – what can be better than yet another Austen variation? Oh my, but life is good. Congratulations and thank you for the giveaway.


      Thanks for the wonderful comment, Lilyane! My absolute pleasure 🙂 Thrilled that you liked the cover and hope you’ll like the story too. Best of luck and thanks for stopping by.


    I love all of Joana’s work and can’t wait to read this one too. It is a delicious tease. Lovely cover too!


    Oo, I am intrigued by this storyline. The cover is beautiful. Thanks for the ability to win a copy.


    Oh, my word. What a stunning cover. Absolutely beautiful. Best wishes, Joana, with this release.


    The premise of this alternate story sounds very interesting. I look forward to reading more from Joana. Thanks for the giveaway.


    Love the cover and looking to reading this book. Good luck with your new release, Joana.


    I was reading along thinking what a great story and then ka-jung, jaw dropped on that gorgeous eye catching cover. Even without the blurb about the story I would have caved on the cover and snatched it. 🙂


    Lovely cover and I am ALWAYS happy to read anything by Joana!


      Hugs, Beau, thanks so much! Funnily enough I was talking about ‘Longbourn’s Songbird’ just 2 hrs ago (pinging text after text, actually) and gushing over that amazing chapter 8 that took my breath away. Can’t wait for more from you, there HAS to be something done for and about dear Richard, and only you can do it. Best of luck and lots of inspiration!


    I just finished reading The Subsequent Proposal and was trying to find another of your books that I had t read and saw this. While it is not available yet at least I now I won’t have to wait long. 🙂

    Beautiful cover!!!


    I loved the cover! Congratulations on another release Joana, can’t wait to read it :)))


      Thanks, Rita, I’m walking on air 🙂 Thanks for today, it’s been a simply perfect day chatting to you for hours and hours and hours. Why oh why don’t you actually live in Richmond?? I guess it could be much further and fingers crossed we might do this again soon. Just perfect! Thanks and apologies to your lovely hubby for kidnapping you for ages 😀


    You’re so kind, Amanda!
    Thanks for the wonderful words and the best of luck!


    Beautiful cover & congrats on your upcoming release! Love your books and the way you provide us with angst and a bit of torture for Darcy knowing in the end that there will be a HEA for our couple! Can’t wait to read this one!

    Thanks for hosting the cover reveal Meredith!


      Thanks for checking out Joana’s post, Dung! I’m very honored to share the reveal with you! 🙂


      So happy that you liked the cover, Dung! Hope you won’t mind to hear that Darcy gets the best side of the deal for a change, and it’s Elizabeth’s turn to have more of a hard time. Claudine and Rita opened my eyes to the fact that actually she might deserve it. No less, as Claudine put it, for having the better family. I didn’t see it at first, but she’s so right. She has more relatives and more nice ones too. So maybe i was too harsh on Darcy. But you’d be pleased to know that old habits die hard and I haven’t given up my membership card for the ‘Let’s torture Darcy’ club 😀
      Thanks for stopping by and good luck!


    I loved ‘The Falmouth Connection’ and like the sounds of this book. Look forward to it.


    I love her books! Great cover and premise!!! I am looking forward to this one 🙂 Thanks so much for the giveaway!


    Oh boy! I’ve enjoyed all of Joana’s books so far, so it’s wonderful to know that there’s another one for us.
    Joana, two questions – wouldn’t it be even more unlikely for Darcy to marry Elizabeth, if she is his employee? I mean, it would be more of a ‘degradation’ than her family and poor connections. Also, in your book, have E&D met before she comes to work for him?


      Wonderful to hear you enjoyed my other books, Ginna, thanks!
      Perfectly put, and yes it would, which is what gives him huge pause. Not to mention that it doesn’t look all that good to have a young and pretty lady’s companion in the house of a handsome bachelor. He can’t even contemplate getting to know her better, drawing her out. There can’t be a courtship in the ‘Miss Elizabeth of Longbourn – Mr Darcy of Pemberley’ sense, and any interest he might display risks to make him look like a rake of a master who chases after the staff, which of course he couldn’t abide. Hmmm – should I go for spoilers now, or would you like to PM me on FB?


        Forgot the second question. Yes, they have met, but not in the traditional PnP setting. She is employed as a ‘locum’ governess to Col Fitzwilliam’s nieces and nephew and their mother is a shrew. Hence some knight in shining armour impulses 😉


          Okay! This is all very good, ensures a lot of angst and miscommunication, (or lack of communication, which is their usual). Will there be a blog tour? Can hardly wait to read this.
          Just give me the book now, and nobody gets hurt!!


            LOL Ginna, I’ll stand and deliver asap 😀

            Yes, there will be a blog tour. Meredith has ever so kindly agreed to host me again, and so have Janet Taylor, Rita Deodato, Claudine Dimuzio Pepe, Ceri Tanti and Anna Horner. I’ll post a blog tour schedule soon and hope to see you there, pistols an’ all 😀


    This sounds like another great book by you Joana and another one I’ll have to add to my ever growing list of books to read. You couldn’t have picked a better time to release it, right around my birthday.


      Hope you’ll have a wonderful time on your birthday, Amanda, and ever so glad about the timing 🙂
      Best wishes, thanks so much for the lovely comment and good luck!


    A very enticing cover… a 100% reflection of Elizabeth wondering around Pemberley in her free time. This sound like a great tale and I would love to find out how they find their way in this instance.


    It is a truth universally acknowleged that P&P devotees are always in want of well written JAFF. The gentle readers rejoiced at the news that a new offering should soon enter the neighborhood.


      A beautifully put truth, Joyheart 🙂 Over the moon to hear that my offerings fall into that category, you’re so very kind! All the best and thanks for stopping by for the cover reveal!


    I love the cover of this book! It looks like it’s going to be a good one! I would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!


    Great Cover have it on my wishlist i Love all your Books


    I like that that sort of drama is gone. What a fun premise!


      I do too, Michelle, it feels rather good to skip the original antagonism and Wickham’s lies for once. But that just means there has to be a different kind of drama, somewhere. Which of the old worthies, Bernard Shaw or Mark Twain said that a lifetime of complete happiness would be hell on earth? Sounds like the kind of quip that Old Master Shinbone would make 😉


    Beautiful cover! I can’t wait to read the newest book from one of my favorite authors. 🙂

    Thanks for the great giveaway!


    You must be so pleased with the cover! Can’t wait to read.


    Gorgeous cover, Joana!! It’s always exciting to have a new Joana Starnes novel. Congratulations!!


    This book is gorgeous! Always look forward to your books! Thanks for sharing this one!


    I want one!! 😉

    I want to know if Elizabeth is the first one falling in love and what she does maybe “against it”!!


      Wonderful to meet you face to face, Ana, that was a fantastic day! Hope we can do it again soon.
      Doing my best to get Miss Lizzy to you asap. You so put the finger on the mark, if Elizabeth should develop a tendre for the man who pays her wages, of course she would try her hardest to hide it from him. Silly Lizzy 🙂


    You know me, I adore your books and have read them all. The cover is beautiful and I love the idea of a P&P about Georgiana. There are not enough of those.


      Thanks so much for the kind words, Elizabeth! Ever so glad you like the cover and I hope you’ll like Georgiana in this variation. She’s spent enough time with Elizabeth to learn a lot from her and outgrow her ‘timid little sister’ self a lot sooner than she might have done otherwise. Hope you’ll approve. Thinking of you and best wishes for you and your loved ones. Hugs,


    Can’t wait! Love her books.


    The blurb is enticing and the book sounds wonderful, but then, all of yours are! I love the cover too. Can’t wait for it to be released!


      Thanks for the lovely comment and all your support, Janet, much, much appreciated!!
      All the very best and ever so glad you liked the cover and the premise. Hugs 🙂


    love the cover!



    This sounds like such a fun read!


    I am very excited that Joana has a new book! She always ways has great twists and this new novel certainly does. Thank you for the giveaway. The book will be a fabulous summer read!


      So glad you think so, Eva! Over the moon that you liked my other novels and I hope you’ll like this one as well. Thanks for the lovely comment and best of luck!


    the story sounds lovely. tks for the giveaway


    I love this cover, and that it’s Mira who’s the model! I keep thinking we should steal young people at the Bath and Louisville festivals and get a bunch of shots for covers, because those horrid tanning salon men in their modern tuxedos and ladies with Edwardian polyester dresses and bottle-blonde hair make me shudder. There’s no way 26 other books will have your cover lady, Joana! Love your storytelling, and the premise of this novel sounds even better than the others, if that’s possible!

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