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Alone with Mr. DarcyWhat If Saving Mr. Darcy’s Life Ruined Your Reputation?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Brother <3

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Variation

TIME FRAME: Several weeks after the Netherfield Ball

SYNOPSIS: While walking home from Charlotte’s wedding Lizzy finds Mr. Darcy fallen from his horse and injured, just as a snow blizzard is beginning. They seek shelter from the storm in an empty tenant’s cottage and are trapped there for two days. Darcy knows Elizabeth is compromised by their being alone together for two days and nights and happily offers marriage to protect her reputation but also secure his heart’s secret desire, but Elizabeth is convinced no one will find out they were alone together, and she doesn’t want Darcy to sacrifice himself just because he feels honor-bound to do so…


  • Completely Infatuated: Like Darcy’s feelings for Elizabeth, this describes my feelings for anything written by Abigail Reynolds. Her style of writing always has me enraptured and I always have the hardest time tearing myself away from her stories! I love when a book has this kind of effect on me, and I love that after 8+ years and a dozen books later, I’m still completely infatuated with Abigail Reynolds’s writing!
  • Forced Confinement: Alone with Mr. Darcy for two days? Yes, please! I love scenarios like this! I love how the rules of propriety bend, the candidness and freedom to confront issues, and share new intimacies or confidences. I found the premise for this variation to be plausible and I really enjoyed seeing how it all played out – especially with the added conflict of needing food and needing to keep warm…
  • Crewe: Darcy’s valet in this story is awesome! I love that he has opinions about Darcy’se384b165b87c73ea5279ef5b727d9592 life and that he isn’t afraid to speak his mind (or act in Darcy’s best interest!). His exchanges with Darcy were hilarious and for some reason I kept picturing him as Michael Ian Black with his dry delivery, fastidiousness, and sarcasm. πŸ˜‰
  • Snowball: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love cute animals or kids with Mr. Darcy! Seeing Mr. Darcy’s interactions with Snowball melted my heart and Snowball…a.k.a. Snowdrop was a lovely addition to the story! But seriously, Abigail… did we really need another reason to fall in love with Mr. Darcy?!?
  • Co-Conspirators: As per their usual, Darcy and Elizabeth are separated by their misunderstandings and mistaken assumptions. It was interesting to see some different characters be the impetus that help Darcy and Elizabeth get ogether. Of course Colonel Fitzwilliam is often one who is in this position of plotting and manipulating, but I was pleasantly surprised by his two cohorts in these endeavors!


  • Small Quibbles: Just a few small points in the story left me a little unsatisfied. Like the treatment of Maria Lucas (not talking about what happened to her – although that was horrible – it was also realistic), but I felt the reaction of everyone and the overall treatment of such a situation was a little too light and casual. Even though it is a dark subject, I think more time was needed before moving on to a new scene. I also thought Colonel Fitzwilliam’s PTSD seemed brushed aside quite rapidly when it was first introduced as a serious and alarming situation. But neither quibble marred my enjoyment of this story.

NOTE: This novel does not contain mature sex scenes, although some mentions of intimacies and amorous scenes are made. Recommended for audiences over the age of 14.


In her latest Pride and Prejudice variation the ever-creative and talented Abigail Reynolds infuses a myriad of new challenges for our beloved Darcy and Elizabeth to face – snowstorms, tarnished reputations, evil step-mothers, deceptive fathers, and a will with an unfortunate contingency. Abigail Reynolds accomplished a marvelous feat by bringing all these components together and I appreciated the uniqueness and arresting romance of her story. Don’t ever stop writing, Ms. Reynolds, your stories bring me and so many others such immense joy!

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  28 Responses to “Alone with Mr. Darcy – Abigail Reynolds”


    I have read this book too and I agree with your overall review. It was a lovely book and I highly recommend it.


    I read it when it first came out, but have put it on my “summer re-reads” list! Love Abigail Reynolds’ writing style.


      Great decision, Regina! I love rereading books, especially Abigail Reynolds’s book! I’m due to reread By Force of Instinct – I think it is her only book I don’t have a review for!


    I read this book and loved it. The way Abigail built the relationship between Darcy and Lizzy was so beautiful
    Plus the cat was adorable. This is a great read if you haven’t done so already. Thanks for the review.


      I agree, Jennifer! I love the special way their relationship developed and how both parties were missing each other when they went their separate ways. πŸ˜€


    Yes, the cat was a very pleasant extra touch, especially knowing the connection to Abigail. Loved this book and the cover is gorgeous. Lovely review, Meredith.


    I really enjoyed it as well


    Yes, I too have read and enjoyed this. It has been a while, so I might re-read it again! Your review was was spot on!


    What a fantastic review, Meredith! I too have enjoyed Abigail’s books and need to put this one on my TBR list.

    Trapped with Darcy for 2 days? Yes, please!


    I really love this story! It is also the first one I have translated into Spanish…


    Great review for a great book Meredith. I too really enjoy Abigail’s books. I have already read this 3 times. I do love compromise stories. I loved their interaction in the cottage although it is lucky Elizabeth didn’t have to earn her living as a cook!! Saying that she didn’t have much to work with.


      Thank you, Glynis!!! Compromise stories are so much fun! The cottage was a wonderful setting and I love how Abigail Reynolds took us there! πŸ™‚ Yes, that cupboard was so bare!


    Still need to get to this one so I’m glad to see it left you in love with it. Oh, Darcy and animals is a lethal combination for sure.


    Great review, Meredith. I agree with you 100%.


    Hehe, your brother chose a wonderful gift! πŸ˜‰ I have this one but haven’t got to it yet. I’m very happy that you loved it!


      He definitely did! We both keep amazon wishlists, so that is very helpful to us come birthday time! πŸ˜‰ I hope you get to this one soon, my friend! I know you will love it!


    I too am reading this book and so far it’s great. I also love Abigail’s writing and she was one of the first authors I became so engrossed with her Pride and Prejudice variations. Like you Meredith, I also want Abigail to keep writing about Darcy and Lizzy, my favorite couple. –Leslie


      That’s great to hear, Leslie! There is just something magical about her stories, I started this one on morning and before I knew it I was 80 pages in…so engrossed! I’m so glad to learn that she has another book about to be released!


    Well, you’ve sold me with that wonderful review. And it’s Abigail, so I know I’ll love. Off to buy myself a copy!

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