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A Fair Prospect- Darcy's DilemmaShould Darcy Hope or Despair?

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Variation in 3 Volumes

TIME FRAME: 4 days after Darcy’s first proposal to 8 days after Darcy’s first proposal

MAIN CHARACTERS: Elizabeth Bennet. Fitzwilliam Darcy, Jane Bennet, Charles Bingley, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Georgiana Darcy, Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner, Nicholas Harington (new original character)


  • I’ve heard many sooo much praise for Cassandra Grafton and this trilogy, and since I love Pride and Prejudice variations I knew it was something I had to read! The only question was when – because you definitely need to read this trilogy without break.


  • Laboring Under Misapprehensions: It is five days since Darcy’s failed proposal and his encounters with Elizabeth continue, oftentimes against his will or inclination. But Darcy can’t fail to observe that their exchanges are becoming less awkward and more amicable of late. Even though she seems to seek him out, Darcy is convinced that his presence is unwelcome and oppressive to Elizabeth and tries to distance himself. Seeing Darcy continuously look ill at ease in her presence, Elizabeth begins to think that Darcy’s feelings for her must be changing since her hurtful and rude rejection. Which is unfortunate because she has just discovered that she truly enjoys his company! Oh my! The misunderstandings these two have! I loved witnessing their thoughts during these encounters and could not help but smile at how wrong they both were!
  • Richard Fitzwilliam, Emotional Guardian: With his sharp observational skills, intuition, and tenacity, Colonel Fitzwilliam has made it his mission to solve what ails his cousin. I loved his tactical maneuvers to learn the truth about what happened between Darcy and Elizabeth and greatly admired how he continuously came to Darcy’s assistance.  He was equal parts perceptive and compassionate.  Usually a couple steps ahead of Darcy, Fitzwilliam oftentimes understood his cousin’s state of mind and emotions just by looking at him, no words were needed. He truly was Darcy’s emotional guardian through these very challenging days.
  • Bachelor Pad: As soon as Darcy and Fitzwilliam came to London, Bingley decided to relocate to Darcy’s townhouse. Three eligible bachelors under one roof…don’t tell Mrs. Bennet! LOL! I loved all the masculinity of these men together and I greatly enjoyed witnessing their camaraderie and little ways they band together and show each other support. And lucky Georgiana, when she goes out for a walk or a visit to Vauxhall Gardens to have not one, not two, but three escorts!
  • Utterly Consumed: It is no secret that this trilogy has me captivated. These characters and their situations dwelled in my head for hours in between readings, even while at work! 😉 I think this is because of how powerfully their feelings were portrayed, it engaged my emotions immediately. I love being emotionally wrapped-up in what I am reading!


  • There isn’t one thing I could say here! 😉


The action and tension does not abate in the second volume of this trilogy! With Bingley’s pursuit of Jane, Darcy’s assumption of Elizabeth’s affections being engaged by another man, Colonel Fitzwilliam’s campaign for Darcy’s heart, an expected visit from Lady Catherine, and a grand ball that pulls out the rug from under you, this story is one enthralling and stirring tale!

*My review of Volume III – Desperate Measures – will be posted Friday!

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**If you didn’t already know, I’m giving away a copy of Volume 1 of this trilogy – Disappointed Hopes: A Fair Prospect #1 – over here!  Come enter if you haven’t already! 🙂

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  38 Responses to “Darcy’s Dilemma: A Fair Prospect #2 – Cassandra Grafton”


    Oooooo I haven’t read these Meredith so would love to enter the giveaway it is open to us British!


    I love this trilogy! Meredith, your reviews are inspiring me to return again to this wonderfully rich variation.


    Great review, Meresdith! I think Colonel Fitzwilliam sounds so interesting!


    I commented on the first one so hopefully with this comment I will have two chances to win . I am shocked at the idea of misunderstandings between Darcy and Elizabeth I reAlly must put this set to the top of my wish list as you are certAinly tempting me. Thanks Meredith.


    loved the review – what would Darcy be without his friends


    I too enjoyed this series.


    I agree with Colleen. After reading your reviews, I want to go and read the series again!


    Take this reviewer’s advice and read all three volumes in order. This is available for Kindle in one download. Just search on “A Fair Prospect” and the three volume option comes right up.


    I loved this series, too.


    Loved this trilogy but your review has me ready to pick it up again!


    This one goes to my TBR pile!. I love that Bingley appears in this volume to play his hero role! 🙂


    I personally don’t think anyone could be disappointed in this series. It is so emotional engaging as you say Meredith!


    I’m so glad you are finally getting a chance to read this series. It is hands down my favorite P & P variation series. I have read them all twice so far. Glad to see your 5 star reviews.


    Congrats on another great review, Cassandra!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts, Meredith, your reviews are always so beautiful and insightful. Again, pls don’t enter me in the giveaway, I have all three volumes of Cassandra’s lovely trilogy.


    Another great read (or 3) to add to my TBR list, thanks for the chance to win a copy


    Meredith, I’ve always loved your reviews, but does it sound bad if I say I’m particularly fond of this one? 😉 I love that you like the Colonel. He was my favourite character to write (and the easiest) and I grew very attached to him!

    Thank you for such a lovely, generous review, and thank you to the commenters who have read the series before and have fond memories of it. I hope the new readers will enjoy delving into Darcy and Elizabeth’s hearts and minds too!



    Thank you for the great reviews on both volumes. I have read this trilogy multiple times, and it is definitely my favorite Austen variation. I too, am eagerly awaiting Cassandra Grafton’s next book. No need to enter me in the giveaway. Thanks.


    Another lovely review, Meredith, for another lovely volume in this trilogy. Unlike a lot of “middle episodes” of any sort, be it book or film, this one doesn’t give us the feeling that it’s just marking time until volume three.

    I’m so pleased, too, that Meredith’s review is bringing these books to the attention of a wider audience than they already have. It’s so well deserved.


    I think that volume two was the most heartbreaking for me, meaning it was absolutely fantastic. Thank you for the passionate review Meredith! I love the fact that it matches perfectly my own impressions 🙂


    great review!

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