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The Chronicles of Downton AbbeyAs Informative As It Is Elegant

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Mom 🙂

As a Downton Abbey addict, I love the idea of a companion novel that combines the spirit and stunning visuals of the program with interesting history and facts about these characters and the time period they lived in. A few years ago I read and thoroughly enjoyed The World of Downton Abbey by Jessica Fellowes and I’m so delighted to see that she has followed up that first companion novel with three more!!

As a person who loves character-driven stories, analyzing personalities, and studying character development I was so pleased to see this edition focuses more on the characters of Downton Abbey. Divided into sixteen chapters, this book highlights nineteen characters that viewers encounter during seasons 1-3, the final chapter is a bonus Behind the Scenes chapter! Besides dozens of glossy images, these chapters provide insight and background for each major character in the series. Readers learn more about their motivations, behaviors, responsibilities, and limitations.

I appreciated how this book went into detail not only about each character, but about their role in society – whether it be daughter, butler, housemaid, or heir. Readers can learn not just about the Crawley family and their servants, but about real people who lived similar lives to them. I found it fascinating to learn things like how valets and housekeepers could secretly supplement their income and wardrobe, how fashion choices of each daughter is a reflection on their personality, and how the treatment of inmates at this time was both horrifying and grim. In addition, I loved gaining some new understanding and insight to more reserved characters like Anna, Thomas, O’Brien. We don’t know a lot about their past and it was interesting to learn what kind of backstory they might have.

This hardbound book full of lush photography, elegant designs, and interesting details is a wonderful companion for viewers who love Downton Abbey and its intriguing cast of characters! I’ll definitely be adding A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey and Downton Abbey: A Celebration by Jessica Fellowes to my wish-list and look forward to reading them soon!

Here is a little book preview Mr. Bingley and I put together for The Chronicles of Downton Abbey.

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  14 Responses to “The Chronicles of Downton Abbey – Jessica Fellowes and Matthew Sturgis”


    You have certainly made me want to read this book! 🙂 Downton Abbey is the best!


    Wonderful video. This book looks like a great read for fans of Downton Abbey. On my most buy list.


    Great video! Looks like a lovely book. I’m really going to miss Downton Abbey.


      Thank you, Jan! I’m going to miss it too! Although, I must admit I did enjoy the earlier seasons to these later ones. Still, I watched them all. 🙂


    beautiful book


    Thanks for sharing with us this beautiful book!. It´s such a deluxe edition for fans of “Downton Abbey” -sigh- the quality of the photos is excellent. Thanks for the video: passing the pages listening to the inspiring soundtrack is a thrilling experience 🙂
    When you see an episode of “Downton Abbey”, don´t you feel like spending a fortnight between its walls and enjoying all the luxury the mansion shows?, I always suffer of Downton-fever when I see any episode LOL, because I´d like to wear those wonderful dresses, having tea with Lady Violet and Cora, having supper in the big dining room, dancing the vals… I think you understand me!


    What a great review for a gorgeous book and show. We get to see the final episode this coming Sunday and I can’t wait. Unfortunately, it is the final one. I’ve enjoyed this witty, full of life period drama so much. I do hope Mr. Fellows comes up with a new one. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he did a P&P adaptation series? That would be delicious!


      Thank you, Carole! I appreciate you saying so! I’m looking forward to the final episode. This season feels like it went so fast! I second your hope for another period adaptation from Mr. Fellowes! Something set in the time of Jane Austen would be perfect!!!


    How wonderful! That’s a must-have. Thanks for sharing it with us, Meredith 🙂


    LOVED the video. Several years ago I did get to see some of the costumes in person at an exhibit in Delaware at the Winterthur Museum. I loved it. That books is beautiful and I actually had tears in viewing it…brought back many memories from over the seasons. Lucky you to have such a generous mom.

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