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The Netherfield Affair1Some Strange Things Are Happening at Netherfield!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Novella, Variation, Mystery

TIME FRAME: Jane’s visit to Netherfield – her and Elizabeth’s return home

MAIN CHARACTERS: Elizabeth and Jane Bennet, Mr. Darcy, Charles and Caroline Bingley, Wicked George, Tilly the maid


  • A New Author: Penelope Swan has released 7 Austenesque books so far and I haven’t read any!
  • A Hint of Mystery: Anyone who has seen my Nancy Drew collection would know that I definitely enjoy a dash of intrigue and a bit of puzzle-solving with my stories!
  • The Name of the Series: Dark Darcy…sounds very ominous!


  • Wonderful Balance: I liked how the author composed her story by extracting real occurrences from the Pride and Prejudice timeline – like Jane visiting Netherfield and falling sick, and added some new intriguing elements – like rumors about Netherfield being haunted and legends of a highwayman by the name of “Wicked George.” It was a wonderful balance of traveling through familiar and unfamiliar territory at the same time. While we may hear a bit about the merits and rarity of “accomplished ladies” there are other, more pressing matters to discuss at Netherfield in this story!
  • Darcy and Elizabeth, Amateur Sleuths: With their quick minds and keen observation skills Darcy and Elizabeth would make excellent sleuths, don’t you think? I loved seeing both of them question the mysteries surrounding Netherfield, sneak around and conduct their investigations, and search for logical explanations for all these puzzles. It was also lovely to see these mysteries bring Darcy and Elizabeth together in company more and witness them share several moments alone without the watchful eyes and ears of Caroline Bingley!  Is Elizabeth’s first impression of Darcy about to change?
  • More Than One Mystery: When Elizabeth arrives at Netherfield she sees a ghostly-looking face in the attic window, at night there are strange noises in the house, and now valuable objects are being reported as missing…what is the cause of all these mysteries? Who is behind the thefts? Are the members and servants of Netherfield to be trusted? With so much going on and several new characters being introduced, this story definitely kept me captivated!


  • Left Wanting More: This volume in the Dark Darcy series ends with Elizabeth and Jane returning to Longbourn. I am curious to see what happens next now that Darcy and Elizabeth have had some different and more amicable interactions. I know book series like this are very popular, and I usually don’t mind multi-part stories.  But in this case it did feel a little bit of a letdown to have this story, when it is already a quick-read, end so early. I appreciate the mysteries being resolved, but the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth was left very much open-ended! I guess I’ll have to get a copy of Book 2 in this series, Intrigue at the Ball, to see what happens next!


Delightfully intriguing, this Pride and Prejudice novella variation shows Darcy and Elizabeth traveling a different path together – I wonder how many more mysteries will abound in the next installment of this series! The Netherfield Affair is an excellent choice for readers who are looking for a entertaining and engaging quick read with a dash of mystery mixed in!

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  24 Responses to “The Netherfield Affair (Dark Darcy Series #1) – Penelope Swan”


    This sounds very interesting. I have not read anything at all by this author so one to look out for. Thanks Meredith.


    Thank you for the lovely review. I too have never read this Ms Swan’s books but would like to..
    Having said that, I read alot of JAFF and series like this send up all kinds of radar. I tend to not read a series until it is completed ( i.e. Oakes’ One Thread Pull’s continuation was promised years and years ago and has never come to be) and then many seem to be novellas which should be one book and end up costing alot more money than I would pay for one book. I do appreciate authors deserve to be paid for their creativity but this trend is disturbing to me. It has become a pet peeve for me.
    I will put this series on my tbr pile but after they are all published and will hope they are combined at some point in the future.


      I think this series is completed, that’s the good news! I do like your idea of a book that combined all the novellas together! 🙂 LOL! Yes, One Thread Pulled’s sequel is one I’m anticipating too! 🙂


    I also like the Dark Darcy series name!


    I like a good, darker story.


    Sounds like another series I would like to read. Thanks for another great review Meredith. I enjoy your recommendations 🙂


    Sound a interesting. I have it on my TBR, so I think I need to get to it.


    You’ve convinced me with your mysterious review! WOW! I love this sort of stories! And I’m willing to see both Darcy and Lizzy making inquiries like true detectives! 🙂


    Great review Meredith! I read this one but haven’t delved further into the others…yet. I enjoyed it but I agree, it left me wanting. As for “One Thread Pulled’, I too am waiting for that continuation!


    I’ve had my eye on this series, too, because I love the idea of the mystery blended in. Thanks for sharing that it doesn’t standalone and I would need to be ready for a serial of stories.


    Very nice review. After Penelope Swan’s guest appearance on your blog and this review, I definitely want to read her. No matter which one I read it will be my first, but her story and how she got to her JAFF writing career is fascinating.


    I would have to agree with the one comment above since you stated you felt you were left hanging. I will wait for more in the series to be published. i have only read one other book by this author. Thank you for this review.

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