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Hello readers!  I hope you are enjoying a happy March so far!  I’m so very excited because we’ve had a few warm and temperate days here in NC and I’m hoping that means I’ll be able to start reading outside! Can’t wait!

But the big exciting news at the moment is Netherfield Nook is finished at last!!


It took close to two months from start to finish and a total of 9 visits from the carpenters and painters (we were a side project for these guys and most of the work was done on Saturdays) but my book nook is finally finished!  Can I get a woot woot?

IMG_3113 IMG_3168IMG_3249 IMG_3275 IMG_3296

And I bet you are curious to see what these lovely shelves look like with my books in them…so we made a video!

My thanks to sweet Mr. Bingley for putting the video together and for making me talk on camera. 😀


Want to know what Austenesque fun I’m getting into this month?

…here is what’s on this month’s

Austenesque Agenda:


The Netherfield Affair1


You Give Love a Bad Name The Disappearance of Georgiana Darcy

unfront Angel of the Centerfold


I think it is time for more Georgette Heyer, don’t you?  I typically read a Georgette Heyer novel every August to celebrate our birthdays (same day!), but I have a stack of  11 unread Georgette novels in my TBR pile!  I don’t want it to take 11 years to read them all, so I’m going to start trying to read them in other months as well!  Here are some randomly chosen books from my stack – Beauvallet, Cousin Kate, and The Black Moth.  Which one do you want me to read and review this month?


HYHanna+Muesli-AuthorPhoto The Netherfield Affair1

Penelope Swan – March 7th

Marilyn_Brant--GR You Give Love a Bad Name

Marilyn Brant – March 14th

JanAshton headshot asa8abig

J. L. Ashton – March 21st

Such a great month to look forward to, right?

What is going on with you this month?  

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  57 Responses to “Austenesque Agenda – March 2016”


    Cousin Kate, just picked it randomly.

    LOVE your nook! Jealous!!!



      Thank you! As you can tell I’m in serious love with it too!!

      Random selection works for me! It’s how I decided which 3 would be options for this month. 🙂

      Thanks for voting! 🙂 B – 0/CK – 1/TBM – 0


    I love your nook Meredith! I wish I had space to build something like that! Congrats to Mr. Bingley, the video is very cool 🙂


    Definitely The Black Moth. Although all her books are excellent and I have read them a number of times. I look forward to your thoughts. And I am so jealous of your book nook! It looks amazing. My brother built me some lovely bookshelves so I love those. (not on the same scale but then neither is my house. I think your book nook would just about fill my living room. Good luck with your reading and I really hope you enjoy A Searing Acquaintance as much as I did.


    I’ll give you a woot woot, and another woot for good measure! It was fun to try to recognize the books on the shelves–noticed the Pamela Aidan trilogy was front and center, just where I would put it! And all the Jane Austen action figures. Sadly, I can’t recommend any of the three Heyers you have listed very highly, but I’ll agree with Glynis and say The Black Moth. Cousin Kate is probably the most hated of all her period books.


      Thank you, my friend! Good eye! 😉 I am proud to own both of the action figures! Interesting what you say about the Heyer books and Cousin Kate. I haven’t read up on any of them so I don’t know much about them.

      Thanks for voting! 🙂 B – 0/CK – 1/TBM – 2


    I’m SOOOOO! jealous of your book nook. Would love to have somewhere like that. I opt for The Black Moth too. It’s one of my favourites. I envy you reading them all for the first time. I just love them.


      I think I’ve only read 8 Georgette Heyer novels, so I do have many more to read and enjoy for the first time! 🙂

      Thanks for voting! 🙂 B – 0/CK – 1/TBM – 3


    Your happiness just shines through on the picture and the video. Absolutely gorgeous book nook! Congratulations! Woot! Woot! Can’t wait to read your reviews on the books you have picked for this month. I have read two of the ones you have selected. I will choose ‘Black Moth’ for you to read as well.


      It was such a happy and long-awaited moment for me! It was almost a full year for my books to be shelf-less! Most of the year they spent in boxes!

      Thanks for voting! 🙂 B – 0/CK – 1/TBM – 4


    Not really a woot kind of guy, but on your behalf – woot, woot! You guys are great together.




    Woot woot. Love the book nook. Sooooo jealous. I have never read any of Georgette Heyer’s books so can’t pick. You and Mr Bingley are just the cutest. You are definitely The Bingleys! X


      Thank you, Michelle! It is a dream come true! My books are my treasures! 😀 You are sweet to say so. I don’t know how much I emulate Jane and her wonderful goodness, but I’m glad you agree with my assessment of my Mr. Bingley! 😉


    Bravo! What a lovely place to have all your books. And I can see that you have lots of space for more. Thanks Mr. Bingley for making Meredith talk on the video. She did very well.


      Thank you, Brenda! I love having this little area all to myself! Would you believe I was worried I’d run out of space? When the shelves started going up I began second guessing and thought we didn’t plan for enough shelves! Mr. Bingley is the one who is much more comfortable on camera, but I’m trying to get used to it! 🙂 Am thinking of doing a bookshelf tour later on. 🙂


    I adorevy your book book. As for which Georgette Beyer book…I am leaning towards The Black Moth.


    Woot, woot! What a fantastic book room you and Mr. Bingley have built. Love the videos of your progress from empty room to finished project. Still have shelf space to collect more books. My daughter did this at their home but she’s filled that room so the empty alcove in dining room is next to have built in shelves. That’s three rooms that her books have encroached upon. But she loves it, and by your happiness in the video, you do too.


      Wow! That’s amazing that she has three rooms of books! How lucky for her to have the space to do that! I’m glad you enjoyed the progress photos!


    That nook looks great and it was fun to watch your video. And hey, I still have all my Nancy Drew books, too. 🙂

    I’m picking Beauvallet since it’s a bit different time period for her books.

    Nice line up that you have for the month.


      Thanks, Sophia! Glad you enjoyed the video! LOL! That’s awesome that you have your Nancy Drew too! I just realized I’m missing 12 books of that series, must buy them to have it all completed! LOL!

      Thanks for voting! 🙂 B – 1/CK – 1/TBM – 5


    Your book nook looks splendid! Congrats! . I guess you’ll enjoy the room! . The agenda is very interesting : I wonder about “The Netherfield affair”, and “The disappearance of Georgiana Darcy “. Bravo for the idea of reading a Georgette Heyer because your choice will be helpful when I plan reading one of her novels 🙂


      Thank you, my friend! I’m so enjoying this room, plan to read a lot in the book nook when I can’t read outside! It looks like I’ll have double mysteries this month! How fun! Glad you are wanting to read some Georgette Heyer! I’ve read about 7-8 of her books, many of them I thought were 5 star reads!


    Soooo jealous of your Netherfield Nook, Meredith. Now, if you haven’t already got one, what it needs is a very comfy chair for you to sit in whilst you tackle that pile of books to read. I can recommend a recliner of some sort from personal experience!

    I’ve not read any Georgette Heyer since one or two when I was a teenager and can’t remember why I didn’t read any more. So I can’t vote on that for you.

    I have the audio of Regina Jeffers book and it’s an intriguing mystery. Angel of the Centerfold is on my TBR list and I think everything else is on my Wish List.


      I was actually thinking of having a piano in the room, but it doesn’t look like that will fit. I have a rather large window seat in between to shelves, that I have enjoying sitting on…but it definitely needs some cushions!!! 😉

      So glad to hear your interest in the books in my TBR pile this month!! I look forward to hearing your thoughts when you do read them!


    Oh Meredith! You seems so happy!!! I see your face in the video and see the face of a child that have had his Christmas present! You’re so cute!!! Love your book nook!


      I am so happy! Thank you for saying such sweet things! <3 I was really excited to share this day with you all! 🙂 LOL! Definitely felt better than Christmas!


    I can’t wait to see what Heyer book you pick. I have 7 on my kindle that I haven’t read yet… I’ve only read 1 Heyer book…I don’t know where to start with her, there are soooo many. Love the book nook, too.


    Watched your video on you tube. Very well done. Great looking book nook. Such classics on there and he Beatles. Smiles. We have nancy Drew also. I’d say “cousin Kate” however it’s a bit more gothic so maybe “the black moth” if that suits your mood better.


      Thanks for checking out our video, my friend! 🙂 LOL! Yes, I have Beatles, Audrey Hepburn, and Nancy Drew books in the non-JA area of my bookshelves! I do like gothic so that sounds interesting to me!

      Thanks for voting! 🙂 B – 1/CK – 2/TBM – 5


    Woot woot for the book nook!


    Congrats on the book nook. You and Mr. Bingley are too adorable in the video! Can’t wait to read your book reviews and guest this month.


    Woot, Woot and Huzzah for your book nook. You do look so happy. I have read 5 Heyer books but only The Black Moth of the ones you listed. I have read 3 of the 4 you have listed to read and review so will be interested in reading your reviews of those. Interesting that you sorted them by publisher. I just put mine up alphabetically. But I don’t have near the number you have since i now buy most of mine on kindle. The video was darling.


      Thank you!!! 🙂 LOL! I like to sort them by publisher because they are usually the same height, width, and have an overall similar look to them! But I do put them alphabetical order by author after that! 😉 Thanks for watching our video! Glad you enjoyed it!


    Loved the video! It was so fun to watch you fast-forwarding to fill the shelves 🙂 and you sounded so happy! Great book nook, looks fantastic! Will you have a nice comfy chair there, for the winter months?
    Great books on the agenda too, can’t wait to read your reviews. As for Georgette Heyer, one more vote for the Black Moth from me. It’s at least 7 years since I’ve read Cousin Kate so I might be getting my Heyer mixed up, but if it’s the one I’m thinking of it’s pretty dark and not much fun. Though I would say that the dark and brooding hero was the one saving grace.


      It felt like Christmas! 🙂 I am very happy with it indeed! I think my next task is to find some cushions for the window seat, that would be my preferred reading spot. 😉 I use it now, but it definitely hurst after awhile!

      Ooh! I love dark and brooding heroes!

      Thanks for voting! 🙂 B – 1/CK – 2/TBM – 6


    You guys are so adorable! What a great video. See, I knew you should be vlogging! You did a great job and the library is beautiful. Enjoy!


    Oh you cuties, you! Loved the video. Love the book nook, just gorgeous. You deserve every bit of happiness you will derive from having them.

    Great agenda for this month, really looking forward to the reviews and the guest appearances. And by the way, where did February go?

    I loved Beauvellet, but I don’t think it’s everyone’s fave by far. I think you should read Black Moth and everyone should, because you have to remind yourself she wrote that when she was a mere teen herself. And she was amazing from the very beginning. Yes, her work matures as she got older but what talent she had from a very early age.


      I’m glad you enjoyed our little video! 🙂

      I know, February went by in a blink! I can’t believe it! Very good reasoning for choosing The Black Moth. I wonder if her early works will be a little more burlesque and daring like Jane Austen’s?

      Thanks for voting! 🙂 B – 1/CK – 2/TBM – 7


    I love your Book Nook! I was nearly beside myself when my DH finished my shelves…though mine is more of an office/dressing room with space for my books than a relaxing dedicated book space. LOL

    I am going to have to go with the Black Moth for your book vote.


    Congratulations on your beautiful new house! I love the book nook video- thanks for sharing!


    Congrats, Meredith!! Love your nook! 🙂 It’s great that your books have a home!
    You and Mr. Bingley are so cute! The video is lovely! And… I have that same shirt you were wearing! I won it on your blog. 😛
    Look forward to your reviews and guest posts and I’ll pick The Black Moth, Heyer’s debut novel. 🙂


      Thank you, my friend!!! I’m so happy to have my books in a proper place again!

      YES! Great eye! 😉 I thought it smart to wear something appropriate for the task I was doing. I’m delighted somebody noticed! And yes, I remember you winning and selecting this shirt too! 😉

      Thanks for voting! 🙂 B – 1/CK – 2/TBM – 9


    Sorry I’m so late and playing blog catch-up… I’m so jealous of your book nook! It’s glorious! I loved getting to see and hear you in your video, too. Great work, Bingleys, and I can’t wait to see how you like your books for this month. As for the Heyer, I have no idea, so I will just randomly pick The Black Moth!


      So happy to have you visit, my friend! I appreciate it! 🙂

      LOL! I hate hearing my voice, I’m told I sound like I’m 13 quite often…and I think with being a little nervous, my voice went even higher in pitch! But oh well, happy to share my experience with such lovely friends! Thanks for watching!

      Thanks for voting! 🙂 B – 1/CK – 2/TBM – 10

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