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As the chapter of 2015 comes to a close I just wanted to say how thankful I am for all the wonderful authors, bloggers, and readers who made 2015 such a great year!  In my personal life there was a lot going on (short version: we made big decisions about our businesses, moved them into their own office space, moved into an apartment for 9 months, and then bought our first house!) and sometimes it was stressful and crazy!

I’m so grateful that through it all I could retreat into this lovely Austenesque world where authors write about my favorite characters and readers come together and discuss Jane Austen and books!  Authors, this year more then others your books were an escape and refuge for me.  THANK YOU!


Mr. Bingley is thankful too!

I greatly appreciate all of you who took time out of your busy day to drop in and read my posts and share your thoughts!  I may not have been around a lot to respond, but seeing your comments and opinions always made me smile and forget the craziness of my life.  Thank you for sharing in our adventures this year and for all the support and kind words!

Thank you my dear, darling friends! <3


Now, on the blog front it has been quite a busy year…

Let’s see a summary, shall we?

Total Blog Posts for 2015 – 169 (1 more than last year!)

Total Reviews Posted in 2015 – 65 (4 more than last year!)

Total Author Visits to Austenesque Reviews in 2014 – 33 (3 more than last year!)

Reading Challenges –

The Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge (Goal: 60 books – Final Progress: 68 books!)

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 9.40.02 PM

The Austenesque Lovers TBR Pile Challenge 2015 (Goal: 12 books – Final Progress: 16 books!)

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 8.46.31 AM

And I also set my own personal Emma Inspired Reading Challenge (Goal: 5 books – Final Progress: 5 books! YAY!)


  • The number of posts and such are very consistent with last year.  I guess I found a balance that works for me. 😉
  • Feels good to be on task!  I plan on participating in the same reading challenges for 2016 (maybe aim for a higher book count!), but instead of a personal Emma Inspired Reading Challenge, I plan on doing a personal Austenesque Reread Challenge (where I will reread some books that I read pre-blog and write reviews!)

And because you know I love my lists and charts, here are some breakdowns:

Reviews Breakdown


  • Anthologies were definitely on the rise for me this year!  I am greatly enjoying reading collections Austenesque works.  I especially love the variety!

Ratings Breakdown


  • I’m pretty consistent with last year…  I think there were more 5 stars, but then again I did read more books. 🙂

Overall Reading Breakdown

  • I’m quite happy and surprised with the balance of P&P and verses non P&P!

Jane Austen Novel Breakdown

  • Poor neglected Northanger Abbey and Sense and Sensibility! I will have to do something about that next year!  I did read several short stories for each, but since those stories were part of a larger work, I didn’t count them here.


What a lot of terrific and praiseworthy books I read and reviewed on my blog this year! There are some that I thought deserved to receive a little more recognition and praise.  Below you will find my 12 Austenesque Reviews’ Favorites for 2015!


…and the awards go to…

in alphabetical order

Austenesque02 (1)


A Peculiar Connection by Jan Hahn

Austenesque03 APC+FC+Final+030515+SM

Thank you, Jan!  I commend you for taking on these brave and challenging premises!  You have a talent for working them out so well!

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A Vist to Highbury by Joan Austen-Leigh

Austenesque03 A Visit to Highbury

Thank you, Joan!  I love that you gave Mrs. Goddard a voice.  This book is a true masterpiece!

Buy the Book   I   Read My Review   I   Add to Goodreads

At Home with Jane Austen by Kim Wilson

Austenesque03 At Home with Jane Austen

Thank you, Kim!  I can imagine nothing more perfect than visiting Jane Austen at home.  Thank you for the virtual tour and education!

Buy the Book   I   Read My Review   I   Add to Goodreads

Brinshore by Ann Mychal

Austenesque03 Brinshore

Thank you, Ann!  I admire and applaud your skill in tackling these often-neglected works and transforming them into your own wonderful tales!

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Denial of Conscience by Cat Gardiner

Austenesque03 Denial of Conscience

Thank you, Cat!  Your books are magnificent and exhilarating adventures!  I adored our dangerous Darcy and his very complicated mission!

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Fitzwilliam Darcy: An Honorable Man by Brenda Webb

Austenesque03 Fitzwilliam Darcy- An Honorable Man

Thank you, Brenda!  This dramatic and compelling tale had me spellbound!  I cannot wait to read more by you!

Buy the Book   I   Read My Review   I   Add to Goodreads

Pride and Proposals by Victoria Kincaid

Austenesque03 Pride and Proposals

Thank you, Victoria!  This book consumed me when I read it and I loved every minute of it!  I love it when I become so effected by a story.

Buy the Book   I   Read My Review   I   Add to Goodreads

Sketching Character by Pamela Lynne

Austenesque03 Sketching Character

Thank you, Pamela!  I love what you do with these characters – such clever, thoughtful, and inventive manipulations!  Such a fantastic story!

Buy the Book   I   Read My Review   I   Add to Goodreads

Sketching Mr. Darcy by Lory Lilian

Austenesque03 Sketching Mr. Darcy

Thank you, Lory!  This is definitely one of my favorite forced marriage scenarios!  I thought you executed it brilliantly!

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The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen

Austenesque03 The Secret of Pembrooke Park

Thank you, Julie! I love how your stories are all-encompassing tales of romance, intrigue, history, and action!

Buy the Book   I   Read My Review   I   Add to Goodreads

The Unthinkable Triangle by Joana Starnes

Austenesque03 The Unthinkable Triangle_Final cover

Thank you, Joana!  I love how you portray and analyze Darcy’s emotion’s in your stories!  So very thoughtful and perceptive!

Buy the Book   I   Read My Review   I   Add to Goodreads

Then Comes Winter by Christina Boyd

Austenesque03 The Comes Winter

Thank you, Christina and the team at Meryton Press!  This was such an amazing collection!  I loved each story cannot wait to see what you all do next!

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How about you?  What are some of your Austenesque favorites from 2015?

~ Past Awards ~

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*Thank you, Loren for making a brilliant new award for me to use this year!  You are so talented!

**Shout out to Joy Dawn King, Sophia Rose, Joana Starnes, Teresa, and Sheila – according to WordPress you 5 are my most active commenters!!!! :) Thank you for making the conversations so stimulating here on Austenesque Reviews! 😉 *hugs*


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  78 Responses to “The 2015 Austenesque Reviews End of the Year Summary and Awards!”


    I loved Joana Starnes The Unthinkable Triangle. Two others nearly gave me apoplexy, they were so good, Kara Louise’s Mr. Darcy’s Rival and Jane Odiwe’s Jane Austen Lives Again.


    Great to see your picks of the year, Meredith! I have read some of these and have some of these on my TBR for this year, so I’m glad you have rated them so highly. I wish you good health and good reading this year, my friend!


    Congratulations on meeting so many of your goals. I have read most of the books listed as your favorites and loved all but have to make sure that I read the two that I have not yet read. One I have already in paperback and the other I will have to purchase. But your column always gives me information about which I might read next. Thank you so very much. I was surprised to see my name listed as a frequent comment maker on your blog. But I do see that I am in excellent company. Happy New Year to all.


      Thank you, Sheila! It was great that I was able to meet the TBR challenge! Having the reading group on Goodreads definitely inspired me! That’s amazing that you already read 10 out of my 12! I want to take a guess that one of the ones you haven’t read is A Visit to Highbury? That one is only available through third party sellers I think, but well worth the hunt! I’m so thankful for such loyal visitors and commenters like yourself. Without people like you, this blog would not have continued!


        Yes, you are correct that it the only one I don’t have out of the 12. Third party sellers – well, that might mean I won’t find it but will keep that in mind when I find time to search.


    It is a reflection of your character that you thank everyone else, when we are the gainers from participation in the Austenesque Reviews community! So thank YOU, Meredith! Wishing you a happy, and calmer, new year in your new home.


      You say the kindest things, Abigail! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me and my blog! I hope you have a very happy 2016 filled with wonderful reads! (Btw saw your review for A Visit To Highbury the other day and am so glad to see you give it such praise!)


    Wow! You had a fantastic year! With all that you had going on you still exceeded last years totals! Bravo! I unfortunately did not do as well as you. At least in the reviewing department. With my busy year, that fell to the way side. Hopefully, I can pick that back up in this new year! 🙂

    Happy New Year!


      Thank you, Candy! There was a lot going on, but I also had a lot free time when Mr. Bingley was off playing gigs. 😉 I hope the next year is calmer for both of us!


    This is a wonderful list! Congratulations on such a great year for you!


    Happy New Year! This list makes me realize I am way behind in my Austen and Austenesque reading! Thanks for the pointer to the Austenesque challenge! Hope 2016 is a wonderful year for you. 🙂


    Thank you for Austenesque Reviews, and happy New year!


    What a fabulous list Meredith! Glad to see we loved some of the same books and that you’ve helped me add some new ones to my TBR list! Happy New Year!!


    For the second year in a row I am in the top five commenters on your blog. Yay! I’d like to thank the academy… Chuckle! Chuckle! I’m really amazed as I’ve slowed down a bunch in my visiting to websites. I’m trying to be disciplined and write more than I read. (Obviously it’s not working!) I quit keeping track of my reads on Goodreads, however in 2015 I read 131 JAFF, which were almost exclusively P&P. This is, of course, RESEARCH.

    Virginia Woolf said (according to Pinterest), “Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river.” That’s my plan.

    Thanks so much for the stats. I love when you post lists and stats. It satisfies the geek in me.


      Aww, Joy! I’m very happy that even thought slowed down a little with your visits that you are still such a presence on my blog – I wouldn’t want that to change! That’s amazing that you read so much in 2015! Great quote! I think it is a good plan! I appreciate hearing that others geek out over stats like me! 😉 Happy happy 2016 to you!


    Wow, Meredith! Thank you so much for honoring A Peculiar Connection as one of your favorites for 2015. I’m thrilled to be included among so many talented writers.


    I have read 7 of the above listed novels and 145 other P & P variations in the year 2015! There are so many excellent ones it is hard to choose but I do rate them on Amazon and if they are my choices, I give them a 5 star rating. I love the fact that these authors come up with such excellent plots to keep the reader interested! Thank you Austen Authors for making my reading pleasure so pleasureable.


      Wow, Mary Ann! Hats off to you! I don’t think I could ever pull that off. 🙂 It was hard to choose. I have 6 P&P variations on my list and I didn’t like the idea of picking 1 or 2 so I decided to do a top 12 this year instead! There are so many worthy reads!


    Kudos for a great 2015 year! Even though you had “craziness”, it appears that your surpassed the previous year. I always love your charts. Your awards are spot on!


    Thanks to you too Meredith for this wonderful site. It is a beautiful place where i escape to. I have read Lory’s book and recently read The Journey which was fantastic. P.S just seen you and Mr Bingley on Youtube. You are so gentle and softly spoken whereas i am very loud!!!!


      Thank you for the kinds words, Michelle! I’m so glad you enjoy your visits to Austenesque Reviews! 😉 Thanks for watching our video, I’m often told I sound like I’m 12 when I talk.


    I am honored that you included Fitzwilliam Darcy An Honourable Man among your favorites for 2015. To be included in such a group is humbling.


    Happy New Year and congratulations on meeting and exceeding your goals! I do love your charts! I have read 3 of the books above that you awarded honours to. I keep seeing A Peculiar Connection being awarded top honours, so I plan to make that a priority to read this year. Most likely this month. I have also decided to sign-up on Goodreads and take the 2016 Challenge thanks to you and Claudine. I have spent most of the day working on that website! You have certainly had an exciting year and I hope 2016 is even better for you! Thank you!


      Thank you, Carole! I’m so glad you enjoy the charts! A Peculiar Connection is one I was a little wary of giving the premise, but Jan does such a remarkable job with that one! Looking forward to seeing you take part on Goodreads and seeing your reviews! I hope you have a very successful and happy 2016!


    As always you amaze me with your organization, lists and charts Meredith!
    Thank you so much for showing us how your year was here are Austenesque reviews 🙂 I found it very interesting!!
    I still do not know how you had the time to read so much with everything else occurring in your life, but I’m glad you did, as it gave me the opportunity to read many wonderful posts!

    As for my 2015 favorites I would say:
    Suddenly Mrs. Darcy by Jenetta James
    Ardently by Caitlin Williams
    The Madness of Mr. Darcy by Alexa Adams
    Sketching Mr. Darcy by Lory Lilian
    Earning Darcy’s Trust by Jennifer Joy
    The Unthinkable Triangle by Joana Starnes
    A Peculiar Connection by Jan Han
    Then Comes Winter – Edited by Christina Boyle


    I like very much this kind of post and I was looking forward to it!. I’m happy to see Jan Han ‘ s award because I was so lucky to win her novel and I think Ann Mychal’s mention is really deserved!. Meredith, the design of the medals is so enchanting! I could imagine it as a kind of necklace 🙂
    I feel so glad to be one of your five most active commenters! , a sweet surprise! . Thanks for providing us with such a well written posts, interviews with authours and giveaways. And thanks for your energy and enthusiasm!. Reading your posts has become a “must ” in my daily routine. You say that your blog and readers have helped you in your busy 2015…And I say thanks for doing the same!.
    By the way…with such a busy year…how on earth did you manage to reach and overcome your goals? LOL. A big hug!


      Aww! Thank you so much for saying so, Teresa! I’m glad you working looking forward to this post! I love the design of the awards, too! Loren did such an amazing job, it was all her!

      Thank you for being such a frequent visitor to my blog! I love hearing what you have to say and have very much enjoyed our virtual conversations about Jane Austen and reading! Thank you for making AR a place you frequent! I am so lucky to have wonderful readers and friends like you!

      LOL! We did have a lot of down time while the house was being built, all the decisions were made and such. Also Mr. Bingley gigged a lot more this year so I had a lot of afternoons and evenings to myself! 😉 *hugs* and happy 2016!


    I have read Then Comes Winter, The Unthinkable Triangle and Sketching Mr Darcy and loved them all. Lory’s book is my favourite. I have Brenda’s book on my really long wish list so will definitely read it at some point. I love your reviews Meredith and look forward to many more in 2016. I would like to wish you and Mr Bingley a very Happy New Year


      I’m so glad you thought highly of those three books, Glynis! Brenda’s book was on my TBR for a very long time too! Don’t be afraid to move it to the top! 😉 Thank you for your visits and conversations! I’m so appreciative of both! Looking forward to spending 2016 together with some wonderful reads! Happy New Year to you!


    Meredith, thank you so much for including ‘Brinshore’ in your list of favourites along with such wonderful writers, and for the lovely review earlier in the year. It means so much to a writer to be appreciated. Thank you for all you do to bring writers and readers together. I wish you a very happy new year! You have certainly made the start of mine a very happy one!


      You are very welcome, Ann! It is such a praiseworthy read and very deserving of commendation and applause! Wishing you a very happy new year and very much looking forward to seeing what the year has in store for you! 😉


    Meredith, I am so honored to be listed alongside these incredible authors! Thank you for the including Denial of Conscience as one of your favorites! You do such a wonderful job with Austenesque Reviews! Thank you for everything. Best wishes on the new house and Happy New Year to you and Mr. Bingley! May it be filled with laughter and music, always.


      Your book so belongs on this list, Cat! It brought me so much pleasure and was such a fantastic work! Thank you for being a visitor and friend to AR and I hope 2016 brings you lots of happiness, good health, and success! *hugs*


    Thank you so much!



    Meredith, thank you so much! Your annual analysis of your year reading and reviewing is always interesting to me but especially satisfying when projects that have meant so much to ME;))) get recognized. Your awards certainly validate the efforts of all involved from writers, betas, editors, proofers, art designers, and publicity. Thank you for creating such a beautiful site to showcase emerging authors to a larger audience. Appreciate all your year round hard work. Happy New Year!


      Thank you for your kind words, Christina! I know your books were recognized in sooo many places this week (congrats on that btw!) and I appreciate you stopping by! The team and authors you work with are so very talented and I am so glad that their work is being praised! Looking forward to seeing what is in store for 2016! All the best!


    All that big personal stuff and you still increased your reading and posts. Way to go, lady! I imagine it was a nice distraction at times. 🙂

    Look forward to seeing you beat your personal challenge for this year, too.

    I ticked through your top books and loved that I read most of them or added them to my list for future consumption. Ahhh, glad to see Then Comes Winter made your list. Thank you!

    Have a happy new year in your new home and hopefully with lots of good Austenesque books.


      Very true, Sophia! I’m looking forward to the reading challenges again this year! Having the group on goodreads is a great motivator and pushed me to accomplish all I did this year! 😉 So happy to see your works in both MP anthologies! I hope we see more from you in 2016!! All the best!


    Meredith, thanks for a year of great review. Looking forward to 2016!


    Thanks for picking THEN COMES WINTER! With all the rest of your picks I’m definitely going to be adding to my TBR.


      My pleasure! I read 4 other anthologies this year and that one was such a wonderful mix of stories by such talented authors! It really was such a pleasure!


    Meredith! I am so happy to be part of this list. 2015 was a great year for JAFF. I am thrilled, humbled and downright giddy to be part of this special group of authors and readers. I feel sorry for the rest of the literary world who have no idea what gems can be found in Austenesque. Thank you, Meredith, and I hope you have a wonderful 2016!


      You and your book are most deserving of being on this list, Pamela! Sketching character is brilliant and will be a P&P variation that stays in my mind for a long time! I agree with you about other readers not knowing the praiseworthy and talented works in this genre! Wishing you a happy 2016!


    Wow! Thank you for including Pride and Proposals on your list. I am honored!


    Another great year for Austenesque books and Austenesque Reviews! Thanks for your amazing list, and have a great New Year, Meredith 🙂


      Thank you, Karen! I appreciate you checking out my post. It was great to see so many new and talented works this year! Hope you had an enjoyable holiday and a great start to the new year!


    Thank you for your support of all authors, Meredith. You help us have a voice!


    I always love reading your post about your favourite reads of the year! I’m also happy because I have some of those books waiting for me! 😛 My favourites were Emma and Elizabeth, Haunting Mr. Darcy and Holidays with Jane: Christmas Cheer. Happy New Year Meredith! 🙂


      Thank you, Maria! I really love doing this kind of post to reflect on the year and all the books I enjoyed! 🙂 Well chosen favorites! I agree with you whole-heartedly!


    Thanks for the wonderful post and for including The Unthinkable Triangle among your top favourites for 2015! I’m so honoured to be in such amazing company and ever so glad to hear that Joy, Sophia Rose, Teresa, Sheila and I are your most active commenters 🙂 It’s a delight to be here, I love your happy site!
    Happy New Year and thanks for a magical time!


    Hi Meredith! I am just back from a big trip and enjoying catching up on the posts I missed while away. I loved your top favorites and have read many on the list. I will have to seek out the few I missed. Thanks so much for all of your work on this blog and creating a happy home for all of us fans! Wishing you and Mr. B a wonderful year of health and happiness in your new home.


      Thank you, Joy! I hope you had a great trip!! I’m glad you like to see my list of top favorites, it is always fun for me to make them! Thank you for your kind wishes! I hope your 2016 is filled with happiness, joy, and good reads!

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