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Hello friends!  It is time for one of my favorite annual posts…highlighting all the lovely Jane Austen items and gifts you can buy for all the Janeites in your life!  I love searching for new items and creative ways to celebrate being a Janeite each year.

The only bad thing is…that Mr. Bingley and I are about to close on Netherfield soon!  And we are in the midst of preparing to move!  So I’m afraid I did not have the time available to search high and low on the internet for new and different items.

But since I’ve made this list in 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009…I thought this year it might be fun to highlight my all-time favorite shops, vendors, and artisans.

Below you will find 10 wonderful online sites I frequently check out that carry some fabulous Jane Austen items and gifts.

I thought it might be fun to share my favorite item from each site as well as one of their newest items.  I hope you find this different edition of the A Jane Austen Holiday Wishlist to be helpful!  Happy tidings!


Antique Fashionista ~

Lovely works of art inspired by lovely books

Exciting New Find: Jane Austen Christmas Cards – $12


My Personal Favorite: Jane Austen Quote Art Print – $10



~ Austentation ~

Regency accessories and treasures

Exciting New Find: 1812 Poke Bonnet Plain – $28.00


My Personal Favorite: The Bennet Sisters Clothespin Doll Kit – $12.00



Bingley’s Tea ~ 

Delicious Jane Austen inspired looseleaf tea

Exciting New Find: Mansfield Morning – $16.95

Mansfield 800x600

My Personal Favorite: Emma’s Perfect Match – $16.95

Emma 800x600


Brookish ~

Classy Jane Austen shirts and mugs

Exciting New Find: Jane’s Men Women’s Slouchy Sweatshirt – $36


My Personal Favorite: Mr. Darcy Proposal Grey Scoop Neck T-shirt – $25



Dorothy Jane ~

Handcrafted Jane Austen goods and gifts

Exciting New Find: Six Jane Austen Notecards – $7.00


My Personal Favorite: Jane Austen Quotation Bookmarks – $8.00


~ Jane Austen Books ~

Specializing in books by and about Jane Austen

Exciting New Find: Little Miss Austen: Emma – $9.00


My Personal Favorite: From the Desk of Jane Austen 100 Postcards – $18.00



Jane Austen Centre Online Giftshop ~

Located in Bath, it’s the number one stop for Jane Austen fans

Exciting New Find: Jane Austen 2016 Calendar – $13.59

My Personal Favorite: Jane Austen Decoration Doll – $15.07



Litographs ~

Creative designs from your favorite books

Exciting New Find: Persuasion Poster – $13.30 – $34.30

My Personal Favorite: Emma T-shirt – $34.00



Miss Bohemia ~

Lovely Jane Austen clothing and quotes

Exciting New Find:  Mr. and Mrs. Personalized Mugs – $29.34


My Personal Favorite: Jane Austen 2 sided Mug – $15.44



Pemberley Pond ~

Colorful literary posters and paper items

Exciting New Find: Jane Austen Gift Set – $30.47

il_570xN.668211173_bukb il_570xN.802882398_64yl

My Personal Favorite: Pride and Prejudice Map – $18.50


Thanks for reading!

I hope you found this list helpful for some Austenesque holiday gift ideas!


Are there any Jane Austen specialty shops you like to frequent?

What items from my list would you like to put on your wishlist?



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  41 Responses to “A Jane Austen Holiday Wishlist 2015!”


    Some beautiful items/gifts there Meredith. It was my birthday a few weeks ago and my friend bought me a Mr. Darcy coaster to go with my lovely Mr. Darcy cup, a beautiful P & P necklace and also a new book called Pride & Prejudice and Kitties which is the tale of P & P but with pictures of cats in Regency photo frames, mirrors etc., saying the quotes. It is a lovely book by Pamela Jane and Deborah Guyol. Have just bought some lovely new Christmas cards too from the Jane Austen Gift Shop in Bath!


      Forgot to say hope the mov goes well. Will you be in Netherfield for Christmas?


      Happy belated birthday, Michelle! how lovely that your friend knew to get you some JA goodies! 😉 The cat book sounds cute! 😉

      Thank you! We might be closing next week…fingers crossed, so hopefully will be in by Christmas! We are ready to go, been steadily packing the last two weeks…down to bare essentials! 😉


    I can’t imagine where you found the time to even bring up gifts from your older posts but Thank You and this great selection. And the best of luck with your closing and the move. Hope the weather stays dry while you do so.


      Thank you, Sheila! I was worried that I wouldn’t have time to do any of it…I know this isn’t the same as finding all new ideas and gifts, but I hope it is still good!

      Thanks! Yes, hopefully no rain and not too cold on moving day!


    They’re all lovely, Meredith. Well done for searching them out at what must be a very busy time for you. When do you move into Netherfield? Will you make it before Christmas?

    I was wondering why Mr Collins’ name was on the sweatshirt, but when you click on the link, Etsy says that you can have him missed off if you wish. I certainly would!


      Forgot to add, hope you and Mr. Bingley have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. xxx


      Hi Anji! You are so sweet, thank you! Good eye! I didn’t notice Mr. Collins’ name there, I think I would have him taken off too! LOL! 😉

      We are hoping to close next week and move ASAP! Can’t wait! 😉 Thank you! Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year! 😉


    Wonderful ideas, thank you! I especially love the tee shirt and mug. 🙂 Best wishes for your move and Happy Holidays!


      I’m glad you enjoyed the list! Besides books, I’ve become a collector of shirts and now mugs! Glad to see so many different JA ideas and representations of both!


    I hope the weather smiles on your move! So exciting, to move into your own home, built just for you. I’m sure you and Mr. Bingley will fill it with happy spirits.

    Of all the items you listed, I laughed the most at the Mansfield Morning tea—it would have to be a pretty strong brew to get me to face that place first thing in the day!


    Nice gift list, Meredith. Thank you for putting this list together. I may have to order the map print to help keep directions straight.


    The Jane Austen Centre in Bath have a great selection of gifts. My daughter bought me a locket which has a cameo of Jane on the front. I have earrings and Christmas cards and lots of bits and pieces from there. It seems to be the first stop for my family for presents for me as my birthday is 20th of December (just four days after Jane’s)!! And every Christmas my husband renews a subscription for me to the Jane Austen Magazine which you receive every two months. It’s a great idea for fans.


      They do, Teresa! I’ve never been in person, but I love browsing the online selections! It would be dangerous if I did go in person…I wouldn’t have the willpower to deny myself! How lovely to have your birthday so close to Jane’s! And how great that your family knows where to shop for you! 😉 I just got a Jane Austen magazine subscription in Aug for my birthday and I love it so far!


    I adore this Christian list! It makes me dreams 😉 and at the same time it makes Jane’s World more real. I want the T-shirt with all the names of Austen’s heroes WOW!


    Great idea! I just found a nice Etsy card shop that sells Jane Austen cards, but not as inexpensive as the one you found here. I wanted some of the less popular books and characters and quotes so I’ll have to check out if your shop has them. 🙂


    Thanks for this great list. Brookish and Jane Austen Books are two of my favorite shops.


    Thank you so much for sharing this with us Meredith!! I LOVED it!
    My friends got me the Jane Austen gift set from Pemberley Pond for my birthday this year 🙂 It was one of the best gifts ever!!!


      I love my P&P T-shirt from Lithographs. They do shirts for so many classic books! The size I got is very roomy.


      Aww! I’m so glad, Rita! 😉 The gift set from Pemberley Pond looks fab – how nice that you got it for your birthday! 🙂


        The gift set is very cool. The postcards are incredibly cute and the some of the items were even used to the background picture of my blog 🙂 I’m trying to get my husband to offer me the poster for Christmas 🙂


    Thanks for sharing all the lovely suggestions. I plan to hop on over and buy a few from this list.


    I want them all! Thanks for sharing.


    Wonderful! Yep, like Victoria said 😀 Want them all!
    Thanks for the tips, Meredith, and have a wonderful Christmas xx


    Greetings Meredith!
    Thank you for the wonderful suggestions, before becoming a Janiete people would ask me what I wanted for Christmas and I had no suggestions now they’re like is there anything you want that isn’t Austen related? Indeed not! what a ridiculous question, everything must be Austen related except if they want to buy me Kindle number 6! have a great Christmas!


      Hello Tamara! LOL! Oh no! That’s too funny! Now you have so many suggestions and so many possibilities! They better get used to it, a love for Jane Austen is something that continues to grow and doesn’t fade away!


    Such lovely finds! I especially love that sweater!


    Oh Joy! I just found this in a very ’round about way’ too convoluted to explain but in short, through C. Rafe Carlson’s Facebook page. NOW I understand why it was such a surprise you had already moved into your new home. And I also realize since we were out of town in early December that I missed a bunch of other reviews. I get to go back and dig for treasure. You have to admit the holidays get a little crazy, and reminding myself of this makes me appreciate even more that you moved in during this time. Wonderful memories though. 🙂

    Thanks for this great list! I’ve now made my own little personal wish list, and have been book-marking like mad. (Big smile.) Your 2016 has already started off with a bang, Meredith. Having lots of fun reading the reviews. It’s going to be a great year.


      LOL! I’m glad you found the post, Michelle! 🙂 It is always a good time to treat yourself to some Austenesque goodies! December is such a crazy time! I still look back and feel like it was only last week that we were celebrating Thanksgiving! 😉 Hope your 2016 is off to a lovely start and filled with many good reads!


        Thanks Meredith. Hoping you and Mr Bingley are staying warm and safe this weekend.

        My year is starting out just fine, thank you. I read a lot of new and old Christmas novellas between Thanksgiving and the New Year (not exclusively, though) but I’m back to reading lots of my fave genres, with JAFF at the very top. In the last couple of weeks alone I’ve read some of the best Austen inspired novels, ever. I waited until after the holidays to read Joana Starnes’ ‘The Unthinkable Triangle.’ Sigh. Starnes being, of course, an auto-buy. But I waited because I thought it was going to be just too sad and devastating to read before Christmas. But now I want to reread it very soon, such good writing. And a new author to me; Timothy Underwood’s ‘Mr. Darcy and Mr. Collins’ Widow.’ And a Lory Lillian book, too.

        I know there seems to be a glut entering the JAFF market, IMO, but thank goodness our faves are continuing to write very good ones, and there are some great new authors worth reading, YAY!


          I’m so glad you enjoyed Joana’s new book! And that is wasn’t as sad as you were expecting! Yes, authors are keeping us busy, aren’t they! So glad so many write so prolifically!

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