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Unleashing Mr. DarcyDogs + Darcy + England = No Brainer!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Mom

Because of an unpleasant encounter that has forced her into a “temporary administrative leave,” Elizabeth Scott is wary of all men…especially men with money. Because men with money have power – and oftentimes will use their money and power in unethical and self-serving ways. When Elizabeth crosses paths with Donovan Darcy, an incredibly gorgeous dog show breeder judge, she immediately decides that he is arrogant, rude, entitled, and definitely someone she would do best to avoid. However, Elizabeth keeps encountering the sexy, brooding Mr. Darcy…and as fate would have it, she finds herself temporarily living in the same neighborhood as him. So much for avoiding the man…

Underneath their contentious first encounter and mistaken assumptions, there are sparks and a copious amount of super-charged tension between Elizabeth and Donovan. While they might be constantly crossing verbal swords, Donovan cannot help but feel attracted to Elizabeth and marvel at the fact that she doesn’t seem to be pursuing him for his money. And even though she feels the chasm between them to great to cross, Elizabeth finds herself falling for Donovan’s caring nature and knack for knowing how to make her happy. What happens when the media learns of Mr. Darcy’s new love interest? Will Elizabeth be able to let go of her preconceived notions and mistrust of all wealthy men?

This story is like a modern-day Austenesque fairy tale! Our heroine is a courageous woman of integrity and morals, who gets to travel to London and reside in posh town-home, all while she is pursued by a devastatingly handsome, sought-after cavalierkingcharlesspanielsf2bachelor! As you might guess it isn’t a point-by-point retelling of Pride and Prejudice; our beloved characters are integrated into the competing world of dog-shows. Elizabeth has a charming Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Bliss and travels to London to be assist and care for four adorable Border terriers during their dog show circuit. And in 001addition to judging dog shows, Don0van has established a very select and distinguished dog breeding kennel, Chadwicke Kennels. I loved hearing about these furry friends and seeing how devoted their humans were to their care and happiness. Elizabeth’s and Bliss’s relationship was very sweet to witness.

Other parts of the story I took pleasure in were the engaging supporting cast, the many ‘meet cutes’ between our main characters, their sizzling chemistry, and the vivid depictions of London’s fabulous sights and sounds. I loved being taken back to Harrods, Hyde Park, and Kensington Palace. I thought the Barrows were the sweetest couple, Henry (Charles) was appropriately carefree and happy, Jenna (Jane) awesome and supportive, and Helena (Caroline) so easy to despise! The dates and romantic exchanges between Elizabeth and Donovan were creative, memorable, and oh-so enviable! Elizabeth doesn’t realize how lucky she is!

If I were to quibble about anything, it would be that sometimes Donovan seemed most attracted to and focused on Elizabeth’s looks. A lot of his thoughts run along the lusty side, and while this isn’t necessarily undesirable…I would have liked to see Darcy dwell more on Elizabeth’s character and personality, than her physical features. In addition, even though Elizabeth was very likable, I sometimes felt she was a little stubborn holding onto her prejudices and mistaken assumptions for so long. However, both of these circumstances did not interrupt my pleasure in this fun and fantastic tale.

The judging results are in! Unleashing Mr. Darcy is a splendid specimen and exhibits all the exemplary qualities of the Austenesque breed in its finest form. With an impressive stack (premise), friendly temperament (tone), satisfyingly balanced gait (pacing), and attractive top coat (cover) Unleashing Mr. Darcy is definitely a champion in my book! I am sooooo looking forward to seeing the upcoming movie on the Hallmark Channel!

Note: There is one brief intimate scene towards the end of this novel and for that reason I’d recommend it for Mature Audiences Only.  

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  16 Responses to “Unleashing Mr. Darcy – Teri Wilson”


    OH, when it is being released on Hallmark. I don’t pay much attention to shows other than my regulars. There are just too new ones for me to read over the releases and even then watch. Is it the same title?

    Thanks for the detailed review. Sounds like one for my pile of TBR’s. I have seen this title here and about but it had not been brought to my attention before. Thanks.


      I don’t know when it will be released, I think it has just started filming. Will share more details with you when I learn them. 🙂

      Same here, Sheila. I saw this one around for awhile before, but only recently did it really grab me as something I wanted to read. Very glad I did!


    I really enjoyed this book. I loved the date to the pet dept at Harrods. I was looking forward to the film but I don’t get the Hallmark channel. Will it be released on DVD? Thanks for another excellent review.


    I read this a while back and for the most part I liked it, but I do remember getting annoyed with Elizabeth’s stubbornness toward the end.
    Very cool that it will be a movie!


      I can understand where she is coming from, Elizabeth did have a nasty run-in and her life was changed from that experience, but I felt she had to be able to tell sooner that Donovan wasn’t like that. Loved all her misunderstandings with him though – Zara, Helena…lol! Excited about seeing this on screen!


    I borrowed this from my local library thinking I was re=reading it; imagine how happy I was to discover I had never read it at all! So far I am enjoying it immensely and am really looking forward to seeing who they cast for the upcoming movie.


    Thanks for the review! Modern adaptations are not my favorite but I will certainly watch the movie!!


    This sounds like such a cute story, and those dogs are so adorable!


    Great review! Loved the last paragraph! XOXORITA


    I really need to read this book! It must be great and now I am even more interesting because of the film being filmed! 😀


    I love your review Meredith, it’s right in line with what I thought and felt about the book when I read it. I can’t wait to see it turn into a movie on the Hallmark Channel as well.

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