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Sketching CharacterWhat If A Bennet Sister Got Herself In Trouble?

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Variation

TIME FRAME: Netherfield Ball through the summer + epilogue

MAIN CHARACTERS: Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, Lydia Bennet, Jane Bennet, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Anne de Bourgh, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner

SYNOPSIS: Elizabeth and one of her sisters carry some heavy and secret burdens in this variation. They face harsh realities, disappointment in those they thought they could depend on, and Elizabeth quickly learns that her abilities at sketching a person’s character are not to be trusted. When Elizabeth encounters Mr. Darcy in Kent she knows she misjudged him, but it takes her awhile to learn by how much. Will she be able to trust him with her heart and her sister’s secret, or will something happen that proves to Elizabeth that he is a man not worthy of her faith and trust…


  • The Premise: Pamela Lynne threw a wrench in the plot that changes the fate and charted course of several characters and I loved it! It is a bit darker and grittier – and I think it a very realistic possibility. (Slight spoiler alert! With how flirtatious, imprudent, and daring Lydia is, seeing her in this kind of trouble felt plausible. And Mr. Bennet’s lazy, hands-off approach in dealing with the situation was not too hard to believe given his indolent nature.)  Lydia isn’t often a featured character in Pride and Prejudice variations, she is usually the impetus that takes Darcy away from Elizabeth just as they were about to come to an understanding.  I really enjoyed seeing a premise that focused on Lydia (in a more positive light) and I delighted in the relationship that developed between her and Elizabeth.
  • Romance in the Forest: (or should I say grove!) I loved seeing how Elizabeth’s experiences in Meryton altered her reaction to Mr. Darcy in Kent. Their quiet walks in the grove take quite a different turn. I loved watching Darcy wordlessly express his ardent love and adoration for Elizabeth in these walks. As Marianne would say “it was every day implied, but never professedly declared.” But unlike Willoughby, Darcy’s intentions are most honorable and his attentions to Elizabeth are mesmerizing to witness. To see these two share such moments alone and have their actions, tender looks, and comfortable banter speak of their love was utterly romantic!
  • Daring and Unique Character Alterations: With the plethora of Pride and Prejudice variations being published every year, I find it refreshing when an author decides to tweak the nature and personality of one or two of Jane Austen’s characters a little. (I don’t care for it when too many changes or liberties occur in the same novel, but some believable alterations are always interesting to explore!) In this variation, readers will see a more grounded and selfless version of Lydia (which is quite understandable given what she has been through) and a more spiteful and jealous version of Colonel Fitzwilliam (which also is plausible, he is a second son with a cousin and brother who receive large inheritances and estates). I loved seeing a Lydia who was mature and likable for a change, and even though I adore Colonel Fitzwilliam, I enjoyed witnessing what a disgruntled and jealous Colonel Fitzwilliam does when he is discontented with his lot in life.
  • A Perfect Balance: Romance, action, banter, conflict, page-time for minor characters, satisfying conclusions for all – Pamela Lynne struck a wonderful balance with all these components and I could not feel anything but delight and pleasure with this story. There was a lot going on and I really appreciated how Ms. Lynne gave each character attention, careful thought, and detail. I’m especially glad she didn’t forget about Mr. Bingley in the end! 😉


  • Zip. Nada. Nothing!

WARNING: I’d recommend this book for PG-13 audiences. Nothings takes place on page, but references to sexual situations are made.


Sketching Character is a brave, intuitive, and skillfully written Pride and Prejudice variation! I appreciated the darker premise, the honest emotions and consequences, and the exquisitely beautiful romance that takes place in a most sheltered and romantic setting! I very much adore this new novel by Pamela Lynne (perhaps a smidgen more than I do Dearest Friends) and I am all eager anticipation to see what she writes next!

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  24 Responses to “Sketching Character – Pamela Lynne”


    I have this one saved to my special vacation to-read list for January. I am very happy you liked it so much! I am now looking forward to it even more 🙂


    not sure I like the idea of ” a more spiteful and jealous version of Colonel Fitzwilliam” . But I will have to read it to find out how bad he is


    Lydia is a surprise, but not Colonel Fitzwilliam. Although, as long as Elizabeth winds up with Darcy, I don’t care. But when Elizabeth’s prejudices cause her not to see Darcy for what he really is and doesn’t see the Colonel’s nature for what he really is, I do want to smack Elizabeth as well as the Colonel.


    I loved this book. Your review is spot on.


    This sounds really good Meredith and have it on the Christmas list. I love the front cover of the book, absolutely beautiful, so inviting and enticing. Lovely review Meredith, thank you x


    I had to force myself not to read your review because this one is on my nightstand and next in line. I am going to read it first and then will read your review so I can stay safe from any spoilers!!! I am happy to see your 5 star rating and am so excited to start this new book!


    Hmmm, those are intriguing character alterations for sure and I’m curious about Elizabeth starting her re-evaulation even before Kent. Looking forward to this one.

    Fabulous review, Meredith!


    Great review Meredith. I have this on my wish list and will definitely buy it now. I can live with other character changes as long as Darcy and Elizabeth are together. Enjoyed Dearest Friends so looking forward to this one.


    Meredith, thank you for such a wonderful, thoughtful review. I’ve been on a high all day. Knowing you and others like what I’ve written makes all the lost sleep, pounds gained and back aches worth it! Thank you, everyone!


      😀 Thank you, Pamela! Sketching Character brought me so much pleasure – thank you for sharing this lovely novel with us! Your books are very much deserving of praise and recognition!


    Sounds fascinating.


    A challenging premise! Bravo! . And a rating of 5! This goes to my wish list!. Pamela, thanks for offering a new face of Lydia 🙂


    Sounds like a very good book! And that cover… it’s gorgeous!

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