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Beguiling Miss BennetInsightful and Intriguing Tales Inspired by Jane Austen and Her Characters!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

OVERVIEW: This is the third collection of winning entries from the Jane Austen Short Story Competition hosted by Chawton House Library. The first two collections are Dancing with Mr. Darcy (2010) and Wooing Mr. Wickham (2011). All three collections include an introduction, foreward, and biographies of each contributor and editor. Each collection contains twenty short stories, and the stories in this collection are inspired by minor characters and Jane Austen’s lesser known works, to my pleasure and delight! The stories range from five to nine pages in length and are about an equal mixture of Regency and modern-day settings. These vignettes range from sequels, prequels, and alternate point-of-view scenes to contemporary retellings and abstract reinterpretations.


I enjoyed this lovely anthology over the course of four days, reading about four to six stories in each sitting. If I were to judge each individual story on a 1-5 star rating scale, my average rating would total out 4.05 stars with five stories earning 5 stars, six stories earning 4.5 stars, two stories earning 4 stars, two stories earning 3.5 stars, three stories earning 3 stars, and only 2 stories earning 2.5 stars.


I greatly enjoyed this diverse collection of Austen-inspired stories and I’m so glad the Chawton House Library continues to hold the Jane Austen Short Story Competition. Back in 2010 I read and reviewed Dancing with Mr. Darcy and took pleasure in the creativity and merit I found in many of the stories. I was thrilled that this anthology focused a spotlight on some minor characters and equally impressed that some authors found their inspiration in some unlikely characters such as Mrs. Clay’s daughter, Mary Price, Frederica Vernon, and Nurse Rooke.

I loved the digital style of retelling Lady Susan found in “The Wedding Planner.” This clever and modern retelling was fully comprised of communication via email, instagram, text, twitter, and phone calls – it was brilliant and skillfully executed. I also enjoyed revisiting an unhappy and bitter Mary Crawford in “Mary Crawford’s Last Letter” and a hopeful yet high-handed Willoughby in “A Thing of Beauty.” Both stories accurately illustrate the regret these characters experience and reveal how their hearts truly were touched long ago. In addition, I admired “The Austen Factor” and “Romance and Rehydration,” which were inventive little tales that showed us a modern-day Mary Bennet about to audition for a television music competition and an older and wiser Lydia Wickham returning to the field of dating.

The small group of stories that didn’t float my boat were either a little too obscure in their connection to Jane Austen or too brief. Some stories felt the need of more resolution and explanation. Moreover, I was a little sad to not see one story inspired by Emma. But I understand how that wasn’t something the editors could control, these stories were the top twenty carefully culled from all the entries submitted.


Looking for little snapshots and vignettes of Austen-inspired tales to enjoy? This charming compilation would definitely be one of my recommendations! Beguiling Miss Bennet offers diversity and originality while presenting an astute and contemplative variety of homages for Jane Austen and her characters, both big and small. I sincerely hope Chawton House Library continues to hold these competitions and Honno Press publishes more anthologies!

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  13 Responses to “Beguiling Miss Bennet – Edited by Lindsay Ashford and Caroline Oakley”


    I was not aware of the first two books and would definitely be interested in catching up by reading both and this one. Considering from where they originate I am sure they contain the best. Thanks for bringing these to my attention. Mary Crawford and Willoughby especially sound like I would find them interesting. I don’t remember Frederica Vernon…will have to check that out as it makes me curious.

    Again – thanks for all the work you putting into not only reading but expertly reviewing these books.


      I completely missed Wooing Mr. Wickham! Didn’t know it came out at all, have since purchased it so I can read and review it. I really enjoy these short stories, they are a little shorter than others, but that isn’t a bad thing. Frederica Veronon is from Lady Susan, definitely not one of Jane Austen’s most well-known characters. 🙂


    Meredith, I’m like Sheila in not knowing or remembering these were available until I saw this on Facebook. Thanks for the post and review. I’ll head to Amazon right now.


    Sounds like a great idea for an anthology! I had never heard of these books either—thank you so much for bringing them to us!


    I’m very curious about the digital Lady Susan: the ways of communications change but the emotions are the same! LOL
    Thanks for the recommendation! I didn’t have any idea about these Chawton House Library projects 😉


    I have had Dancing With Mr. Darcy on the radar for a while, but this one sounds even better with the minor characters and minor works, too. It sounds delightful.


    I love the idea of a sampler. Such a great way to discover new authors. I’ll be checking this one out.

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