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BrinshoreClever, Enchanting, and Beautifully-Crafted!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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(Note: Potential readers should be made aware that this novel is a sequel to Emma and Elizabeth, and while it is standalone, more pleasure may be derived from reading Emma and Elizabeth prior to this work.)

In her second Austen-inspired novel, Ann Mychal brings us back again – twenty years later – to the dear friends we encountered and fell in love with before in her brilliant continuation of The WatsonsEmma and Elizabeth. In Brinshore, we find these two devoted sisters happy in their respective marriages and enjoying their roles as mothers and wives. Both Emma and Elizabeth have nineteen-year-old daughters, and both daughters are granted the splendid opportunity to spend their summer with their Aunt Harding at her new home she purchased in the incomparable seaside town of Brinshore!

Anne Musgrave (quiet, gentle, and passionate about nature) is very eager to see, explore, and make sketches of this new locale and all the interesting fossils, shells, and seaweed she finds there. Emma Osbourne (outspoken, self-assured, and opinionated) is only able to derive pleasure in this plan because she knows Captain Blake (her childhood friend and the man she has secretly given her heart to) will be spending his summer in Sanditon which is just three miles from Brinshore.

While in Brinshore, readers encounter the amicable and admirable Captain Charles Blake and his friend Mr. Henry Fitzroy, who just inherited a home in Sanditon (and is a person Emma finds most ill-mannered and contemptible). The meetings and interactions between these characters are exciting and engrossing to witness as the reader can observe and learn that: Captain Blake’s affections may not lie in the direction Emma believes they do, Mrs. Harding is as enthusiastic about promoting and advancing Brinshore as Mr. Parker is about Sanditon, and Henry Fitzroy has impeccable taste in literature! 😉 What delights and diversions await us in Brinshore, dear readers!

The characters in this story are an endearing and entertaining mix. Emma is a flawed heroine who is misguided in her notions and blind in her perceptions (sounds like another Emma we know, doesn’t it?). In the first half of the book she was sometimes difficult to like, but later on her redeeming qualities shine through. Mrs. Turner (Emma’s aunt) and the Dowager Lady Osbourne often steal the spotlight with their quips and habit of making friendly insults towards each other, (reminded me of Violet and Isobel Crawley!) And I quite enjoyed seeing Lord Osbourne and Tom Musgrave engage in some sport of wagers, as well as what happened when others discovered what they were betting on! It is obvious that Ann Mychal is an author who loves and is fascinated by her characters and their stories; and I think that is what helps her skillfully capture the essence of Jane Austen in these novels.

It truly is difficult to pinpoint what I love most about this novel and Ann Mychal’s writing! I love that she is shining a spotlight on Jane Austen’s unfinished works, I appreciated all the allusions and subtle nods to Jane Austen’s other works and characters, and I greatly enjoyed her manifestation of Brinshore! In this novel, the seaside resort is one of the main characters – it is living, evolving, and constantly competing to be better than its detested rival, Sanditon! Circulating libraries, resident physicians, spas, and buns – I loved witnessing the development and incessant promotion between these two fictional towns!

And to put the cherry on top of this rich and delectable sundae, Ms. Mychal effectively ties the end of her story together with a perfectly elegant little bow that cannot help but fill the reader with an abundance gratification and joy. I greatly adore and admire both Emma and Elizabeth and Brinshore, and I heartily recommend them to readers looking for enchanting stories and endearing characters very much in the style of Jane Austen. Ann Mychal is definitely an author to keep your eye on!

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  25 Responses to “Brinshore – Ann Mychal”


    I am looking forward to reading this but definitely have to buy E & E first! That has been lingering on my Wish List. Thanks for another great review, Meredith.


    Wonderful review, Meredith, thanks!
    I loved Emma and Elizabeth and I’m so glad to add Brinshore to my list of favourites!


    already on my to buy list


    Thank you, Meredith, for your lovely words. It is a real privilege to be reviewed on Austenesque Reviews, and to be well received is such a nice feeling and makes the effort all the more worthwhile. :)


      Thank you for the lovely visit, Ann! It was a pleasure to work with you again and I greatly enjoyed my time in Brinshore! Forget Brighton…Brinshore is where it is at! 🙂 Cannot wait to see what you write next!


    The Watsons AND Sanditon in one package–irresistible! I very much enjoyed Emma and Elizabeth, and look forward to this one as well.


    Hi Meredith. I won a copy of this book in your last giveaway and I’m just wondering when I’ll receive it.


    Hello Teresa, I can answer that. I posted your copy of ‘Brinshore’ today from the UK. You should receive it soon.


    Thank you so much Ann. I can’t wait to read it!!


    Oh, you have me eager so I must get busy and read the first book so I can get full pleasure from this one.


    Great review and look forward to reading this one as I enjoyed Emma and Elizabeth very much!


    Thanks for the review, Meredith! I´m looking forward to reading the book when I have the chance since I enjoyed a lot, as you, with “Emma and Elizabeth”. Thanks Ann for letting us know more about these beloved characters!. And I love this book takes place near the sea, it gives a different and special atmosphere!, and, well, it may seem a nonsense but the name of “Brinshore” sounds beautifully in my ear (Anne Shirley would agree in this matter because she paid attention to the names of the things) 😉


      Aw! I love that you brought up how you think Brinshore sounds like a lovely name…one of the characters in the story pokes fun of it and says it makes them think ‘Brine-shore’ which isn’t very appealing. But I agree with you, it does sound beautiful and very reminiscent of the sea! 😉


    Oh, I see you are back. Hope all was fantastic and that the hurricane didn’t touch you. And we missed you!


    So glad to hear this one is wonderful!! I loved the first book by this author and I hoped her second one was as good as the other one. Which one did you prefer? If it’s possible to choose… 😉


    My favorite Austenesque novel of 2015. I am so glad you enjoyed it also Meredith! Isn’t great to discover a new voice and their second novel is even better?

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